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2005 Reflector 

Vol ume 47 

!64 Old Connecticut Path, Wayland 1 , MA, 01778 

508 - 358 - 7746 

Student Life 








Ms. Helene Lemer is completing her 26th year at Wayland 
High School after serving five years as department head in 
the Foreign Languages Department. In September 1997 Ms. 
Lerner was nominated by her students for special recognition 
as an Outstanding Teacher at Tufts University. AAs. Lerner 
has served on numerous committees (School 
Council, Diversity Committee, Poetry Group, 
National Honor Society, Race Relations, GSA and Latin 
Club, to name a few.) Ms. L erner has also chaperoned 
groups of students on international trips to Italy and Greece. 

Ms.S usan Robison taught from 1957 to 1997 at 
Reading High School before coming to Wayland. 
She is now completing her 8th year at Wayland 
High School as a special education teacher and 
has served as department head for five years. Ms. 

Robison was selected as a first runner-up in the 
fiction category of the 1997 New Letters Literary 
Awards for her story Dream Catcher. 

s i 



U Dedication 

AAs. Margaret Mulkerin left Winchester High 
to become the English Department Head at 
Wayland High School. She is completing her 7th 
year at Wayland and has dedicated 30 years of 
service to teaching. She has been advisor to the 
Poetry Group and has taught grades nine through 
twelve in her career. She is known for her true 
love of literature and is exceptionally well-read. 

hAs. Karen Regan is completing her 27th year at Wayland 
High School. AArs. Regan lived in Spain for nine years, 
visited AAexico twice and has taken students abroad to Spain 

• on exchange programs for many years. AArs. Regan 
has advised the Spanish Club for many years. The 
students from the Spanish Club and AArs. Regan planned a 
very successful Christmas project which provided Christmas 
presents for needy Hispanic families. Mrs. Regan was a 
representative on the Faculty Committee and the AAA 
Vocabulary Club. She has helped many students (including 
those of other teachers) in after-school hours and has offered 
her time to the AAETCO afternoon program when needed. 

The yearbook would like to thank Anne Gray for her invaluable contributions to this page. 

Dedication 5 

We would like to thank the following people: 

Mrs. Lowen and Mr. Stevens - for being patient and helpful advisors. 

Mr. Greer - for showing us the tricks of the trade. 

Amie Lohmen, Sandy Moses and everyone else from jostens - for making 

this Yearbook happen. 
AAs. Monahan and AAs. Pressman - for their computer assistance. 
Burlington Studios - for all the great pictures. 

Jess Awerman and Jamie Silverman - for devoting hours to the senior section. 
Annalice Chang and Samantha Kaminsky - for single-handedly completing the 

business section. 
Caroline Meliones - for taking amazing photos. 

Zach Johnson - for helping with the 

sports section 
Amanda Fond - for helping with anything 

and everything on short notice. 
Christine Howe ■ for helping out when 

we needed it most. 
M arissa Devlin - for devoting all the time 

and energy. 
Nick Stravropulos - for the great 

photos and captions. 
Alex Rikleen - for the proof work. 
Jason Whittaker - for everything. 

This yearbook could not "^^*^| 
j| have keen possi tie if it were not for all of your 
contributions. We thank you again and again. 

Jen Yuan and Michael 
Editors-in-Chief, 05 

Elizabeth and Emily 
llWillard and Elizabeth 
and William Engel. 

Rob Hueber and 
Carly Frieling can t 
seem to get enough 
of the spotlight. 

Anna LeFevre- 
Levy and Ray 
Lordi show their 



at lun 



Ryan Judy loves 
his caffeine. 

Sophia Vitiello sneah< 
in a quick nap. 

Anna LeFevre-Levy and Ashley 
AAorrell hang out in the shade. 

AAarc Ferhins 
tahes a rest. 

W % 

Caroline Mel iones 
seems very puzzled. 

Domenic AAcCarthy says a big hello. 

W \ 

Outdoore 19 



Best Place for Homework 

2. Free Blocks 

3. In Class 

2. College World Cultures 

3. Spanish 


SUN- OCT. 17,2004 





2 88 UU 1 


$ 125.00 *vi 


Best Place to Go During Frees 

1. Anywhere Off Campus 

2. Commons 

3. Library 

Hardest Subject: 

1. AP Anything 

2. Science 

3. Math 

tra Yalu 

26 Price and Polls 



Best Club: 

Awesome Club 
Jump "Roping Club 
Commons Club 

Favorite Sport 
Field Hockey 

1. 1985 

- Bowling for Soup 

2. She Will Be Loved 

- AAaroon 5 

3. Let's Get It Started 

- Blacheyed Teas 


1. AAonopoly 

2. Halo 

3. Super AAario Bros 


1. Lifeguard 

2. Luigi s Server 

3. AAain St. Coffee Cashiei 

Sports Flayer: 

1. Tom Brady 

2. AAanny Ramirez 

3. Johnny Damon 


1. Napoleon Dynamite 

2. Old School 

3. Anchorman 

Coffee Coolatta 

s. 229 *" 29 

,-,9 Md 32 9 "> 
Sm 22 9 9 9 

Kiddie Cup . , /neca f 

sml59 18» 

,ced Coffee- Flavored 

sml59 i.21» 


w «t net 







q:B5P 1 QV17/2QQ4 

1/17/2104 21=21 001666 

Sean Cash TICK02 

Price anc Poll 27 

e m i cs 


guides a student through 
a math problem. 

Mr. Delaney 
looks over one of 
Kieran Johals papers. 

AAs. Gavett hel 
out a student in t| 
Academic Cent 

Zach Freundlich and 
Mike Kern cram before 
class in the Commons. 



Dean of Students Scott Parseghian, Assistant Principal Allyson 
AAizoguchi and Principal Charlie Ruopp. 

Assistant Superintendent 
Mr. Wayne P. Ogd en 

30 Administration 


AAeredith Eastham, AAarybeth Sacramone, Kathleen Nachtrab, Virginia Buckley, Norma Greenberg 
(D epartment Head), Ann AAarie Sullivan, Trish Gavett, James Griffin, Jen Sullivan, and Jim Stone. 


Social Issues Resources Series 

2000 j 30Q1 \ 2002 I 20O3 I 2004 

*0p2 2003 I ft 1999 



20Q1 I 2002 

E=3 E=3 








ynch. fiethann Monahan, Barbara Manley, Susan Pressman, and Joseph Damplo (Department Head) 

AVdiaD epartm#nt 55 

Margaret Mulherin (D epartment Head), David "Rockermann, Janet Karman, Robin Fitch, Gwen Goldin, 
Zachary Vonnegut, Donna Auciello, Dana Holland, Lynn Featherstone, Brian Keaney, and Joseph Auciello. 

Not pictured: Nancy Florez. 

3U Englun Department 

Kevin Delaney (Department Head), David Schmirer, James Page, Daniel Gavin, Erin Lehmann, Daniel Frio, 
David Gavron, Eva Urban, Sean Ghase, Kirsten Walker, and Joseph AAcGoy. 

History Department 35 


Kathy M inucci, Barbara Coughlin, Charlene Bishop, Kathleen Thompson, David Kalagher (Department Head), 
AAegan Wertheim, Amy Lucenta, AAichael Hopps, Joanna Eichenwald, AAatthew Daniels, and Hannah Marton. 

J6 M»tk Departmtnt 

Scwnce Department 37 



Ed DeHoratius, Lee Krasnoo, Dean Putnam, Julie Aresco, AAelissa Kantor, Sara Langelier, 
Helene Lerner (Department essica Skehan, Karen Regan and Nancy D Agostino. 

Not Pictured: Lynne Allen and AAary Brown 

38 Language Department 

Fir* Arts Department 39 

Pat Newton, William Snow, Laurie Griffin, Chris Brown and Joseph Porrell. 
Would he sitting in chair: AAartha Jamieson (Athletic Director) 


Carol AAcHugk Susan Loring, AAary Bracken, Sue Batckelder, Brian Newmark, 
Judie Pickett, Susan Rokison (Department Head), Karen Omahen, Joan AAcGonagle, 
Kristen Knowlton and George Christin. 
Not Pictured: Kathy Sner 

LRT/ALRT Department Ul 

U2 Food Services 

«6 Not lust Play 

i o rs 

Mike Nazarian and Geordie 
Keeler look menacing while 
protecting the parking lot. 

Bobby Lerman shows off 
his new shirt to the camera 
during his Spanish class. 

Isaac C. Aa 


lifE aint about wishes and dreams, 
its about what you Got 
and what you can do with it. 

thanks mom and dad, 
ethan • at least you try 

David Antonell 

He s hack! 05 year, GO BIG. 
shout out to all my boys and ladies, 
ridiculous summers at "THE ROCK' 
miles of memories 

weekends to die forjatenight missions, 
After the party is when the party begins 
Barn Party 05,#lFballboys05,. WHill, 
TheFam-Matt,Mike,Alyssa. Todd Fam 
thanks mom and dad. 
You got one life.. Don' t close your eyes 

vjavin All 


Azwethinkweizm skould be a topic we all 
can trust. It s just too bad that it makes 
your head go Zippitycrack dang! 

Nucks. Who's Baking Now. BTF. 
Pussycats / Destructikus 4 Life. 

Jessica Awerman 

To tke wodd you may be one person, but 
to one person you may be the world. 
No Regrets. JB'05 Count Off! LD FL 
CP SR )S LY FatKids.Amendments.Mla 
m rom 04. GVS beasts! |RC = peace, 
love, jump rope! SG my fav VP. 
FBSu -itmarywam h. <3Troilo&Masty<3 
Mom you are the strongest person I know. 
Rick 6 Grams love you so much. Grandpa 
always in my memories, jason good luck, 
stay in style. 

Good luck 2005, it s all about to b 

Is. Was. 

If you can know where you re going, 
you ve gone. * SS 
Thanks to my family. 

Couldn t have done it with/ without you. 


AAore importantly: 


Look closer... 

To all who will seek me: I II be there. 
I even have love for you, my friend. 
Was. Is. 

SO S«nic 

liana Barker 

Mom, Dad, & Rachel- love ya- 
thanks For everything. 
CarMel, the Girls & boys- 
so many good times-miss you already. 
TAAF-those craaazy nights... 
Mads-I love you guysl 
Window girls keep it up 
WHSTE-you taught me so much, 
from 02,03,04, Greece trip, summer 04, 
the Fun never ends, 
good luck whs, I m gonna miss ya- 
it s been an awesome ride 

Emily Marie Berardi 


was -that place between sleep and awake 
where you can still remember dreaming... 
that s where i II always love you- 

-wandering in the rain mash of life 
feelin insane swift and sudden fall from 
grace sunny days seem far away on and 
on and on it came wish the rain would 
just let me- fomjs i love you 
laura, you mean the world to me 

isn t this where we came in 
old people are weird 
xoxo -jemila- is 

Kayla Bickford 

This year has been great! Thanx 2 everyl 
whos helped me through it: Aresco, 
Courchine.Gavett, Gavin, Pressman, &Troilo 

Thanx : RS.CCJM,R],AD,Dfi,DR,KS.|W,AKKR& 

KLD. Hi |ess!Cant forget A-town: KT U3.F], 

NCJCDW! 1 en:p-nut M&Ms rule!Vickie-l43 

chick!! Marty-miss u 8/7/04. 2my 

lil brother pepi-143 & miss u always! 

Thanx Mom, Dad, and of course Kacie- 143 

all thanx for everything! Keep in touch 

and have fun! ITS FINALLY OVER!! 

SENIORS '05!!! 

Chris Becker 


He floated back down cause he wanted 
to share his hey to the lochs on the 
chains he saw everywhere ... he still gives 
his love he just gives it away. The love 
he receives is the love that is saved. 
And sometimes is seen a strange spot in 
the sky, a human being that was given to 
fly Swimming: B&H guys, keep it up. 
Thanks to AAom, Dad, Matt, Andrew, and 
Scott, you guys are awesome. MS-lihe the 

earth to the sun. Good luch 05. 

I ve had enough of being programmed 
And told what I oughta do 
Lets get one thing straight I II choose 
my fate It s got nothing to do with you 
I ve grown sick and tired of the same 
old lies. Might look a little young 
So what s wrong 

You don t have to be old to be wise 


J. I ., you re the man, here's to Wu DZ AS 
Thanks mom and dad love youYou done good 
judas Priest reigns supreme 

Bryna Faye Bock-Shields 

To Helios, Goodbyes & friends made in 
between. To those who made it worth the 
trip love & a million kisses. Thanks for 
laughs tears & everything else. RS-je 
t adore forever. Thanks for the crazy 
times. Ma & Pops, thanks is not enough. 
Rock on 05. just have fun. 
Nobody knows where you are how near or 
far. Sh ine on you crazy diamond. Pile on 
many more years and I II be joining you 


ang em higi 



Brad fioggia 

Thank you to all of my family, friends, 
and teachers. A special thanks to McCoy 
For all your inspiration and belie) in me. 
Good times at tennis. Loker football, TB 
Do not anticipate trouble, or worry 
about what may never kappen. Keep in 
tke sunlight. -Ben Franklin 
Lots of luck and laugks to come to 05! 

Colleen 8 


Tkanks everyone wko was tkere for me. 
All my friends; you ve made it bearable 
so tkank you tons for tkat. AAy family; 
Laura, Lz, AAom, Dad, you ve been tke 
best I couldn t kave made it w/ o you. 
Swimming-fun times and gd Ik next year. 
Congrats class 2005, we ve come so far. 
I wanna fly, never come down/ And live 
my life,/ And kave friends around 

Fly everyone, tke sky s tke limit. 

Matt Braley 

The greatest accompliskment is not in 
never failing, but in rising again after 
you fail. - Vince Lombardi 
Do wkat you can witk wkat you kave 
wkere you are. - T.R. 
Tkank you mom and dad for always being 
tkere 4 me. Tkank you to all my friends 
welcoming me to \Aiayland and for a great 
two years. Good luck everyone. I m going 
to miss y all. 

Allison E. Bowh< 

don t give up your independence 
unless it feels so right 
nothing good comes easily 
sometimes you gotta fight -311 

good luck 05 

Jennifer Boyer 

Don t be dismayed at goodbyes a 
farewell is before you can meet again 
& meeting again after a moment or a 
lifetime is certain for tkose wko are 
friends Tkanks to all my girls 6 guys 
for tke great times. RS - DD fo-skizzle 
CC- IS secrets |M - R.Crew DR. AD. 
KB. 3/3rds (CC 02 03 04.) R| (Ckina.) 
SS. RN, CF, I love you all. Tkanks to 
my family, could not kave done it 
witkout you, love you guys. 
Good 1 Luck 2005. 

Micnael B 





*Wky tkis busk?" 

"Wkat you king of forest? 

H&K: go to wkite castle best movie ever 

I wisk I could put in otker quotes 

but alas 

by tke way Beatles best band ever 
always about tke la-la-la 

52 Mi on 

Danielle Marie Brescia 

Carly Burdick 

IT'S FINALLY OVER!! Off to college we go. 

AAaryanncV jeanie I will never forget all 
our crazy moments together. AAom- w/out 
you I wouldn t be here today! Thanx For 
always being there. AKKR- all these 
years & now we re grown up! Good times 
last 4 ever! Nino - = ) you II always h 
my inspiration £r stay in my heart. 143!! 
KD.CR.LSD.SCMA.Mf . FFL & always b true 

I urselr!! SENIORS '05!!! 

To laugh often and love much. ..this is 
to have succeeded. -Emerson 
AAany thanks to- AAy family for putting up 
w/ me. Your support has meant more than 
you know. K-l look up to you so much. 
Thanhs for always being there. To my 
teachers for helping me grow into a 
better person. To my friends for all the 
crazy times! MK&IB-what would I do w/o 
you? AAMRMCAARGSGLW-love you so much! 
Muses Wi ndow Gir Is & Mock les-you ve made 
HS so fun. Keep amazinq them! Gdlk 05! 

David Brownstein 

Nil II 

Remember when you were young? You shone 
like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond 
To my bandmates, Alex, Kyle, and AAatt: 
V\ e ve shone so far. Naderpalooza was a 
blast & Im looking forward to performing 
more w/ you guys. To my brother Richie: 
Where would I be w/ o u?Ur my biggest 
inspiration in music & evrythng else & I 
cant thank you enough for that. 
My 05 friends:KW JW JW MS Df Cf 
& everyl else, I II never forget any of you. 

Edward Burke 

Shout out to the 

vho ha 

ade the 

out to the ppl who nave made tnese 
last few years worth while and to those 
who have always been there BAA, AK. PL 
LW, MB, TC, KW. and all the others Good 
times w/ good friends, summer 04 ruled 
Riverrave 6flags smuggs and hanging w/ 
friends what summers all about, wwcrew 
great sport w/ great ppl yowhatup 
state champs 4 sure been a great 4 yrs, 
thnks to all who have helped make it 
that way! 

John Burta 

do not accept this message. 
Peace out kats. 
Love you all. ...Except you. 

Flory Elaine Calderon 

1st, I wud like 2 give gr8 thanx 2 my 
fam:papi,mami, lidia .143 guys.thanx 4 
bing there 4 me. 2 my sis DF.KLDJD.&CR 
(|43 guys, ur 4 n a miD.i will rememba 
da gr8 times we had. 2 my 2005 firothas. 
we made it! Goodluck LSDJD.DM.ISV.BD 
&TM.2 all u other Underclassmen.keep ya 
hedz up & good luck n da future.2 Mr.S& 
Ms.RW. thanx 4 the support. 
Class of 2005 goodluck in da future 
thanx for all da great memories 
RIP Tia Olga, I miss u dearly 

Seniors S3 

Paul Cappellucci 

Thanks to everyone who has helped me 
get through the past four years. 
AAom&DarJ thanks for supporting me 
school and athletics. 
Leah I have always looked up to you 
and you have always been there for me 
Jacob beep on trucbin. 
Goodlucb to everyone in the future- 
all my friends, bvs. bvt. 

I m Ron Burgandy? , I love lamp 
Thanhs to all the baseball guys, 

There s no time clocb in baseball 
thanks to all the friends for all 
the fun and interesting times, 
Tfi the most intense game ever, 

thanks mom & dad. potted plant 
Go Sox! Who s Your daddy?! 

Elizabeth Chertavian 

The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams. 
-Eleanor Roosevelt 

2005. keep reaching, keep dreaming. 

Alan Choi 

Dennis AAiller: I don t want to go on a 
rant here but America s foreign policy 
makes about as much sense as Beowulf 
having sex with Robert Fulton at tne 
first Battle of Antietam. I mean when 
a neo-conservative defenestrates its 
like Raskolnikov filibuster 
Peter Griffin: What ta hell does rant 

Family guy. 

Oh Shizzle. 

Bak Gui s Everywhere. 

It s All Gravy. 

5U Sera 


f Mallory S. Cols on 

Thanks 4 everything Ms. G, Dr.S, & Ms. K 
Thanhs 4 being there & sticking by my side 
To my friends, you know who you are, 
I will always remember the good times. 
Mom, Dad, 6,M, & F thanks 4 everything. 

I I 

ove you very much, 
'A elcome to the fallout 
Wei come to resistance 
Tension is here 

Between who you are and who you could b 
Between how it is and how it should be 
I dare you to move 

Joe C 





unexpectedly and suddenly 


out things 


flip around and view a lot differ 

Claire A. Crook 

Crazy ppl make4crazy times and 

what crazy times weve had.RS|B]MADDRRN 

|GR]SSDGTHMKpromwknd04R]sh ouse 
RoolpartiesLatenightTb-no where special 
but always laughing-TC>3{BF&CC020304+ 
<AL]Msappy>EBKjHfMRSR, andtherest> 
abettersisfiobbygoodluckinthenext4years ILYguys 
JtsFinaliy2005&Now the real fun begins. 

3 J V £ 

Love doesn t make the world go round. 
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. 
Thanks to all who support&love me. Hove 
youM&D-u helpme ingood&bad X s.C-I m 
so proud of u.KT-gdlckinHS, I love u both 
dearly.Thank u WHS teachers-McCoy.Mast 
Keaney, Coach T.Tomy05girls.Uaremy pillars 
ofsupport.l < 3u4ever.05boys:Umake melaugh 
everyday. Neverchange.ACCteam4life.XC,MT 
atwys&4ever. Gdlck next yr lb,os,cd<3,lluvu 
2005&gdlck-l will not 4get u.& remember 
whenever u have tough times just laugh 

lennings Culver 

Thank you to everyone along the way 
for bel ieving in me. Thanh you mommy 
daddy, and Annie there are no words for 
you 3. \AAA/(Zrew, i will always remember 
sumr 04 nevr 4get that, all my friends, 
u know who you are thank you for putting 
up with me :) 143 you all. luvu Hugh, 
those who seek to see, shall see 
So here we are, the world is ours 
push off and seize it. 



Victor Czulak 

George Santayana 1863-1939 
There is no cure for birth and death save 
to enjoy the interval. 

Philander Chase Johnson 1866-1939 
Cheer up! tne worst is yet to come! 

Jilvonya Davis 


Holllllla. I'm officially off this! But b - fore I 
bounce I wanna giv shout outs to my gurlz 
Sophs:AS,TM.LB.RS ]rs : DM.ID Sr metco: 

DF.KD.FC.CR.TR.MA.MP My milano 

cookies EK.JG.AF.NRJT.R ya'll stay tru to 
yall chocolate side. 6 everylelse at whs 
4 all the supp given Mr.Ch.Mr.G.MRW 
thanx U keepin me here I no im crazy but 
that z wat makes me infamous See yall n years 
to come, gl ina+more luv ya 


ALWAYS THIS fs U u / Thanx to god of 
course! / lluv 

Lucy D. D ean 

Dreams come a size too big so that w 
may grow into them. -|osie Bisset 
Thanb you mom and dad. I love you. 
Good lucb lack and Cassie. 
I love you Robert 


Good luck GVS and all other sports 
Good luck 05 

AAy favorite thing is to go where I ve 
never been. -Diane Arbus 

Katie Dad 


Seek my part, devote myself 
My small self 

Lke a book amongst the many on a shelf 
Sometimes I know, sometimes I rise 
Sometimes I fall, sometimes I don t 
Sometimes I cringe, sometimes I live 
Sometimes I walk, sometimes I kneel 
Sometimes I speak of nothing at all 
Sometimes I reach to myself 

-Pead |am 

Good Lck 2005! 

Kiana Mieka Davis 

Anne E. D 


STHAHMK WestnBoysChmnyBckt- 
IC02&Rl03mchl ve 

FH#luTrk.Lax gdlck&thxcoaches.SF.AAcG.DS 
tchers-hantorpickettgavinkeaney thxlibelvnginme 
M&Dgraciasportoda teamo- 
GdLck O5.takeonthewdd 

56 Seniors 


Matt tisenson 

Her Majesty s a pretty nice girl. 
Some day I m gonna make her mine, oh yeah. 
Some day i m gonna make her mine 
-Paul McGrtney. Abbey Road, 1969 

I d like to thank my wonderful family, 
close friends, and devoted teachers 
for a great four years. It s teen a good 
stretch. I wish you all the best of luck, 05. 

Casey Fenwict 

Mom & Dad, C,C,C thanks For 
always being there, 
thanks to my friends for helping me 
survive hs. 

xc. track. wtp.scootering.prm wknd. 
thanks coaches AA, S 
"The secret of health for both mind 
and body is not to mourn for the past, 
worry about the future, or anticipate 
troubles but to live in the present 
moment wisely and earnestly. 
- Buddha 

Nicole A. Flieger 



nee you dig in, you 





a good time Volleyball! ]A Titan 3rd 6 5th 
Thanks Andrea for the Car! Dance-T|MH-H 
WinterWeekPlays-Enough said! Thank you AAom 
& Dad for your support!You 2 rock! I don t 
know what I d do without you. H&J! You 2 
are my best friends! You are always there! The 
Power of Three! Coach Bossers Jubilation dance! 
The past four years have been awesome.Thanks 
I to everyone who has got to know me. Peace 
I out class of 2005I&WHS! Hakuna Matata 

^Giorgio Felici 


Danielle Cierra 

I wanna thank my fam:mommy,naya n n da rest of da clan.2 
ma otha sistaz,KLD,FC.JD,CP&SP. 

1 cud not have made it thru dis w/ o u 
all. thru da good tymes&da bad.still 143 

2 all ma wayland pplfesp. anx 

4 not goin nowhere, 
thanx 2 ma cheer grls (02-OU) 143! 
Underclassmen (esp. TM.BD.ISV.LD.DM.&TT) 
Reep ur hedz up.i no u II go far.Kudos 
2 Sigs&MRW'Ma tyme is up !2005,l et da 
good times roll. I m off this! 

Jessi Foreman 

if yhnrcs for 

helping make my dreams come tru.Love yu 
C+M(s+s+j) love yu so much, good luck. 
Thnks to all my teachers +coaches(e.t,m) 
Soccer, bball, track, good times! 
Mike I uv yu, my life is sweeter because 
you re a part of it. To my girls, 
remember the good times'scootering.werc. 
sex andthe city.poolparties.promwkned) 
This is just the beginning... 



Ava Fragale 

Thanks for everything AAom, Dad, Steven, 
and Olivia, 1 couldn t nave made it this 
far without you guys- A special thanks 
to all my teachers For inspiring me. 
especially |P and SR. To my friends 
(you know who you are): 1 love you, 
and I II miss you. 7thCY EH and SB 
you mean a lot to me. "What lies 
behind us and what lies before us are 
tiny matters compared to what lies 
within us. -Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Good luch 05 

Dan Fuchs 

One good thing about music 
When it hits, you feel no pain... 
Thank you class of 05 for giving me 
the best 4 years of my life. 
Thanh you mom, dad. and Greg for 
everything. Bon+Gex for being cool pets 
WKO you make my wodd 
go round. LEY-I II never forget anything. 
Pats parade. IQI8 2004-JW DB 
8A2K2 CIT2K3 Pathfinder-MNA C Sunshine 
'Go for it'-|E. WE. Orch. Band Geeks 
...So hit me with music ■ Bob Marley 

Stephanie L Gibson 

"The Lord Replied My son. My precious 
child. I love you and I would never leave 
you. During your times of trial and 
suffering, when you see only one set of 
footprints it was then that I Carried You 

7UP-thanx 4 always being there. PFers u 

mate my week! SR BS G| NP.. 


II forget u. LYJACP-gd timesl HLG-hvfun! 
good luck. MOMnDAD-Love U... 


Zak Freundlich 


Scott Gantz 

Thnx 2 my fam 4 supporting me 6bel ieving 
in me. Aison-u are always there 4 me. Thnx 
APG. AR. ET. VC. & all my other friends 
who have pulled me through. Oew Buddies-at 
the beach at sAMTVarsity Ski I earn 05. 

Good times! IRON MAIDEN! 

I shall pass through this world but once. 
Any good therefore that I can do or any 
kindness that I can show to any human being, 
let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect 
it. for I shall not pass this way again. 
Mohatma Gandhi-Peace Class of 05 



It hpned so fast, we cried, we laugh 
the best mems alwys last. 7up girls thx 
4 gr8t times&alwys puttin up! PrmwkndOU 
Frpt 03-BrdgJmp, ScrtSnt 03. Rckprt Sum. 
B&N nites-laughed crzy. sry I piddled! 
810143 EuroTrp timechech! K-Dawgs class 
crzy! LW IB NV TP-ih/ alwys. DvlTwin. 
ily nvr stp o listenin thx. MSC-onfy the 
stmgsurvive&its all on tape!p&s be good 
Mom, luv u lever 6 ever& 2wks more. 
Diddle, alwys there-pug! lere-g uv u 
05' dn't wanna say gdbye-gdlk& seeya! 

58 Smon 

Michael Glovsky 

Lots of good times, and some bad ones 
too. I have no regrets about the 
decisions I have made. I have grown 
and changed in these past few years, 
I am a better person because of it. Live 
how you see fit. Follow your own path 
and nobody elses. Take what life gives 
you, and never give up. 

Michael R. Gordon 

I want to thank all the people who have 
helped me past and present • most 
importantly my mom and dad. Also thanks 
to my friends, teachers, and coaches. 
It has been a great four years and 
good luck to everybody. 

Long you live and high you fly and 
Smiles you II give and tears you II cry 
And all you touch and all you see 
Is all your life will ever be. 
•Pink Floyd (Breathe) 




ThisAintDyin,ThislsL'vin. Luv2all my05 
girlz n boyzU knoWho u rTh nx4 an awesome 
4yrs! trnie BhanniefiessieRav ILY SS MS Sf 
You re Only Young Once But Youre 
immature Forever "HHCCBONNEMIA NUg* 
Indigo Lounge03Gloucester04 'Ok £ 
W3FBallCheering02 03 OUGLuck nxt yr! 
X043AJC3 only you. ThanxToTbeFam:DCIiff 
Mom BON.GoodLuck,KeepOnTruckin05. 

Julia M. G nmanis 

^ Andrew Hagger 

To be what we are and to become what we 
are capable of becoming. ..thnxsforevery- 
thingmom&dad-laurie ur the best-to all 
my amazing friends&teachers :) couldntve 
done it without u-lots-of-love-mp-best 
frndsalways'Time grabs you by the wrist 
directs you where to go.So make the best 
of this test and dont ask why, Its some- 
thing unpiedictable but in the end its 
right, I hope u had the time of ur life" 
Goodluck 05, Today is your day Youre 
off to great places! Youre off and away 


I didn t really say everything I said. 
- Yogi Berra 

TB Forever-running like horses, walkoff 
wild pitches, and caveman swings. 
Sleeping under canoes is very underrated 
Are you an aficionado? Halpin and the 
pigs, Gavidia and the buses, t-detty 
and the filmstrips, penguins and knowing 
funny. Porell u da man, JV tk dangerous 
muffins. Sox 04 making history. Thanks 
AAom, Dad, Jason, Nina. Cya 05. 

Seniors 59 


Tom Hehir 

e good to each other 

Timothy James Hogan 

It sbeen a gre8t 4 years. Thanx teachers. 
Thanx coaches V-FB, wrstling, Basebai!. 
Coach porrel, udaman )V 14-3 character 
Prmwknd, 04. obsession, lol. SCAM. 



miller, scammin where r u guys, 
tb crew, hags, chasejil hags.strauss, 
many more, tbc - wu, bags, me = vp. 
toly s gettogethers-classics. tKe start 
pats 01, 03 • SOX 04 world champs 
RSI AK.MK.AH .scam.ry s crew its Den fun 
gdlck dan,ty,dyl.thanxmum+dad, jo. 05 

Jen H 


Thanks friends and family! 
High school rocked. 

WTP-LW.CF good times, great $ 

Tennis-MPJYJG -love you guys 

And after all trie violence 
and double talk. 
There s just a song 
in the trouble and the strife 
You do the walk, 
you do the walb of life 

James Hel 


So here I am, it s in my hands and I II 
savor every moment of this'My '05 fellas 
and womens its been real. AAy skater pals- 
Grerton/JerodtGrad folk.We tight.) Zalways 

been there. Hockey-rad4years So Close 
to Stanley. DH Laa. Bex fo real. Kid, thank 
you for kelping me to find who I am and 
can be.lLYarways-ll.l.2.03-never forget. 
Everyone that has made all the good times 

we know as high school.Thank you.2mny 
WeAAadelt '05-RAD-CatchYaOnTheFlipSide , 

Nathaniel Howell A\ 













So take the photographs and still frames 
in your mind.Hang it on a shelf in good 
health and good s something 
unpredictable but in the end it s right. 
I hope you had the time of your life. 
-Green Day 

Thanks for the great times everyone 
Thanks for all the fun on the weekends 
Guys - Going to Celts and Red Sox games 
Girls - Thanks for making it interesting 
and entertaining for all of us 
M&D - Thanks for help ing me 

David Hul 

Tomorrow is just one step closer to life 
ana understanding and to know it s gonna 
be alright Thanks to AAom and Dad for 
helping me get through everything, Tom 
and Liz, love all you guys. Drewster, jimbo, 
Roots thanks for always being there, Matt 
your my bro love you. The rest of my boys 
you know who you are. Live it up. Ladies 
you know who you are, you kept things 
interesting and exciting. .. You make me 
feel like Im home again.. LW 

Genia lartchouk 

Gregory Jenkins 

To my girls-each of u has taught me so 
much.u will Forever be with me.All the 
boys who made me laugh-Love u.keep on 
cJreamng.u can have the world-RRlU3.ACC. 
promOU,bargainday02.Thx Delaney, Mulki 
M&D.Gdlk MG-Youmademewhoiam&iluUthatNvrU 
It makes sense that it feels this way. 
That u slowly fade yet still remain, 
as if to say everything matters in such 
an invsible if to say-it s ok, 
fly away. smile&staystrong2005 

shoutouttojC, letsdostpdthings patspa; 
nicolewyatt,MBC. LDf 2,brkwds.haiti 
theboug,a-gash,rtt!esnk, man island 


dgporsche.tow.POWMIA .smallville, 
seniors 05. 

Tom Hull 

Nicole G. Irwin 

To all the cats who made a difference: 
Eliot, Naz, Natty, It. Matt, Joe, Tk, 
AAatty, Alex - thanks for always knowing 
how to have a good time Dave-you 
have helped me in so many ways, 
thanks for always caring To my sister, 
mom,and dad for their support and love. 
To my mdlesex brothers!l<3rugby 
thnx to J? for guidence+being the best 
life is what you make it, no regrets 
But if you really want to live. 
Why not try and AAake Yourself-lncubu 

Time, Don t let it slip away, 
Raise your drinking glass. 
Here s to yesterday -Aerosmith 
To my Girls- A part of me is eternally yours. 
KT&Del aney-Thanks for everything. 
GS-believe in yourself, like I believe in you. 
The sky s the limit. I could not have done it 
w/ o you. AAom.Dad&Amit- Thanks for the 
support and the faith. You re my inspiration. 
GDLK 05! Remember: 
Be the change you want to see in the wodd 

Sana t 

Maris J oniec 

Bill Kaplan 

Adam Kaufi 


Hard to believe that our class is going 
separatedirections after all these years 
alivelTeam lulylA-Train 3 years-Thanks2 
all my cool teachers& AnyoneW ho helped me 
through tough times. IGuessAIIMyWondering 
paid off?Underclassmen-EnjoyAAovingUp the 
ranks. EveryoneElseLookAAeUpFor a Place to 
Ari&ChampaKWhat a pimpin dogJCara, now 
InsanebbUsher -2005 

Another turning point a fori? stuck in the road 
Time grabs you by the wrist, 
directs you where to go, 
so make the best of this hassle known as life 
It s not a question but a lesson learned in time 
It s something unpredictable, 
but in the end is right. 
I hope you have the time of your life. 

-Green Day 

Enjoy High School while you can 
Shari- Have fun these next two years. 

DpgNty x?tbs kgels dp c divin o2c nwyrs 
s&g prm wknd Lst school day x2 
#24 Soccer, lax. sp, sports update 


The way 2 love nething is 
2 realize that it may be lost- N+S 
mom dad ek- gb made it, luv u 
WF- To the world u may be I person, 
but to I person u may be the wodd 
05 it aint over til its over 

Gdlck 05 + CD SM SW 

Well, the yr. is finally ovrl It s been 
a grt year. Thnx esp. 2 my mom and dad 4 
getting me thru it Out to T03 a eve had 
gr8 times. Ry-FIRL. |en-Oiina. Qaire- 
thnx for bein there 4 me, stay 2gether 
always. 2 the rest of u, less Deb |G AF 
ED SS AD uallaregreat. 2 my uall from 
the past mnl: Shan Whit Toni Naor thx 
for always bein there 4 me esp 4 mnl tpe 
trip 04sure Montreal, Belgium & Cruise 
05 was great. The best to all of us... 
WHS 05 was great, good luck 2 all 


It sBeenFun.butThefiestlsYetToCome 
TheStrongSurvive ToAAyGids-UveBeenThe 
SisterslveNeverHad,l<3u all-ArwysWill. 

roreverLovin u B*-NoMatterWhtHppndsUW f ill 
Lilliputt AAuK6igeKallim.Poey- UWill 
Alwaysfie#2.Gdlck 05:]ustRemeber\Ainenljfe 
GetsTough.. Just Keep Swimming, |ust Keep 
Swimming.Just Keep Swim-ming.Swim-ming.. 
Swim-ming..What Do you do?. ..You swim 

Anatoly Kazakin 

Take life in small steps, but don t lose sight of 
the big picture. I will always remember all the 
good and bad times at WHS. look forward 
to the future. Support trie Sierra Club! 

62 Senioo 


AS.fiL.GK.AR. Since Day I. 
WineRuit.Cruisn '.Smr04,ThxM+D.GLuckCfiK. 
Let it he known, to all you Mishel levin 
What you ve keen seein 
Tkat we will not stand 
Wll not ke mistaken 
We on a mission 05 

AAom- Dad: Than l?you for always being there 
when I needed your love and support. To 
my Crew:Mfi:Tke K ing ur my koi, tkanks 
4 all tkat you taugkt me, Liktkanks 4 
ur words of wisdom BGF, to:TC.AC,KW 
.AB.DG: wkere d ke go? .the Daddy 
.Ckops partyWitk that la-la-la vike.kest 
memories:family guy, ckappel!e,6flag, prom 
,riverrave,carzy summer nigkts, sailing, 
H&Kgo to wkite castle. WWcrew # I 
Tam:my one true love, one love 4ever 
otkersl 4got, nothin kut love.Kella out! 

Robert John Keller 

We skould not let our fears kold us 
kack from pursuing our kopes - j.F.K. 
Well, we made it! I would like to say 
thank you to my friends and family for 
putting up with me, and to my teacher 
and coaches for guiding me. XC 
Track all tke way, good luck in tke 
future Good luck 2005!! 
Lucy I will love you 1-8-03, 
also tkank you so muck to the Dean family 
yesterday I dared to struggle. Today 
dare to win - fiernadette Devlin 

Michael Ke 

One of life s quiet excitements is to 
stand somewhat apart from yourself and 
watch yourself softly kecoming tke autkor 
of sometking keautiful. 
- A River Runs Tkrough It 
AAom, Dad, Alea- I can t tkank you enough 
I couldn t have done it with or without you 
Tkanks to everyone else wko helped make 
tkese past 4 years a time to rememker: 
Friends family coackes teackers n everyl 
W-Fkall#53: Carikou. SK 6 tke O-LINE 
3/ 6/ 04-Oops. 05-hest of luck. DLew4pr< 

Melanie Knight 

No matter wkere you go, tkere you are. 
to my mom dad mimi celi and fig - 
you are my kest friends + i love you 
carcar-18 yrs of laugks, zzzwkooskwkoa 
girls-you complete me, i love you all 
RV\ -wkere would i ke w/o ur guidance 
ma ds-kolla atcka/SAP-pa!/|RC -jump on it 
tkanks to my teackers for teacking so we 
05 - it was pretty solid, 
rememker to lust keep swimmin : ) 
we re signing off. peace fleece. 

veins are a little bit of your heart that 
stretches to touch someone. I stretch 
my veins to the enchanting. 

Bobby Le 


MyFam:Mom,Dad,Lori,Jlgz-AII my Relatives 
AS. GK. AR. BL-Since Day One 
FU Bball Track XC- (Oreat comp., 

"You don t know bout dis yet. 
To my boyz-you know who you are. think 
hack onthe greattimes. Hello Ladies.can 
I keep it real and saywhats on my mind 

you gids are great, beautiful in every 
way. CampCaribou- I can t even describe 
how unbelievable its been. 

Jarrett frA. Lemer 

f am Leven 

What is h uman life? The first third a 
good time; trie rest remembering about it 
■ Mark T wain 

Thanks to AAom, Dad, Justin, Blair and 

Thanks to my teachers, esp. Delaney, 
Bishop, and Lehmann 
Thanks to all my friends, 
good luck Bretter and faceBface 
and everyone else in 2005 
Thank you AAeghan for sharing your time, 
love, and support with me, I love you 

David Lewin 

all those who have made high school 
great, my family, my friends, my 
teammates, my coaches and teachers 
so much learned that I will not forget. 
FBall. we brought winning back to WHS 
BBall, well maybe somebody else will 
I love u AAom & Dad thanks for everything 
AAax and Adam its your time now. 

Efforts and courage are not enough 


out purpose and direction 


Bonnie u 

Thanks 2 everyone who helped me through: 
Al- Best friends! Two cookies in one 
Liry-What >Yeah >Okay-it's been a blast 
The Boys -Good times @ Mo's... 
Ted. Mac. Kai. Tom. Mke. Alex 6 Mikey 
JRC, 8-unit, Crew 6 Swim-It s been fun! 
Andrew-I love u so much 6 I always will. 
Mom&Dad-Thanks for being there. I love u 
Ali-Good luck next year. Miss u kid. 
-One thing constant is that 
there is always change, 
not everything in lifes meant to last - 

Some people are afraid of what they 
might find if they try 
to analyze 

themselves too much, but 
you have to crawl 
into your wounds to 

where your fears are. 
Once the bleeding starts, 
the cleansing can begin. 

- Tori Arr 

6U Stnic 

Jessica M am 

Caitlin E. Manning 

Class of 2005 -its keen fun!! 
SevenUp-Thanks for all of the goodtimes 
and tne laugks its been crazy love you guy 
Be safe! To my mom: Thanbs for always 
being tbere for me! I love you! Doodlebug! 
MSC'only the strong survive 
2005 Had a great time!! No regrets! 

Sai on ^5 

Rachel Marks 


no matter where we go.we take a little 
of each other everywhere.. OS.what a sevenup girls-u mean the world 
to me.ily more than u could know. and til the end. 
to the guys-uve made it 
id he lost a. cut u,up to the sky.jared 
keep going iloveyou.prm wkend OU, 
smmers tht Isted forever,frport,eurotrip 
wait timecheck? an amzing clss- 
take it and (ly.this is our chance to shine, 
best of luck&don t close ur eyes. 

I have seen the future and it s like the present, 
only longer. "- DQ 

HelpingAAeEveryStepOfTheWayRina& Keitho 
LuvToDafioyz I will nvrUget U guys 
CheerCW=luvWFerrell IWillAlwaysRemember 
GoodTimes w/ 05. It ain t over till its over 

Miriam T. Michalczyk 

rise, life is in motion e.vedder 
sevenup and all my friendlys 

I am myself, like you somehow 
I II ride the wave where it takes me 

pdls-luv u and thank u mom dad 
rachy johnny. 

keep on rockin the suburbs 2005 

Thomas McDermott 

The sentence below is true. 

The sentence above is false. 

In the time that you took to think about 
that. I probably left WHS, so I guess 
I should thank my friends and teachers 
now. Thanks VVHS for everything 
you ve done for me! 

David O. Metcalf 

Here we go, this is it. 

Good luck next year everyone. 

Excellent work team. 

'Life is just what happens to you while 
you re busy making other plans . Love 
you 05 girls and guys so much u all 
know who u are. Summer 04 I II never 
forget paradise. Its FINE. Indigo 
Lounge 03. Cruise wi th AS. So many 
memories thanks for making high school 
unforgettable. Goodluck CD. 
Remember These are the best 
days of our lives Thanks Todd family. 
I love u mom, dad, and chris. 
Thanks for everything. 

66 Seniors 

anda Marie 


your time don t live too fast, 
troubles will come, and they will pass... 
I love my RANTY girls, FH.trackJax, 
Luigis<3, Chichi, poey, HH. 
I love u mom dad haley & jake, 

capeco d=MN,TC.BE,WE.CC, 
6FLAGS.L&F. Maine Af.YK.Tf.TC. 

Jamie R. <3 u! 1st time for everything 
Time is what we want most. 
But what we use worst. 

Randi Nadine 

AAiddle school, we nave come a long way. 
High scnool, a mere moment in time. 
College, a path to new beginnings. 
Giving special thanks to Dad, AAom, Brad, 
w/ out your Kelp & guidance I could not 
have come this far. AAy teachers thanks 
for your help. Riz.AAsf ickett, Jessie, AAs. 
Sacramone thanx for added support, 
amazing friends |M,Tf.YK,NV.AN. a 
great 3 yrs bff. my guys/ gals luv u al! 
good luck class of 2005 

Seniors 67 

Jonathan R. Nowak 

It takes a lot of courage to release trie 
Familiar and seemingly secure, to 
embrace the new.-. But there is no real 
security in what is no longer 
meaningful. There is more security in 
the adventurous and exciting, for in 
movement there is life, and in change 
there is power. 
•Alan Cohen 

Good luck Alison 6 Brian with everything 
Thanhs mom & dad for always being there. 

Kyle Olmstead 


jee, you ana me 
Have a better time than most can dream 
Have it better than the best 



so can puli on through 
Whatever tears at us 
Whatever holds us down 
And if nothing can be done 
We II make the best of what s around 

-Dave Matthews Band 

Ozann Oeztuerk 

Ashley Onoyan 



Siobhan E. Parone 

Friends are like Uleaf clovers;hard to 
find but lucky to have Thnks to thegids 
always being there. I love myHHgids 
IG.MS.SS so many mems. we miss u Ash 
HHCC, youngsue days HTs were in a cabin 
far away' DispatchTO THE CHARLES ThrJ^ 
Wf 3/26/ OU- thnk stevie nicks YOSAP 
missionTf INCOMPLETE Thnks NR.your the allthe boys for always making me thefam without u 
I would be nowhere, missing u alw mom For 

68 Seniors 

Katherine S. Paul 

Congrats 05! G luck to all 
AAy chicas - te amo mucho! 
VGS #10 - Keep swinging. 
Smelly Butt and Bahita - We survived! 
Thanks to my teachers - y all are 
fabulous! My family ■ Mom. Dad, 
Ty, Carter, and Winsie - Thanhs for 
putting up with me for so long. I love 
you all. GoS ox! 04 Champs 
Thanhs for the M emones 

Hahuna Matata 


Made M. Perki 


Congrats 05, we made it! Thanhs mom and 
dad for everything. iMikey.Ro.andMunchkie- 
good luck, enjoy it while it lastslFH + 
tennistj.ho, JYl-thnx for the mems.alwys 
good for a laugh. Mochies-u guys r great, 
keep it up!|G-what would I have done w/ o 
you, I II miss not talking to you 10 x s 
a day-To all the teachers and friends 
along the way, you made this experience 
as amazing as it was, I II never forget 
you! The world is yours for the taking 
I hope you had the time of your life 

Jeff Fesaturo 

Come mothers and fathers 
throughout the land, 
and don t criticize 
what you can t understand, 
\our sons and you daughters 
are beyond your command. 
Your old road is rapidly agin 
Please get out of the new one 
if you can t lend your hand. 
For the times they are a-changin . 
-Thank you to all my and dai 
Good Luck Matt, Ryan 6 Sarah 

Elliot Pennington 




Marc "Perkii 

comes around once 

High school only 

so have all the fun you can. 
It is all about the Goodtimes 
you have so what up to 

all my Nels, wigga, ML, D|, CB, MA 
Football sh, bbg. Track 
And to all my poo-nan-nang 
Peace and chicken grease 
-No 1 m not- 

Back and forth, we sway like branches 
a in a storm. Change the weather, still 
I together when it ends. To all of my 
,| friends, you were incredible: JA jS SR 


SG |W. Mom 6 Dad. you ve been more 
than parents. You ve been friends. Best wishe 
soccer. Muses and |RC. ...the future that 
year by year recedes before us. It eluded us 
then, but that s no matter - tomorrow we 
will run faster, stretch out our arms 
further. Here we go, good luck 2005! 

W« 69 

Joseph Michael "Pitt 

Amanda Lee Fond 

Twenty years from now you will 
be more disappointed by trie 
things that you didn t do than ty 
the things that you did do, so throw 
off the bowlines, sail away from the 
safe harbor.catch the trade winds in 
your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. 
Thanhs Mom, Dad, Mel, Sarah I <3 you. 
FH, Diving 04, Lax#8, great times w/ ya 
Cmel- J.D's. PPP, From Wknd @BL's. MV 
miz.Life is good, enjoy it. G-Luck 2005 

I II miss you guys. Mark 9:23 

Rose Qui 


Thanks to my parents for being there for 
me. Grandma. I did it. wish you were here. 
Thanks to friends for being there. 
Baseball, goff kids.. .do it 

never let schooling interfere with my 
education. -Twain 

Good luck to 05. I'll never forget 

Be who you are and say what you want, 
be those who mind dont matter, and those 
who matter dont mind. -Dr.Seuss. Thank 
you to all my family, friends and teachers, 
m going to miss you... 
Good luck everyone! 

Matt Radowicz 

it is better to be happy 
fo, a moment 

and be burned up with beauty 
than to live a long time 
and be bored all the while 

The Lesson of the Moth 

2005 UmadeMyUyrs.ofHighSchoolgreat! 
2 many mems to remember Promwknd, 
Fballgames.P ondHockey.ManFunnel, 
Late night at Rogans with M|. Montreal. 
THE SQUAD-SketchyMafialSox 6 Pats OU 
Good times on the Hockey BuS-CallnW omen 
Gluck next year hockey studs, it was fun. 
Good luck 05 - keep in touch 
• ThanksLadies - ; ) 

70 Sa m 

Gillian F. Rafuse 

The senior blurb... 

So what it all comes rjown to is this: 
You cant sum up 4 yrs in 500 characters 
DraobV\ons, Cobra mustang, Hilary Duff, 
Derry nice, bird, straw, drivin, Vickys 
more than the moon & the man on it, 
Vida! ias, tissues, ND/182, NH. Smile, 
Footloose, 13bflabf4eae. big chair, 

Room2 030405<3 

Hello and Goodbye 05 ... 
Kat - fieAwesome! I love you so much! 
GoodLucb 06.07&08. love&miss you! 

John T. Ramsey 





sketchymafia+the squad 

soccer, trakjax-keepinmeinline 





05-lt sbeengreat- 


Sarah Redmond 

Those who hope in the lord will renew 
their strength. They will soar on wings 
like eagles, they will run and not grow 
weary, they will walk ana not he faint, 
-isa 40:31 I love my PEers, fiS SG G| NF 
KC you keep me groun ded. JB05 I think 
we re alone now |RC Thanks to my parents 
for supporting me and Andrew the best 
big brother. Christ, you are the center 
of my life, let the light of your face 
shine upon us -psalm 4:6 

Adam Rich 

Time itself is bought and sold. 
The spreading fear of growing old 
Contains a thousand foolish games 
That we play. Mom. Dad. Linds., your 
the best. CWR -your my idol, whs golf- 
do it upin 05 LB, thanks for being you.ftl 

AS. BL. GK. AR. S ince day I 

thanks 05 for making highschool 4 great 
years, keep on truckin 

Jacilyn L Rigoli 

Johan Rijk 

Thnks AAom. Dad and Matt for everything 
To all my kind budsTKNH |awa&Meg GShek 
Sio-GdLuck Jesse yourethe best-uveAfways 
beenthere.lLoveu COCH-To all mypeeps 
still chillin hang in there 
TneVetsJcRcHBBdans CMagoo R I P. 
ICant Believe its over-05 BABY 
TakeLlfeAsltComes and EnjoyltWhile 
you reHere PEACE 

Sen ^-s 

Matt Rogan 

Harris R. Rosenheim 

Andrew Michael Rother 

Thanks to everyone who has helped 
make my high school career 
successful. Thanh you mom and dad 
who have been very supportive, 
teachers who have taught and aided 
me for the past four years and friends 
who I have heen fortunate enough to 
get to know. We have all shared 
some great memories. Good luck 
class of 2005! 

Changes fill my time, baby that s alright with me. 

Lec Zeppelir 

72 Swiiora 

Alexander Jay Rubin 

If you never did, you should. 
These things are fun and fun is good 
•Dr. Seuss 

AAuch thanks to eve 


Peace 05. 

Alex Rubinfeld 


Crystal Yvette Ruiz 

Mark Savidge 

I want 2 thank DF.FCJD.KD 4 being 
there 4 me & helpin when i need it most 
To my family thanks 4 supportin me in 
everythin I do.jS I started this journey 

/ith u & I 


nber u.To 

the underclassmen thank u 4 making me 
laugh when i needed 2.2 those Wayland 
students who have made my stay here 
more enjoyable thanks. /WsR&AArC thanks 
4 the suport.2 WG i I ove u & I know my 
life wouldn t be the same with out.Ur 
there 4 me when i need u me£ru -Crystal 

Genius without education 
is like silver in the mine. 
- Benjamin Franklin. 
I thank my parents, my sister, 
my relatives, my teachers, 
my classmates, and everyone 
else along the way who has 
helped me to take the silver 
out of that mine. Shout outs 

to J.C. B.K.. A.K., J.W. 

Michael Sail 

Alex W. ScUtz 

Three things are needed for beauty, 
wholeness, harmony, and radiance, 
-lames Joyce 

Thanks to all my 
family, friends, and teachers 
for living his words. 

Thank you AAom & Dad for everything 
you've done for me FB 04 Thnx 
Coach P.C.M&F for 3 great years Thank 
you for everything SH-RIP to all my boys 
and the times we had:MM&S bachel or paa 
summer 04 BL riverview&happy hollow DZ 

suits MS sports up date AK. MA-akvays 
been there 4 me thanks to the ladiesAS 
gdluck ft 05 3 2 WR/DB corps, good luck 

06&07 CD SW SR TT ST GB B en make 

those dreams reality Carter show em whats 
|ood It s been a good run 05 

Seniors 73 



Leak Shachleb 


Lfe is lite 

du ha 

i?e an ice cream cone, you have 
to lich it one day at a time ■Ch. Drown- 
AAom, Dad, Emily & Sarah, Thanks for all 
your support, especially on crazy rjays. 
Anna L.L. Partners in crime forever! 
R.W.W. Thanks for all you ve taught me. 
Swimmers: Keep doing what you love. 
To everyone who has made an impact on me 
Be who you are and say what you feel. 
Because those who mind don t matter, 
and those who matter don t mind. 

■Dr. Se 

Sam Sh 


I m Sam Sh, 

am jhapiro. Teople seem to libe me 


ecause I am polite and I am rarely 
enjoy ice cream and a nice pair of slacks. 
Years later, a doctor will tell me I have 
an I.Q. of 48 and that I am considered 
mentally retarded. 

ly late. 


Meghan E. Sh 


Good friends are hard to find, harder 
to leave, and impossible to forget 
Thanks to my friends - I love you guys 

You re only young once, but you re immature 

forever ' My HH loves - SEP. ILG. & SMS 

To the Chades! • RIP 21 Lakeview 

love you • Thanks for everything 
Love you Mom, Dad, Jackie. B ren & Benji 
Word to my Cheer dorks 6 Softball playas 
Remember '3.26.04* The LANDSLIDE of Lfe 
Thanks for the memories 2oo5 - Good Luck 

I II miss anyone who has made me smile 

Rony Shapira 

We finally did it! its keen fun 
thanx mom & dad 4 all the luv& support 
Uri i lov u£r all our laughs, gdluck next yr 
2 all the guys thanx 4 the fun times 
& 4 makin me smile, thanx 2 all the gds 
for the memoris. esp B.Bo, u r the best 
friend anybdy could ask 4! 
thanx mccoy& lemer for the support 
u may that I m a dreamer, but I m not 
the only one... 

This everchangin wodd inwhichwe live in 
thnxtoallmybudsforbeinthere.the squad, 
keepitrealboys.soccercrew good times, 
to alkhe ladies in 05. knowwhoyouare. 
JL&JH thnxfor allthegoodtimesfir housingme 
and helpingmethro.mybros&sis 
alwys supportme.thnxto pfunks for 
gettin methro.torock&roll & theblues. 
skate or die for life.march26.october3l 
K) I couldnthavedoneitwithoutyou. 
keepontruckin05 see you at a party 

Erica Shuhi 


keep ur eyes open as if everyone is a poet 

as if evrything else is meaningless 

thats the way it oughta be 

mysteries, including me, 

everything else is almost meaningless, 

i will always feel that way 

and if a time a change should come 

youd remember my name... 

girls:thanx 4 the mems + makin me smile 
thanx:mrA,RW,)an,Al..gdluckdrams, 05 
only this far&only tomorow leads myway.. 

7U S«niors 

Katie A. Sicotte 

Grandy, Grampa, Nana. Papa Juv U a! 
NH NJ. Craig. Julez. Ashley. Chris. 
Maggie, Uncle, Rutherfords! Gees, Con, 
Brown, Stone, AAast, Gavitt, Thanx so much 
You re the best! Christy, I luv You! 
Outdoor Club, Athletic Training, SADD. 
Nurse Intern. V\ork at Me! s! I ustin. 
Good luck 05! life a dance you learn 
as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes 
you follow AAom- I am strong when 1 am 
on your shoulders. .2b more then I can i> 
I luv u so muchlthnx 4aiways being there 

Anya Slavin 

You ve got to forget what others say 
and what they doYou ve got to go on and 
be crazy Craziness is like heaven 
Lovelyladies I gladly give a piece of my 
heart to each and every one of you Thanks 
for all the crazytimes laughs&memories 
I loveyougirls more than you can imagine 
Boys thanks for being amazing at life 
RR I loveyou 3/26/OuBargainday02Heaving 
ThanksMomMulki&Luigis GdlckLB "Life ma t 
not be the party we hoped for but while 
we re here we should dance Justlaugh2005 

/^^Amanda Naomi 

ThereRplaces I IIRememberAII myLife... 
2all my05galsl43Thanx4everything,SumMems 
LateNitesJgradssleepovas, DISPATCH, Barbs 
^ 2 05GuysU no I LuvU,JpGodJmThanks4always 
* beinThere.CheerleadingGoodLckNxtYr. 

Regulators V\eRtheShizNit.Thnx4everythingM 
Chuck-S omeThingsAreMeant2Be. I love you. 
Cuz iloveThatDirtyWaterOBostonUrMy- 

Jamie Nicole Silverman 

Well it really don t matter much where you 
are, cause home is in ur heart, its a 
feeling that you wake with one day. AAy 
sisters: |A LD FL CP SR LY, prom 04 I 
think we re alone now, memwknd 03, flower 
convos, the basement, the backyard, the pond, 
kiss 03, mjam 04, jb05 xoxo. FH#25 keep 
pushing girlies I love you Mom& Dad th anrjs 
for always being there, jules 6 Rich best 
of luck in the future. It s been an amazing 
4 years, 2005, I can tell we gonna 
be friends. 

To my HHGirls JG MS SP: 
I Love You Thanks For The Crazy AAems- 
hhcc NSP tent BonMIA Lala-X's Oh's BH+|) 
DispatchTO THE CHARLES'& So Many 
AAore To the Girls-Thanks For Amazing Times 

argain Day02 MissionT.P. 
Now It s Time For AAe To Go The Autumn 
Moon Lights My Way'L.Z. GL 05ers 


Nicholas D. 

So here s how it ends!? School is great 
and so are the friends. I II always remember 
the Cape and Washington trips, the 6th 
grade bike trip to Walden, jazz class with 
Mr.O, and Shakespeare with Mr. Wein- 
gartner. Thank you to Jen and less, to Gail 
Kruss, George Christin and |im Stone, to 
Bev, Pat, and Lnd, and of course to John 
Passerini. My friends tell me love can mess 
me up. But I believe that if you mix )Ove 
with friendship you have a good thing. 

Sen ."s "5 

Michael J. St ein 

Alex St 

Hunter Straus 



'When you re strong enough, all hills 
seem flat - Lance Armstrong 

to all my teachers especially 
Delaney, Thompson, AAr. Griffin, Coach 
Snow -• the tract my second home 
AAom and Dad I love you, I owe all my 
success to you - luv 2 all my friends 
Bretty I love you more than life itself 
keep shootin for the stars hid 
To the hest girl who ever came in my 
life: I love u Jessi. Wherever life tabes 
us you will always he in my heart. 

Thanks mom dad anna isahel 
AS.8LGK.AR since day I. 
cruisin . basement. 8D05.vineyard 
latenite.blaine spools. pedrines. 
shred thegnar.allwhite. 
searchin for an answer 
where the questions unseen 
we dont need no more trouble 

Michelle Steingisser 


Life is like a movie 
write your own ending 
keep believing, keep pretending 
we ve done just what we ve set out to do 
thanks to the lovers, 
the dreamers, and you. 
•The AAuppets 
Thanks to all my family, friends, 
and teachers who have guided 
and supported me through the years. 
I love you Mom, Dad and ] ason 
Good Luck os! 

Maddy Stone-Myers 

I can hear the future calling like a 
love song / I can feel it stir in every 
breath I breathe / But it seems like 
every time we get the words wrong. 

And I don t know where to go, / And the 
time goes by so slow. 

And it feels 

r. / 

But it s still so far 

(Still So Far. Fraggle Rock) 

Ashley M. Sullivan 

y^Jeanellys Elizabeth 


Samantha Todd 

AAom. dad. mike. pete, pat&joe 
I love you guys so much 
AAom&Dad Thank you for everything 
Thanhs to everyl who pushed me 
along the way<3 Good luck 05 

The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their dreams. 
-Eleanor Roosevelt 

First n formost I want 2thank my family. 
Mami ur always there U me.Jeanette u 
gave me good advices Bebito thank u 4 
being there 4me. Ma ,girl u always had my 
bach n i T.U so much we wil always h 
LYLAS! CR, since M.S u would always 
put a smile on my face when im sa dT.U 
4 everything. My Cbuddy grp CMJG, 
DF.MS I will always rememba all the fun 
times we had. LSD n Dpsice keep it 
real, play balllAII the ppl that I miss 
good luck to yall! Im out, HOLLA! 

Being grown up isn t half as fun as 
growing up. 05 girls and guys- you 
know who you are- ILY, thanks for all 
the laughs and good times. Indigo 
Lounge VT 03, Gloucester prom wknd 04, 
(LM). summer 04 unforgettable, 
paradise- it s F1INE Most important 
Mom&Dad- I love you, thanks for 
everything, good luck Traci, thanks 
Antonells&Mirbachs, GOODLUCK 2005 
Pictures fade away, but memory is 

Ryan Elizabeth Sullivan 

4 years gone by soo fast, 

to all those who made it worth while- 


CC+AS- BBALLRegulators/ cheersoulmates! 
GoodtimesTH<3 f rmWeekend04 
T03(biffles), fifest/CC020304. 


gdlck chrleaders+mill-MR |G MS CM IS DF 


Mumjoe-couldnt hve dne nethingw/ o u wuvu 
best of mems 2005- 
its not goodbye, its just see ya lataah 

Emily Margaret 

The Road goes ever on and on 
Down from the door where it began 

Now far ahead the Road has gone 
And I must follow if I can.... 

-J.R.R. Tolk ien 

To my family and friends: Thank you. 
1 love you more than I can : 


To all of us: Godspeed. 

Anna Tolmach 

4 *Vi|, 

My philosophy of life is that if we 
make up our mind what we are going to 
make of our lives, then work hard 
toward that goal, we never lose- 
somehow we win out. -Ronald Reagan 
Thank you to my friends and teachers. A 
special thank you to my family, I love 
you all so much. 

Wm 77 

Sara T 

ara lownsen 

Hvan luckerman 

I must have caught something inthe heat 
of allthese dances-life-bball, friends 
themusic summerOUbestever.hottubs.ccboys 
concerts) thx forbeingbestfriend- 
incrediblehow we ve changed together, 
m&d thanks for lettingme he free, 
allthegirls/boys youramazing neverforget 
to themusic let it never leave your soul, 
i am not afraid of tomorrow, for i have 
seen yesterday and love today, 
miss pixietmsl&crazylils bostonnights, 
dont he afraid to looh up and love life 

Nicolle Christine 
Bouchard- Villari 

DriveThatTrain -DispatchLivesOnForever 





CONGRATS'05! WeDidlt! NowGetOut- 


Kathleen Wang 


Thx to everyl who helped me along the 
way: I W ■ couldntve made it w/o you, 8FF; 

Dfi LY AR AR JW RQ IN EH for all the 

love & laug hs; Mr,A uciello. McCoy, Mrs.E 
for believing in me when I didnt. AAom&Dad 
thx for always caring and understanding. 
Julie-I m so proud of you. keep reaching 
high. VC-my other sister-TQM. Gdlck all 
underclassmen, gids lax, sinfonia. It s 
been fun 6 full of surprises 05, thx for 
9 years of growing. We re moving on to 
bigger & better things now, gdluck! 

Matthew Virzi 


In the right light study becomes insight 
But the system that dissed us 
Teaches us to read and right 

So called facts are fraud 

They want us to allege and pledge 

And bow down to their God 

Lost the culture, the culture lost 

Spun our minds and through time 

Ignorance has taken over 

Yo, we gotta take the power back! 



Well ington 

beingtherethroughthick nthin.AAnConthanks 

Dfi ED M) MV CHe Mfc 

CY EV NAA goodtimesonthecampingtrips 

78 S«nion 


What a crazy 4 years it s been, enough said. 
I d like to thank our teachers, especially the 
ones that spoke of much more than academics. 
I also send thanks to my parents for keeping 
me alive through all this, the Boston Red Sox 
for getting their act together. Golf 2004. and the 
friends that alternately supported and insulted 
me every step of the way; you know who you 
are. To all of you I write this: Dum loquimur, 
fugerit invida aetas: carpe diem, quam minimum 
credula postero. Ask one of my Latin homies 
to translate it for you if you took Spanish/French. 

Dave Wi 


I am no lazier now than I was four years 
ago, hut that is because I reached the limit 
four years ago. You can t go beyond 
possi bility." Mark T wain 

Thanks to all my family, friends, and teachers 

Jennifer Wolf 

CZome on, here s your chance 
Take your dance, say goodtye to your mother 
ust let your life shine, now s the time 
What you ve been given will do just fine 
5 ' -Beth Hart 

£-v Thnks 2 teachers. Kdawg-your class is ft. 
2 my friends, I luv u all. FLAK-u guys mean 
the world 2 me. Bmac-neighbors&palsUlife. 
OneLuvCrew-6flags,4ever@TB s,prmwknd04, 
riverrave, u guys will always b my superheroes. 
Hpy Grp-good while it lasted. ST MS jC-u gals 
rock.CF&JH-yayWTP. Thnks mom&dad. 
outta here! 

Thanks to everyone who 

got me to where I am today 

Gavin, Lowen, for all the life lessons 

KW for making me laugh, BFF 

BB, LY, MK, DB, DF, for making me smile 

Mom, Dad for always believing in me 

Russ, firy- always smile, chin up, and 

you II do great. Love you all. 

XC, Softball #5, ILFTC 

Good Luck, 05 
If we couldn t laugh, 

we would all go insane 

Chris Wi 



Jonathan Wons 

V\ here there is no vision, 
the people perish 

-Old Testament, Proverbs, XXIX, 18 
Shout outs: Mom, Dad, Leila, Arielle. 
thanks for always being there! 
Swimming, Soccer, and Grew teams 
Thanks for the many great seasons 
Good luck Warriors! Kill the Cats! 
To my closest friends: R.L. M.E.. D.M. 
L.K., B.B., iWG.We had some good times! 
keep it real, never lose the vision. 

CLASS OF 2005! 

Kai-Kai Wu 

if ya want beef then bring the ruckus 
wu-tang clan ain t nuthin ta... 

Thanks to my family, my boyz, and 
of course all the ladies. Good luck 05. 

See ya at Bernard | 

Chris Y 


TUs to all my frnds fr trie countless 
memories that we all shared.Frm, 
speeding tckts,bfires.Prm04, 
RSoxW,ldChmps.7thAF thnks Mom. 
Dad.Alex, Aspen for all that you have 
provided me luv you all.thnks moschellas 
for everything. CM thanks for being there 
with me for everything, LMtn03MvOU 



Jerry Jay Yuan 

Thanh you 

CGCM. TCou. CfiCGfi. 

Remember: T8, Wball. Thursday Vball, 
Wayland Vball. Loker football. ADA. P 
SAT Class with A. Choi. 
Krasnoo s Latin Class: Three years. 
Nine remain. Good times, in a sense, 
won t worry my life away. to be where you are. Lord. 

Now and forever. 

80 Scnion 

Laura E. Yamartino 

Jennifer Yuan 

Love one another deeply, from the heart 
• I Peter 1:22; Thanks Mom 6 Dad for 
everything; CY - my best friend, don t 
break too many hearts; Stu good luck you 
can do anything you want to; I love you all! 

McCoy, my savior! 1A LD SG FL CP SR ]S 
KW |W - the best friends I'll ever know 
]805! PromOU memwknd03 bday celebrations 

DF 223. it was U |N AR MG DL fifi 

thnx for the good times; 6\Ar thanks for 
always being there; amazing V\DYC s'S 
sail away, also much more, good luck 05 

To my family, thank you for everything. 
I love you very much. 
Elizabeth and Robert: Have fun. 
I II always be here for you. 

you to my friends for the 
wonderful memories, and to my 
teachers for their guidance. 
It has been a great four years. 
Best of Luck Class of 2005! 

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. 
Learn as if you were to live forever 

Thnx to my family:M+D+Kev •luv u guys 
Much luv 2 all my friends-u hno who u r 
Tennis 4 yrs-fun times.grls. 
Costa Rica 03-what a blast. pura vida. 
Good luck 2005. 

The way I see it.if u want the rainbow 
u gotta put up with the rain. 



Dan ZafFetti 

Erica Hermanson 



dont hn 

know where i m gom 
But i sure know where i ve heen... 
for trie good tymes AS AK BL DA RB 
sleepin at riverview, HH lessons learned 
from wknd, you Diinmn tonight 
I got something buried in the woods 
8ball 02-05, visitor s sydeline 
Goodluck VIP's 05 
The best way to predict trie future 
is to invent it. 

Luv2BstnBallas-KdCrFcJdD(Tm-xBfialla = Js 
NoRgrts.P eace 


Michael All 





AN. AF. RN. SR, BK. 8D. WIGS. 



Daniel 8ach< 

How is education supposed to make me feel 
smarter? Besides.every time I learn 
something new, it pushes some old stuff 
out of my brain. Remember when I took 
that home winemaking course, and I forgot 
how to drive? CH8 This yearlHomerun derby 
I call batter.Tower AAowing$8 anyone? 
Bfiall #11 Ra2 my truck isLOADED. Watchir 
the games together was fun. GO SOX. 
Thanks to my sister, AAimi, and Fuger 

First I would like to thank my parents especially 
my mother who never stopped believing in 
me. This school has made me realize that there 
are people who say that they are your friends and then there are the ones that are truly your friends. 
I d like to thank the ones who understand me. Thanks leanie for always being there. PEACE OUT! 
Never let your problems get you down stay focused and hold your ground. 

Shantal Mai 


You must leave now, take what you need, you think wi 
last. But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast. 
Yonder stands your orphan with his gun, crying like a fire 
in the sun. Look out the saints are comin through and it s all over now. Baby Blue. - Bob Dylan. 
Never forget the Sketchy AAafia and The Squad. 



T^lLmm I I r-» «-» m I hinda wish it wasn t over, hut I quess its time to move on, 

utnan L^amon . . .... _ _ u TUI(VI: , CI 

tney are some things I II never rorget-Ui8 4 lite... IrlljTtAK! 
-Number8!-Simpsons-Bond-HomerunDerby-ICallPitcher!-Rocks- Ra2...AAy Trunk Is loaded!-Late- 
NightWendys-Wiffleball-NerwirTle-KenGriffy-fiaseball-Redsox!!-Harlems!-You+AAe- Thanks for everything: 
AAom Dad Ryan Gram and all my friends... Be Excellent To Each Other. -2005- 

revor Keegan 

When the Power of Love 
overcomes the Love of Power, 
then the world will know p€ace. 

-jimi Hendrix 

Not Pictured: 
Eliot Seals 
Donald Bryant 
KoLert Mikels 

John Sideropoulos 
Samantha Westcott 
Tariq Rosario 






Best Smile 

Isaac Aaron, Jess Grady and AAichae 

Best Looking 

Lee AAirbach and Dave Hull 

Best Combo 

Paul Cappellucci and Genia lartchouk 

Best Catch 

Brad Boggia and AAargaret Cromwe 

Kindest Heart 

Carly Burdick and David AAetcalf 

WrtlbvB 93 


Dan Fuchs and AAelanie Knight 

Class Flirt 

11 Erica H 

ermanson an 

d Tom Hehir 

u p e r 

Class Clown 

Nicole Villari and Matt Rad OWICZ 

9U Superlative 

Most Likely to Succeed 

AAatt Eisenson and Made Perkins 

Most Stressed 

Caroline AAeliones and AAike Sail 

Leah Shackleton and Alex Rubin 

Most Musical 

Katie Wang and Kyle Olmstead 



Jamie Silverman and Joey Carro 

Most Likely to be Infamous 

/V\att Chase and Jilvonya Dav 


u p e r 

Most Likely to Embarrass Themselves 

Alex St ern and Anya Slavin 

Most Alternative 

Jordan Baiter and Anna LeFevre-Levy 

96 Superlatives 

Superlatives 97 


Lucy Dean, Sarah 
Redmond and Jamie 
Silverman appear in 


ance attire. 

Jim Helman, Amanda Nickerson, AAaris Joniec, Caitlin Manning, AAatt Radowicz 
and AAatt Virzi show some class pride, while Greg Shelton peeks over their shoulders. 

S Amanda Nlicherson 
1 and Caitlin AAanning 
enjoy a picnic. 



way to embarrass 

a. Slip on the ice in front of 

the Commons, 
h. Dress like a freshman. 

c. Inp on The Mat. 

d. Own a wheefy hack pack. 

a. Spanish Clufj. 

b. Sleeping. 

c. Eating Pineapple. 

d. AIM. 

Scariest thing you've done 

a. Ran from Ms. Mauchan 

b. Dissected a squid. 

c. Eaten school sushi. 

d. Used school facilities 

e. Stayed here for four years 

Best thing about Wayiand 
High School: 

a. We' re not Weston High 
h. Ranked ^1 in vandalism. 

c. Open Campus. 

d. 2005! 

Best thing about the class of 


a. We keep it real, 
h. We dont pretend to he 

c. Our criminal record is bett 

b. I was in the practice 



c. Amanda Pond s 86 
Peugot stalled out again. 

d. And there were these 

a. If you were a booger I d 
pick you. 

b. I play Field Hockey. 

c. How you doin ? 

a. Razor scooter. 

b. Mini-van. 

c. Sled. 

d. Anything but the bus. 

Most stressed about: 

a. College. 

b. Finding somewhere to go 

c. Getting arrested. 

102 Senior Survey 

Easiest rule to break- 

a. Season. 

b. 6-month rule. 

c. PDA. 

d. Leaving campus. 


ont tinny about the 

a. They think tbey are at a 
strip club. 

b. Tbey block hallways, 
c They think they re seniors 


d. They steal our vent. 

e. They steal our parking spots 

Hardest test 

a. The Shanty. 

b. Butt Lot. 

c. Wayland House of Pizza. 

d. Anywhere with the class of 

a. AAr. Auciello s blank test. 

b. SAT's. 

c. Cardiovascular test 

d. Sobriety test. 

Best place to do homework 


a. In the bathroom before class. 

b. In the car on the way to 

c. Another class. 

d. HW? What HW? 

Best Class: 

Best excuse for slapping class: 

a. Photography. 

b. Election 200U. 

c. POT: Principles of 

d. Gym with Porrell. 

Best thing about 

a. Iney think 
strip club. 

b. Younger siblings. 

c. We won t have to see them 

d. They boost self confidence. 

Best excuse for getting pulled 

a. I was trying to keep up 
with traffic. 

b. I was trying to lose AAs. 

a. I m president of the 
Commons Club. 

b. College workshop. 

c. The class of 06 infected 
me with staph. 

d. I didn t know we had 
double lab. 

Stnicx Suwy 103 

ass m e n 

Steve Mullally and 
Ryan take a break from s 

Alex Jenny and Marqus Lorelike 
take a break in the most 
comfortable place they can find. 



Bryce Paolella gives 
two thumbs 

A group of freshmen try to 
look tough for the camera. 

Underclassmen 105 

juniors 107 

junior? Ill 




AAara Gabrielson ponders the deep 
questions of life during a free. 












ot Pictured: 

Justine Albert 
Bill 6a, 
Kevin Balben 
Ellaine Barr 
Justin Barrett 
Samuel Blumberg 
Shelicia Bootman 
Daniel Burgess 
Sandy Caraballow 
Melissa Chu 
Nicholas Cissna 

V Alexander deAAoor 
V\eredith Feinberg 

Ashley Fisher 
AAara Gabrielson 
Wilfredo G arcia 
Samantha Gaucher 
Michael Gitlin 
Julia Goodmonson 
Christopher Hoy 
Thomas Jacques 
Charles Jahnke 
M\ichael Kaye 
Stephen Kinney 
Thomas Lam 
Annabel Lane 
Alexandra Loche 
Raymond Lordi 

Christopher Lu 
Colin Mieselman 
Noel Moshella 
Brian fiharshi 
Kama Ray 
Seth Rogers 
Zachary Romania 
Christopher Roth 
Stephanie Saba 
Victoria Schmidt 
Vincent Smith 
Jennifer Spinney 
Nicholas White 
Noah Zallen 

122 Sophomores 

QU SopKomorts 











Kyle Caroline 
Wu Yamartino 

Not Pictured: 

Giovanni Brewington 
Alfredo Castro 
Arthur Chin 
Edward Cohn 
Gregory Dessources 
Benjamin Ducharme 
Cody f enwick 
Michael Flint 
Andrew Gimlich 
Andrew Goldsmith 

Jamie Goldsmith 
Morgan Heath 
Jordan Holmes 
Robert Hueher 
Stephen Kutcher 
Evan Lamont 
Sarah Lanzillotta 
Melissa Lau 
Christopher LeBlanc 
Kyle Lemaire 
Ezra Lovesky 
Nicholas Lucka 

Kevin Lutz 
Anna Marton 
Devon McCarthy 
Kelly McDermott 
Brian McDonald 
Stephen Mullalry 
Tyler Rohison 
Monique Ryan 
Joshua Saltmarsh 
Matthew Schwartz 
Peter Senne 
Uri Shapira 

Brent Sims 

Pattarapon Siwapomchai 
Christopher Smith 
Marcus St. John 
Ricardo Sullivan 
Simon Tkachenko 
Tony Torres 
Matthew Troilo 
Adam Wiegand 
Oliver Yu 
Gregory Yunker 
Alejandro Zamorano 

SopKonxxcs 125 

1 ^ 


Jump Rope Club recruits 
new members to its 
exciting and fun club. 

Steph Henderson looks 
very excited about the 
variety of clubs she 
can choose from. 

Science Olympiad 
does some funky 

Activities 139 

Local Beat M3 



ge headlines 

Shaun Heasley/Reuters/Corbis 

C Republican incumbent 
George W. Bush narrowly 
defeats Democratic 
challenger John Kerry in 
the hotly contested 2004 
presidential election. 

O Lifestyle guru 
Martha Stewart 
begins serving 
a five-month jail 
sentence in West 
Virginia, after being 
found guilty of lying 
about a suspicious 
stock sale. 

3 In November. Minnesotan Chai 
Vang allegedly shoots and kills six 
hunters and wounds two others 
after he is caught trespassing on 
a hunting platform in Wisconsin. 

Tom Ridge leaves his Health and Human Secretary of State Attorney General John 
position as secretary Services Secretary Tommy Colin Powell Ashcroft relinquishes 
of homeland security. Thompson resigns. steps down. his cabinet post. 

O National Security Adviser Condoleezza 
Rice makes history as the first black 
female to become secretary of state 
when she succeeds Colin Powell. 


up to the If 

3 Ribbon-shaped 
magnetic stickers 
urging people to 
"Support Our Troops" 
appear on counties 
American cars. 

1 1 uuy r> 



troops face a persistent terrorist insurgency leading 
Iraq presidential election in January 2005. The war 
costs the lives of over 1 .400 coalition troops, as well 
as over 14,000 Iraqi civilians. 

orld Photos IT 

Preventing HIV/AIDS is Everyone's 

"ko Rsuters'Coitfe 


The United Nations 
reports the AIDS 
epidemic is growing 
in Africa and worsening 
dramatically across 
eastern Europe 
and Asia. 

3 After more than a 
year of ceasefire, civil 
war re-ignites in the 
Ivory Coast as a result 
of President Gbagbo's 
ordering air strikes 
on rebel positions. 

Onome OgHene/EPA/Undov 

NO t\] 

O The Ukrainian Supreme Court 
invalidates that country's disputed 
presidential election because of vote 
tampering. In the revote, pro-West 
opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko 
claims victory. 

3 In September, Chechen rebels kill 
more than 430 people in a series of 
terrorist attacks in Russia, including 
the bloody attack on an elementary 

3 After 22 months, the conflict in the 
Darfur region of Sudan continues to 
grow, leaving more than 2.3 million 
Africans in need of humanitarian aid. 


(J Countries and individuals around the world join together to 
pledge over $4 billion in relief for those devastated by the 
December tsunami disaster. 



O Christopher Reeve dies at age 52. 
Reeve is remembered for his movie 
role as Superman and as an advocate 
for spinal cord research after being 
paralyzed in an accident in 1995. 

C According to the Lance Armstrong 
Foundation, over 20 million people 
are wearing the yellow "Livestrong" 
wristbands that help fund and promote 
the organization's cancer research. 

C In September, Microsoft Chairman 
Bill Gates announces a $168 million 
donation to fund malaria research. 

OThe National World War II 
Memorial is unveiled in 
Washington, D.C., in 
honor of the millions of 
Americans who served 
during World War II in 
the military and on the 
home front. 

£ A prolonged deployment 
of over 200,000 U.S. 
troops to Iraq leaves 
many families struggling 
at home. 


C Portable photo printers 3 Hong Kong-based toymaker 
_ that do not require Wow Wee Ltd. sells 1 .5 million 

' a computer are a Robosapiens since the toy's 

hot item for digital introduction in April. Among other 

camera owners. "talents." the $1 00 robot can belch 

and pass gas on command. 

O The Food and Drug Administration links the use of 
antidepressants such as Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac 
to suicidal behavior in teens. 

Easy Share pnnter dock ptus 

I it 


O SpaceShipOne. 
the world's first 
privately developed 
spacecraft, is named 
"2004 Invention 
of the Year" by 
Time magazine. 

3 Apple's iPod is the 
year's hottest tech 
gadget, fashion 
accessory and 
advertising personality, 
all in one credit- 
card-size package. 

Noafi Betger, Bloomberg Ne ws Undo 

O After four years on the market 
and billions of dollars in revenue, 
pharmaceutical company Merck 
recalls the arthritis drug Vioxx 
due to increased risk for 
cardiovascular disease. 

3 General Motors releases 
the industry's first full-size 
gas-electric hybrid pickup 
truck, the Chevrolet Silverado. 

3 Toshiba's HD DVD and Sony's 
Blu-ray battle for supremacy 
over the next generation of DVD 
technology. Major movie studios 
are evenly divided in their backing 
of the two technologies. 


EPA/Joe Polimeru APWde World Photos 

Designer dog breeds like 
the "Goldendoodie," an 
allergy-friendly cross between 
a golden retriever and 
a poodle, are in high demand. 

Although Saturn's rings look solid from Earth, images taken by the 
international Cassini spacecraft show they are more like rivers of dust 
and ice, with particles ranging in size from specks to mountains. 

O Swarms of locusts destroy millions 
of acres of crops in West Africa. 

C In September, astronomers 
announce the discovery in the 
Milky Way galaxy of a new and 
possibly abundant class of planets. 

O On a remote island in Indonesia, 
scientists find 18,000-year-old 
skeletons of a hobbit-like human 
species that grew no larger than 
today's average three-year-old child. 

Fabnzio Bensch/Reuters/Landov 


O In October, Mount 
St. Helens vents 
ash and steam for 
the first time since 
its major eruption 
in 1980. 

Threatened by 
the spread of 
chemicals and global 
warming, polar 
bears are added 
to the endangered 
species list. 


Retro brooches are back 

Ugg knockoffs are popular 

Squish pillows are a "must-have' 

C Knitted ponchos are fall's 

Pocket bikes top holiday wish r 

hottest new fashion trend, 
gracing the shoulders of 
your classmates and your 
favorite celebrities. 

lists despite safety warnings 
that they are not toys. M * 

O Airbrush tans, capable of lasting five to 14 days, provide a I 
fashionable and safer alternative to harmful ultra-violet rays. I 

Pink is the hot new color 

© MacDonald's Corp 


O Fast-food restaurants offer kids' 
meals with healthy alternatives 
to fries and soda, including apples 
and milk. 


C The scrapbooking craze reaches 
new heights with more people 
wanting to capture their memories 
in creative ways. 

C With DVDs delivered right to 
your door and no late fees, Netflix 
and Blockbuster Online become 
popular choices for movie rentals. 

O Bucking the health 
trend, Hardee's 
serves up a Monster 
Thickburger with 
1,420 calories and 
107 grams of fat. 

Events like the 
All Girl Skate Jam, 
founded in 1997, 
bring skateboarding 
to peak popularity 
among young girls 

^Ouchston. (V. 


Kevin Foley /® NBC /Courtesv Everett Collection 

Matthew Peyton Courtesy Everett Collection 

phrase as Donald Trump plows 
through executive wannabes on his 
hit NBC show, "The Apprentice." 

C ABC gets big ratings from its new 
hit drama "Lost," the intriguing 
story of 48 plane crash survivors 
stranded on an island. 

£ To kick off her 19th season of 
CBS's "The Oprah Winfrey Show," 
Oprah and Pontiac join forces 
to give each of the 276 audience 
members a brand new Pontiac G6. 

Before his unbelievable 
74-game winning 
streak comes to an 
end, NBC's "Jeopardy" 
contestant Ken 
Jennings wins 
$2,520,700 — a TV 
game show record. 
He delivers over 2,700 
correct responses. 

\ O Pausing and recording 
live television with 
DVR is rapidly replacing 
VCRs in households 
across America. 



C With bands like Interpol, 
The Killers and Snow Patrol, 
alternative rock returns to 
the mainstream music 
scene in a big way. 

3 U2's new album How to 
Dismantle an Atomic Bomb 
hits No.1 in Billboard magazine, 
and the band is inducted into 
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
in March 2005. 

U Rapper Kanye West collects a whopping 10 Grammy nominations, 
including Album of the Year, for his debut The College Dropout. 

ISBcflle' Rolanr 



O Nelly continues to 
wrap up big sales 
and hit songs with the 
simultaneous release 
of his two albums, 
Sweat and Suit. 

3 Ashlee Simpson, 
Jessica's younger 
sister, makes 
headlines with her 
triple-platinum debut 
album Autobiography 
and a lip-synching 
gaffe on NBC's 
' Saturday Night Live." 


*<a ill - 
* - - *- 

O Pop superstar Prince gives his concert 
ticket-holders something to cheer 
about before the concerts start . . . 
a free copy of his Musicology CD. 

3 Legendary '80s alternative rock band 
The Pixies, known for inspiring 
"grunge" music, reunites after 
and European tour. 

3 In December, Usher 
dominates the Billboard 
Music Awards, taking home 
11 awards, including Album 
of the Year for Confessions. 

Mary Ellen Matthews*™ In-. Ontlintrt-mlir. 

O The newest trend in video games is to go "old school," with 
plug-and-play systems featuring '80s games from the likes of 
Atari and Namco. 


O 2004 is the year of celebrities having 
babies, as Courtney Cox-Arquette, 
Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, 
Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler and others 
all become first-time mothers. 

C Thousands of young people 
become avid poker players, a trend 
sparked by TV shows featuring 
tournaments for celebrities and 
professional poker players. 

C The challenging "Metroid Prime 
2: Echoes" takes home the prize 
as IGN. corn's Gamecube Game 
of the Year. 

O The hottest 

"hard-to-get" toy for 
the holidays is the 
Nintendo DS handheld 
gaming system. 

£ Even though it won't 
reach bookstores 
until July 16, 2005, 
preorders in December 
help J.K. Rowling's 
Harry Potter and the 
Half-Blood Prince 
top several 
best-seller lists. 

w.nnni Grotheis Ccmrtesv Fviicii Collection 

O With a series sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals, the Boston 
Red Sox lift the "Curse of the Bambino" to win their first 
World Series title since 1918. 

Mike Blake/Reuters/Cotbis 



O The New England 
Patriots defeat the 
Philadelphia Eagles, 
24-21. to repeat as 
Super Bowl Champion: 
They have won 
of the last four 
Super Bowls. 

3 Following his win 
in September at 
the Deutsche Bank 
Championship, Vijay 
Singh unseats Tiger 
Woods as the 
world's No.1 golfer. 





Marlon Brando dies at age 80 Johnny Carson dies at 79 Dan Rather retires Tom Brokaw signs off Reggie White dies at age 43 

C In a year of entertainment 
dominated by teen 
queens, Lindsay Lohan 
makes the biggest splash 
of the bunch with the hit 
movie Mean Girls and her 
debut CD Speak. 

3 Mattie Stepanek dies from a form 
of muscular dystrophy at age 13. 
He was known as a best-selling 
poetry author and the Muscular 
Dystrophy Association's National 
Goodwill Ambassador from 2002 
through 2004. 

_ ^ 

O Ukrainian presidential 
candidate Viktor 
Yushchenko suffers 
from debilitating 
illness and scarring 
caused by dioxin 
poisoning, allegedly 
at the hands of 
his opponents. 

3 Rodney Dangerfield, 
82, veteran comedian 
famous for getting 
"no respect," dies 
from complications 
following heart surgery. 

O Democratic vice presidential and 
presidential nominees John Edwards 
and John Kerry make the 2004 
election a very close race. 

O Actor Zach Braff from NBC's 
"Scrubs" makes his big screen 
acting, writing and directorial 
debut in the critically acclaimed 
Garden State. 


rmer NFL player Pat Tillman, 
who chose the Armed Forces 
over the NFL, is killed while on 
duty in Afghanistan. 


Printed in USA. © 2005 04-0508 (1787) 


Ka mate ka mate 
Ka ora ka ora 

Tenei te tangata puhuru huru 
Nana i tiki mai wkakawkiti te ra 

- Middlesex Higklanders 

Juggling Club 

The Fox knows many tricks, the Hedgehog 
only one; one good one. 

- The Management (C. Hoy, AA. ]< 
C. O'Brien. M. Scult, & S. 


"On the surface, SADD makes a difference by 
supporting an important cause. But what most 
people might not realize is that us few seniors also 
provide a valuable freshmen babysitting service during 
club meetings. - Sara Townsend 

mo. y 




"Math Team meetings are usually composed of 
chucking darts, missing wildly, and pulling them out of 
the ceiling, walls, tables, doors, and our competitors. 

- lason Whittaker 

In French Club, we get 
together, speak French, eat food, 
and gossip with Ms. Langelier. 

- Anna Tolmach 

( H 

C « T » v I 

k RcasonsTo Join Thfc 

WHY G*! 

3J rree ^u-ot-fM 1 


WHY club makes a difference by providing students with 
the opportunity to give back to the community... but more 
importantly, to eat munchkins during club meetings. 

- David Metcalf 

Gay-Straight Alliance 

"GSA creates a welcoming atmosphere for all 
students, gay or straight, and works to 
promote awareness and equality within the 
high school - although watching Queer Eye for 
the Straight Guy is also very important. 

- Maddy Stone-Myers 

What I Think 

Ping Pong Club 

You ve got to have balls to play 

- Devon Macfherson 

"We're at our WIT's end." 

- Liese f ruitt 

Qufcs IU7 

In Classical and Medieval Club, previously known as 
Latin Club, you don t actually need to have taken Latin. 
In fact, we really don t bave anytbing to do w'rtb Latin. 
Tbat s wby we... um... cbanged tbe name. 

- Emily TersofF 

CluLs W9 


Senior Members 

Chris Becker 
Watt Eisenson 
David Lewin 
AAacie Perkins 
Harris Rosenheim 
Mike Sail 
Amanda Solomon 
Jen Wolf 

Junior Members 

Betsy Engel 
Zack Johnson 
Sam Kaminsky 
Sam Roblin 
Sofia Vitiello 
Sheena Wang 
Kim Yih 

Sophomore Members 

Stephen Berkowitz 
Kyle Dopfel 
Mike Hint 
Carly Frieling 
Andrew Levine 
Jenny Price 
Max Yurkorsky 

President: Jessica Awerman 
V. President: David Metcalf 
Treasurer Taisa Priester 
Secretary: Margaret Cromwell 

Executive Board Members: 

Isaac Aaron 
Matt Eisenson 
Stephanie Gibson 

Caroline Meliones 
Maacie Perkins 
Camie Petri 
Anya Slavin 
Amanda Soloman 
Katie Wang 
Jennifer Yuan 
Laura Yamartino 

p At 


Freshman AAemben 

Dan Barnes 
Nicole Barrett 
Asa Foster 
Caroline Glovsky 
Scarlett Hoey 
Brian Nowak 
Sam Tichnor 


152 Student Government 


i i I m 

President: Sheena Wang 
V. President: Sofia Vitiello 
Treasurer Alex deM oor 
Secretary: Kim Yin 

Executive Board Members: 

Lasonta Darlington 
Molly D onovan 
Betsy Engel 

z_ac kjon nson 
Samantha Kaminsky 
Yooni Kim 
Marina Meliones 
Kensing Ng 
Kristin Paglia 
Margaret Southard 

AAonique Ryan and Amelia Spence 

show off theig 

1 Emily Sebell and 1 
Jordan Holmes 

A3 ft? 


amie GolSIRitn, JeSSWalsk 
vllison BraiHI and AAeiissa Lau 

AAax Yurkofsky, Chris Lash, AAike Flint, Elizabeth Yuan, Stephen 
fierkowitz, Dan Entrup, Ben Schukz and Christopher Hill 

Brent Sims strikes again. 



15U Sophomore Semi Formal 

Andrew Levine 
AAax Yurkofsky 
josh W ise 
Allison Brainard 
Robbie Hammitt 
Rob Bonner 
Bobby Gaglini 
Danielle Gaglini 
Chris Wh itney 
Alex All en 
Lee Hermsdorf-K 
Ryan Love 
Chris Lash 
Jenn Walsh 
Amanda Lustig 
Steph Sklar 
Eliza Brennan-f ratt 
Minori Ski mizu 
Griffin Kelly 



Colin Fulton 
Brett Bankazl 
Tess Saxton-Fox 
Alex Joknson 
Kori f erten 
Skerry Ng 
Scarlett Hoey 
fete Konowski 
AAonika Bernotas 

Winter Week PUys 159 


Gillian Rafuse and AAariel Hershler 
snare the stage with their friend. 

Eliza firennan-fVatt, Samantha Gupta, Allison 
Brainard, Jonah Bamel and AAelanie Knight 

Young American Miss Contestants 
lana Barker - Doria Hudson 
mily Berardi • Valerie Larencia 
V^onika Bematos - Trudi Benson 
ry fiock-Shields • Dana Simpson 
\llison Brainard • Debralee Davis 
iza Brennan-fratt - AAaria Gonzales 
.Ourtney Oamer - Kate Gardner & Joanne Marsha 
imie Goldsmith • Cookie Wilson 
amantha Gupta • Gina AAinelli 
V\ariel Hershler • Heidi Anderson 
\Aelanie Knight ■ Robin Gibson 
\li Leven - Kimberley Lyons 

ona hB ame 

Amanda Lustig - Connie-Sue Whipple 
Claire McCarthy • Linda Lee 
Gill Rafuse • Patti-Lynn Bird 
Leah Shackleton • Sandra- Kay MacAffee 
Erica Shubin - Shawn Christianson 

The Golden Circle 

Jonah Bamel - Ted Farley 

Alex Ivker - Brenda DiCarlo Freelander 

Brendan Macintosh - Dale Wilson-Sh ears 

Alex Rubin - Tommy French 

Stan Seiden - Big Bob Freelander 

Pageant Judges 

Alex Allen - Father Murphy 
Kaylee Coons - Marsha Key 
Cody Fenwick - Ed Patterson 

Pageant Committe & Crew 
Emily Bierman - Marianne Calley 
Tom Garleglio - Tony Zito 
Rob Hammit - Freddy Woods 
Alexandra Johnson - Louise Zito 
Andrew Levine - Little Bob Freelander 
Ray Lordi - Dave Schultz 
Jenn Walsh - Carol Calley 

lana Barker 

Production Staff 

Director - Richard Weingartner 

Musical Director - Arthur Finstein 

Choreographer - Susan Chebookjian 

Costume/Prop Mistress - Susan Russo-Gelbart 

Technical Advisor - Emily Mathews 

Tickets - Dorie Lustig 

Stage Manager - Maria Tiberii 

Assistant Stage Manager - Emilia Javorsky 

Light Board Operator - Scott Nicholas 

Sound Board - Jeff Wadsworth, Lzzie Smith and 

Ellie Matthews 

Camera - Nate Beckett and Leah Melnick 
Spotlight - Dana Berman 

Pit Band 

Art Finstein, David Johnson, Mark Kohl er, Brian 
Rehrig, Louis Toth, and Jonathon Goldberg 

Construction Crew 

Nate Beckett, Dana Berman, Kri Bhage, Stephanie 
Colwell, Ellie Matthews, Leah Melnick, Scott 
Nichol as, and Lizzie Smith 

Fall Musical: Smik 161 

Rose Quinn 


AAargaret Cromwell 
AAelanie Knight 
Melissa Lau 
Erica owitz 
Sarah Petty 
Jennifer Yuan 

Yooni Kim 
Annabel Lane 
Sofia Vitiello* 

Julia Westbom 
Elizabeth Yuan 

6ass Clarinet 
Bill Bai 

Alto Saxophone 
Alexander DeAAoor 
Matt Johnson 
Elizabeth Rodd 

Tenor Saxophone 
Caroline Glovsky 
Chris Lash 

Baritone Saxophone 
Josh Saltmarsh 

Alex Connaughton 
Dan Fuchs 
Andrew Levine 
Tom AAcDermott 
Terry Sail 

French Horn 
Jen Huang 
Noah Zallen 

Nicole I rwin 
Evan Lamont 
Stan Seiden 

Baritone Horn 
Brad Boggia 

Double Bass 
Kyle Olmstead 

Robert Athan 
Matt Bird 
Daniel Eisenson 
Tom Hehir 
Aldi Kaza 
Dan Nadeau 
Bobby Romanow 
Maria Tiberii 

Denotes Section I 

Concert Barxj 165 

Alto Saxophone 
Alexander deMoor 
Elizabeth Rodd 

Tenor Saxophone 
Caroline Glovshy 
Matt Johnson 

Baritone Saxophone 
osh Saltmarsh 

Nicole Irwin 
Stan Seiden 

Rhythm Section 
Tom Hehir- Drums 
Kama Ray- Drums 
Matt Eisenson- Piano 
Kyle Olmstead- Bass 
Jarrett Lemer- Guitar 
Artie Mallet- Guitar 

Dan Fuchs 
Andrew Levine 
Tom McDermott 


Lee Hermsdorf-Krasin 

Alex Leichter 
Debra Rosenberg 
Julia Westbom 

Alto Saxophone 

James Morgan-Delosa 

Rhythm Section 

Samuel Hoffman 

Evan L-amont- Fiano 

Edward Samp 

Theresa Saxton-Eox- fiano 

Michael Southard 

Alexander Greenfeld- Bass 

Adam Salsberg- Bass 

Tenor Saxophone 

Gavin Allen- Bass 

Christopher Lash 

David Brownstein- Guitar 

Alex Petty 

Michael f riscella- Guitar 

Daniel Eisenson- Drums 


Aldis Kaza- Drums 

Nick Hodge 

Daniel Nadeau- Drums 

Terry Sail 

Gabrielle Rosenberg- Drums 

David Romanow- Drums 


Samuel Bacon 

Denotes Section Leader 

Sarah Schimmel 

loshua Wise 



A Cafwlla 

Lyndsey Aurelio 

Tom Ciarleglio 

Jamie Goldsmith 

Mike King 

Arty Mallett 

Leah Shackleton 

liana Barker 

Kaylee Coons 

Catherine Gould 

AAelanie Knight 

Joe Manley 

Bridget Sharry 

Sarah Barnacle 

Stephanie Coy 

Lee Ann Gould 

1 ilia Kravchuk 

Ashley Markwarth 

Olivia Shaw 

Emily Berardi 

Courtney Cramer 

Robbie Hammitt 

Evan Lamont 

Claire McCarthy 

Stan Seiden 

Dana Berman 

Theo Dong 

AAariel Herschler 

Renee Landry 

Leah Melnick 

Tatiana Spinale 

Lindsay Bernard 

AAolly Donovan 

Stephanie Hicinbothem 

Zoe Leavitt 

Alison Fenney 

Rachel Steinberg 

Chaz Bernon 

Aeron Dugan 

Gwen Hyland 

Ram Leven 

Camille Fetri 

Theresa Tardiff 

Shelicia Bootman 

AAatt Eisenson 

Alex Ivker 

Andrew Levine 

jenny Fivor 

Jenn Walsh 

Laura Bowman 

Dan Entrup 

Andrea Jacobs 

Alexandra Locke 

Monisha Rajinikanth 

Sheena Wang 

Eliza Brennan-Fratt 

Hillary Flieger 

Katy Johnson 

Ray Lordi 

Hari Ramesh 

Jon Wons 

Carly Burdick 

Nicole Flieger 

Kathryn Jordan 

Ryan Love 

Harris Rosenheim 

Max Yurkofsky 

Alfredo Castro 

Mike Flint 

Kathryn Keane 

Tina Love 

Juliana Ryan 

Jenny Zhang 

Debbie Chu 

Colin Fulton 

Yoon-Surh Kim 

Shantal Malcolm 

Hilary Sagar 

liana Barker 



Sarah Barnacle 



Emily Berardi 

|amie < 


Carly Burdick 



Tom Ciarleglio 



Courtney Cramer 



AAolly Donovan 



AAatt Eisenson 


Surh Kim 

Dan Entrup 

Melanie Knight 

Ram Leven 

Olivia Shaw 

Andrew Levine 

Stan Seiden 

■Ray Lordi 

|enn Walsh 

Arty Mallett 

Sheena Wang 

Leah Melnick 

Jon Wons 

Camille Petri 

Max Yurkofs 

Hari Ramesh 

Harris Rosenheim 

Leah Shackleton 


Second Violin 



Alto Saxophone 

Kathleen Wang 

Peggy Wang 

Jason Whittaker 

AAatthew Eisenson 

Alex deAAoor 

Tully Chang 

Colleen Bowman 

Kyle Olmstead 

First Violin 

AAax Yurkofsky 

Kensing Ng 

Gavin Allen 

French Horn 

Kathleen Wang 

Caroline Yamartino 

David Tersoff 

AAaneesh Singhal 

Noah Zallen 

David firownstein 

Jennifer Sung 

Sarah Dale 

Alex Greenfeld 

Emily Tersoff 

Stehpanie Colwell 

Kyle Dopfel 


Connie Li 

Leah Melnick 

Samuel Hai 


Thomas AAcDermott 

Yehmin Chern 

Lisa Tanaka 

AAargaret Cromwell 

Daniel Fuchs 

Kathryn Stack 

Samantha Gupta 


Sarah Petty 

Andrew Levine 

Jean Yun 

Ryan Bernard 

Adam Larson 

AAelissa Lau 

Victoria Lee 

Darren Thomason 

Kama Ray 


Sophie Leung 

Neha Kashalikar 

Colin O Brien 


Nicole Irwin 

Allison Brainard 

Belinda Li 

AAichael Chou 

Sophia Vitiello 

Stanley Seiden 

Devon AAacPherson 

Stuart Eoti 

Elaine Barr 

Annabel Lane 

Evan Lamont 

Hari Ramesh 

Neal Dandekar 

Katherine Purrington 

Elizabeth Lane 

Daniel Entrup 

Arthur Chin 

Hannah Braunstein 


Oliver Yu 

John Kim 

Bass Claniet 

Thomas Hehir 

David Paresky 

Caleb Chafe 


Bill Bai 

Matthew Bird 

Thomas Lam 

Rose Quinn 



Varsity Roster 
Mchael Allen 
David Antonell 
Caleb Bamett 
Grant Belive 
Stephen Berkowitz 
Robert Bonner 
David Breazzano 
Giovanni Brewington 
Tucker Bridgeo 
Daniel Burgess 
Robert Calnan 
Joseph Carroll 
Matthew Oiase 
J. Colantropo 
Wade Gitides 
Joshua Cunningham 
Gregory Dessources 
Theodor Dong 
Jarad Doyon 
Todd FitzGerald 
leremy Gilbreath 
Conner Hanlon 
Henry Hastings 
Phillip Hastings 
lames Hawley 
Matthew Henderson 
Daniel Hogan 
Timothy Hogan 
Alexander |enny 
AAaris j oniec 
David Jordan 
Andrew Keefer 
Mchael Ke m 
Andrew Kilhum 
Christopher Lash 
Robert Lerman 
David Lewin 
Angel Lopez 
Marqus Lorelike 
Christopher Lyons 
Russell Lyons 
Joseph AAanley 
Eric McAfee 
Robert McCart 
Domenic McCarthy 
ames Meyer 
Stephen Mullally 
Andew Ogletree 

Cristian Fena 
Jeffrey Pesaturo 
AAatthew Fesaturo 
Joseph Fonsetto 
Robert Romanow 
Anthony Ross 
Faul Rufo 
Alexander Schultz 
Dana Shany 
Benjamin Sherry 
Wachira Srttikong 
Vincent Smith 
Matthew St Jean 
Tony Torres 
Nicholas White 
Christopher Whitney 
Benjamin Wiesman 
Oliver Yu 

Freshman Roster: 
{Raymond Acevado 
John Boncoddo 
Alexander Brennan 
Herman Brito 
Jon Calnan 
Joseph Cerrone 
Eric Chase 
Justin Chase 
Kyle Daly 
JackD ran 
Tyler Fisher 
Brian Frynn 
Christopher Galasti 
AAax Greene 
Brian Harvey 
Jonathan Kazarian 
Brandon Lemmo 
Max Lewin 
Matthew Lombardo 
Junie Lopez 
Wilson McGrail 
Geoffrey McLaughlin 
Keith Meliones 
Mchael Mitchell 
Jonathon Mitton 
Brett Mordas 
Julian Fonsetto 
Dylan Register 
Juan Stone-Myers 
Stephen Wadsworth 
Justin Zayas 


Vanity Roster 
Emily Bache 
Katherine Bryant 
Claire Crook 
Katherine Curtis 
Danielle Femandes 
Hope Friedman 
Jessica Grady 
Kathryn Jordan 
Alexa Lemmo 
Jessica Maccini 
Avmanda McCarthy 
Caroline Meliones 
Amanda Mores 
Christine Moscnella 
Lindsey P eckham 
Samantha Roblin 
Monique Ryan 
Meghan Sherry 
Melissa Snow 
Amanda Soloman 
Ryan Sullivan 
lean ellysS usana 
Olivia Zetter 

JV Roster 
Melanie Hughes 
Karli Kaufman 
Kimberfy Malieswski 
Uanna Olivero- Bello 

The Varsity team Top Row (Left to 'Right): Emily Bache, Kathryn Jordan, Christine Mos- 
chella, Amanda McCarthy, Monique Ryan, Olivia Zetter, Linsey f eckham; Second Row: 
Hope Friedman, Meghan Sherry, Danielle Femandes, Melissa Snow, Katherine Bryant; Third 
Row: Amanda Mores, Katherine Curtis, Ryan Sullivan, Claire Crook, Caroline Meliones, 
Jeanellys Susana, Jessica Maccini, Samantha Rotlin; Bottom Row: Alexa Lemmo, Amanda 
Soloman, Jessica Grady, Coach Ram Miller 

ines up. 

Samantha Roblin, Alexa 
Lemmo and Jessica Maccini. 

The Cheerleaders form human pyramids under the lights. 
































182 Boys Soccer 






— o 






















Senior Boys Top Row (Left to Right): Jonathon Nowak, Adam Kaufman, David Hull, 
AAatt Virzi, JT Ramsey and Alex Rubinfeld; Bottom Row: Aex Stem, Isaac Aaron, Paul 
Cappellucci and Thomas Hull 

Captains Isaac Aaron 
and Paul Cappellucci 

Paul Cappellucci 


The Boys Varsity Soccer Team Top Row (Left to Right): Coach Bill Snow, Charlie Jahnhe, 
Thomas Soper, Mike Flint, Adam Kaufman, Alex Stem, David Hull, AAatt Virzi, JT Ramsey, 
Dan Kehlusek, Alex Rubinfeld, Sam AAcGrail, Ryan Nicholas, Robert Athan and Martin 
Lentz; Bottom Row. Sam Bekenstein,Tyler Paul, Sam Wisner, Chris Doran, Isaac Aaron, Paul 
Cappellucci, Thomas Hull, Jon Nowak and Simon Thachenho 

The Boys junior Varsity Soccer Team Top Row (Left to Right): Maneesh Singhal, 
Max Guyton, David Crismond, James Gordon, Colin Meiselman, Nathaniel 
Murray, Alejandro Zamorano, Alexander Connaughton, Aldis Kaza, Coach Neil 
Anderson; Second Row: Christopher Smith, Kenneth Harvey, Steven Saltzman, 
Matthew Antonell, AAax Gritzuk, Mchael forreca, William Engel, Mchael 
Conley; Bottom Row: Sam Rutnestein, Brendan Dugan, Alex D Ambrosio, Samuel 
Fegram, Matthew Galasti, Yoon-Surh Kim, AAaxim Mitnik 

JT Ramsey 

Matt Virzi 

The Varsity Boys huddle before a game. 

Varsity Roster: 
Isaac Aaron 
Robert Athan 
Samuel Bekenstein 
Paul Cappellucci 
AJex D Ambrosio 
Christopher Doran 
Brendan Dugan 
Michael Flint 
Kenneth Harvey 
David Hull 
Thomas Hull 
Charles Jahnke 
Adam Kaufman 
Daniel Keblusek 
Martin Lentz 
Samuel McGrail 
Colin Meiselman 
Ryan Nicholas 
Jonathan Nowak 
Tyler Paul 
John Ramsey 
AJexander Rubinfeld 
Thomas Soper 
Alexander Stem 
Simon Tkachenko 
Matthew Virzi 
Sam Wisner 

JV Roster: 
Matthew Antonell 
Michael Conley 
AJexander Connaughton 
David Crismond 
Alex D Ambrosio 
Brendan Dugan 
William Engel 
Matthew Galasti 
James Gordon 
Max Gritzuk 
Max Guyton 
Kenneth Harvey 
AJdis Kaza 
Yoon-Surh Kim 
Colin Meiselman 
Maxim Mitnik 
Nathaniel Murray 
Samuel Fegram 

Michael Forreca 
Sam Rubenstein 
Steven Saltzman 
Maneesh Singhal 
Christopher Smith 
Brian Whittemore 
Alejandro Zamorano 

Freshman Roster: 
Samuel Allen 
Brett Benhazl 
Daniel Barnes 
John Cappellucci 
Graham Clark 
Brian Conley 
Daniel Cowen 
Jesse Diamond 
Daniel Eisenson 
Mark Foreman 
Daniel Harper 
Thomas Herstine 
Christopher Jenny 
Michael King 
Feter Konowski 
Alexander Leichter 
Matthew McConnell 
Conner Meiselman 
Brian Nowak 
Fiero Falevsky 
Michael Ferkins 
Jacob Ferten 
Alexander Petty 
Patrick Rogers 
Andrew Saltzman 
Calvin Shaw 
Michael Testa 

oys Soccer 183 

A sign for the upcoming game 

F r <r 

Lauren Welch 

I8U Girls So 




























— o 
I—I— I 
















Eliza Kano-Bower 







l— 1 — I 









— o 







Varsity Girls Soccer (left to right): 

First Row: Jessica Awerman, Lucy Dean, Kasey AAackay, Jessi Foreman, 
Camie Petri, Stephanie Gibson. Second Row: Victoria DiOanni, Teni Tardiff, Jenna 
AAackay, Lauren Welch, Brittney Kaufman, Abby Breslin. Third Row. Coach English, 
Julie Silverman, Carry Frieling, Elizabeth Bleuer, AAeredith AAalloy, Hannah Rubin, EJyse 
Oal etree, Erin Kaufman, Eliza Kano-Bower. 

Captains Kasey AAackay and jessi 

Foreman and Coach English flayers watch anxiously from the tench. 

Seniors Lucy Dean, Kasey AAackay, Jessi Foreman, 
Stephanie Gibson, Camie Petri, and Jess Awerman. 

Goalie Jess Awerman makes a daring, diving save. 

Captain Jessi Foreman fights her way to the ball. 

Varsity Roster: 
Jessica Awerman 
Elizabeth Bleuer 
Abigail Breslin 
Lucy D ean 
Victoria DiCianni 
Jessica Foreman 
Carly Frieling 
Stephanie Gibson 
Eliza Kano-Bower 
Brittany Kaufman 
Erin Kaufman 
Jennifer Mackay 
Kasey Mackay 
Meredith Malloy 
Elyse Ogl etree 
Camille Petri 
Hannah Rubin 
Julie Silverman 
Theresa Tardiff 
Lauren Welch 

JV Roster: 
Alison Arsenault 
Ellie Chase 
Anna Greenfield 
Jordan Holmes 
Johanna Jahnke 
Tanja Laituri 
Megan MacDonald 
Robyn Mke-Mayer 
Aison Nowak 
Amanda Orth 

Samantha Peper 
Ad rienne Rubin 
Lauren Shively 
Kathryn Stack 
Rachel Steinberg 
Eliza Stout 
Stephanie Tardiff 
Emily Virzi 
lenna w iner 
Caroline Yamartino 

Freshman Roster: 
Lauren Amabile 
Jenna Connelly 
Lia D'Amb rosio 
Aeron Dugan 
Heather Gibson 
Margaux Kenney 
Shay Kretowicz 
Chantal McCart 
Kathryn McCarthy 
Brenna McGonigle 
Madeline Newhall-Thayer 
Chloe Rubenstein 
Erica Schmidt 
Nicole Shagoury 
Molly Sharry 
Caroline Stack 
Laine Winokur 
Jacqueline Wogan 
Priscilla Wright 

Girls Soccer 185 

Arthur AAallett and Felipe Sanchez Jen Wolf, Nicole Irwin, and Casey Fenwick. 






Robert Keller and his hair 








The Boys Team Top Row (Left to Right): Noah Zallen, Kevork Chertavian, Samuel Tichnor, 
Brett Stein, Robert Crook, Peter Caradonna, Dominic Gennaro, Joshua Sadagursky, Carl Sailor, 
Alan AAackay, Chris Reichien, Jeffrey Wright; Second Row: Kensing Ng, Benjamin Garelick, 
Benjamin Schukz, Tyler Robinson, Darrin Lau, AAax Yurkofsky, Daniel Fntrup, Thomas Lam, 
Felipe Sanchez; Bottom Row: Thomas Jacques, Bennett f eterson, AAicrwel Gordon, AAike 
Stein, Robert Keller, Arthur AAallett, Steven Kinney 

186 Ooss Country 

Captains Mike Gordon, 
Mike Stein, and Robert Keller 

Captains Allison Bowhers 
and Margaret L-romwell 

Boys Roster: 
Peter Caradonna 
Kevork Qiertavian 
Robert Crook 
Daniel Entrup 
Benjamin Garelick 
Dominic Gennaro 
Michael Gordon 
Thomas Jacques 
Robert Keller 
Thomas Lam 
Damn Liau 
Arthur Mallett 
Bennett Peterson 
Kristopher Reichlen 
Tyler Robison 
Joshua Sadagursky 
Carl Sailor 
Felipe Sanchez 
Benjamin Schultz 

Brett Stein 
Mchel Stein 
Samuel Tichnor 
Jeffrey Wright 
Max Yurkofsky 
Noah Zallen 

Girls Roster: 
Lauren Block 
Alison Bowhers 
Alison Burstein 
Margaret Cromwell 
Casey Fenwick 
Aexandra Fiust 
Nicole Irwin 
Nadia Leung 
Sunny Lou 
Megan O'B nen 
Olivia Skaw 
Jennifer Wolf 

Wayland gets off to a good start. 

Senior Girls Jen Wolf, Casey Fenwick, Sunny Lou, Alison Bowhers, Margaret Cromwell, 
and Nicole Irwin 

The Vanity Team: Back Row (Left to Right): Marina AAefcones, Gwendolyn Hyland, Coach 
Shelly Fraser, Lisa Barrel, AAolly Donovan, Zoe Freedkerg, Katherine Devlin, Emily Willard. 
Kristen f aglia, AAarissa Devlin; Second Row: Jenny Price, Betsy Engel, Christine Gentilucci, 
Sofia Vitiello; Front Row: AAacie Perkins, Amanda Fond, Amanda Nickerson, Jamie Silverman 

Zoe Freedberg after a tough shot 

The Field Hockey team huddles up before the big game. 

\ / •. D 
Varsity Koster: 

C. 1 AA-W 
jtephanie /VViller 

1 • D 1 
Lisa Darnel 

\A/I A A 
Whitney /V\oorman 

a a ■ n j. 

/Vvanssa Uevlm 

C 1 J 
jarah fond 

A n 
Anne Uonovan 

1-1 D- 1 
undsay i\ich 

a a ii n 
/V\olry Uonovan 

1 ID n IJ 
Leslie Txosenneld 

El. 1 .1 E 1 
Elizabeth Lngel 

I D L 
Jessica ixosennaus 

7 E II 
Z.oe freedberg 

AA 1 CI 

/Vvaney jchneier 

C\ • ,• C A 
kJinstine ^entiluca 

r~i • . C 
vJinsty Jicotte 

C 11 J_l 1 J 
Gwendolyn flyland 

A C 
Aurora Juarez 

A A ■ a A 1- 
/Vvanna /Vveliones 

V 1 C II- 
Nalyn jullivan 

A J M- L 
Amanda INickerson 

El- L-i.L \AMI J 
Elizabeth Willard 

V ■ ■ D 1- 
Nristen faglia 

El- L J V 
Elizabeth luan 

/V\acie Terkins 

A \ D \ 
Amanda fond 

El D , 
freshman Koster: 

1 -r D • 
Jennifer Trice 

v a n i- 
Ixathenne Uevlm 

Jamie jirverman 

W ».L n 1 
neather Uolan 

C r- \ A. • II 
3oha Vitiello 

A A E 
/V\organ ray 

E -1 \ A/-II 1 
Emily Willard 

A - L r 
Anita vJanesan 

fiannah vJreenreld 

JV Koster: 

1 (Z ■ 
Lauren Onmanis 

3usan Adler 

Lindsay Urumbach 

Dnttany Deal 

C 1 JJ 
jcarlett floey 

1 1 D II 
Lean Dellman 

V ,1 1 II 
Nathleen Johnson 

1 • J J} J 
Lindsay Bernard 

/.oe Leavitt 

J? L 1 ft 
rxachael Doggia 

jherry 1 Ng 

Sarah Dale 

Joanna Reilly 

Dana Erines 

Emily Rogers 

Kara Goodwin 

Madeleine Rutledge 

Caroline Jones 

Nella Santillo 

Shari Kaplan 

Lindsay Warren 

Zoe LeCain 

Ainsley Washek 

f M HocJwy 189 

Varsity Golf Roster First Row (Left to Right): Nick Hodge, Ben Gbotti, Adam Rick, 
Nate fococfc, Jason Whittaker, and Dan Alter; Second Row: Coach Mr. McCoy, Lee 
Hermsdorf-Krasin, Evan Lamont, Rot Hueker, Justin Barrett, Mcnael Goodwin, and Matt 












Adam Rich & 
His Golf Bag 

Captains Adam Rich 
and Nate Pocock 




Seniors Jason Whittaker, Adam f\ich, and Nate focock. 

190 Golf 

The Varsity Team Top Row (left to Right): AAariana Conway, Danielle Gaglini, Carina 
Clifford, Lauren Braley, Amy Gredinger, Alia Shnayderman, Katya Gould; Second Row: 
Coach Georgeann Bossers, Sheena Wang, Liese Pruitt, Sarah Petty, Nicole Flieger, Hillary 
f lieger, Meghna AAajadi 

Captains Nicole Flieger and Sarah Petty 

Alia Shnayderman 

The] unior Varsity Team Top Row (Left to Right): Julia St. ]ean, Kate Spinney, Stephanie 
Sklar, AAichelle Ansill, LeeAnn Gould; Second Row: Coach Russell H. Coward III, Adria 
AAcAAillan, Hannah Braunstein, Andrea Jacobs, Sarah Schimmel, Juliana nnis 







































Varsity Roster: 
Lauren Braley 
Carina Clifford 
Mariana Conway 
Hillary Flieger 
Nicole Flieger 
Danielle Gaglini 
Amy Gredinger 
Meghna Marjadi 
Sarah Petty 
Liese Pruitt 
Ala Shnayderman 
Sheena Wang 

JV Roster: 
Michelle Ansill 
Hannah Braunstein 
Katya Gould 
LeeAnne Gould 
Andrea Jacobs 
Juliana Md nnis 
Adria McMllan 
Sarah Schimmel 
Zara Seihel 
Stephanie Sklar 
Kate Spinney 
Julia St. Jean 




































Sheena Wang 

Volleyball 191 

Alex DAmrji 


n J) 

Doys 1\oster: 

ill r i 
fleather rriedman 

n n i 1 
Brett Danhazl 

1—1 r | 
nope rriedman 

Christopher Decker 

i i r* 1 1 
undsay vUardel 

a | in 
Alexander Drennan 

A A 1. f II 

Melissa bardel 

A 1 1 C 1 
Alexander Connaughton 

A 1 i i 
Amanda tiamngton 

r\ • x i c ii 

Christopher Crowell 

Christine Mowe 

Ai rvA 1 
Alex UAmbrosio 

Johanna Jahnke 

INeal Uandekar 

Ml \/ 1 II 
INeha l\ashalikar 

Jack Uean 

D 1 1 
i amela Leven 

Brendan Uugan 

A 1 1 
Audrey Levin 

Tl l_l 

1 nomas tiamngton 

A 1 AA f 1 
Amanda /VkCarthy 

r~\ ■ , 1 JJ 
Christopher Hloy 

n ii /-* . 1 
Drenna /VkOonigle 

I rr l 
Jeffrey Irwin 

f | U | 

Caroline /V\eliones 

n i 
Ihomas Lam 

A A A A 1. 

/V\anna /VVeliones 

V ■ 1 AA C .1 
Ixeitn /V\cv3onigle 

A A D 1 
/V\ana r antelis 

V ■ 1 A A 1. 

Keith /Vveliones 

A 1 D 1 
Amanda fond 

David MetcalF 

C I D I 
jarah fond 

n . | n 
Tatnck 1\ogers 

n • 1 CI 1 
Uaniel Jkehan 

1 • 1 D- 1 
Lindsay 1\ich 

Uarren Ihomason 

II D-\ 1 
Iryse 1\ikleen 

A| | \A/ 

Alexander Wiss 

l \ D r 1 1 
Leslie Ixosentield 

1 1 \A/ 
Jonathon Wons 

i |, n 
Juliana 1\yan 

r | f 1 II 
Emily Jebell 

r,| D , 
\2\v& i\oster: 

1 1 CI II, 
Leah jhackleton 

1 A 
Joanne Aresty 

AA C 1 1 
/V\argaret Jouthard 

Colleen Bowman 

Amelia Spence 

Lauren Braley 

Anna Stem 

La D Ambrosio 

Jennifer Sung 

Katnerine Devlin 

Michelle Surjaputra 

Kyle Dopfel 

Jenna Winer 

Dana Erines 

f riscilla Wright 

Coach AAike Foley works hard for the team. 

Caroline AA 


Swimming and Diving 193 


Wayland players celebrate a goal as trie referee comes over to join in. 

Brian Flynn takes the face-off. 

Matt Radowicz fights for trie puck. 


Wayland s own Flying-V. 

Varsity Roster 
Kevin Balben 
Benjamin Gbotti 
Andrew Dresser 
Brian Flynn 
AAichael Goodwin 
Max Gritzuk 
James Helman 
Robert Hueber 
David Hull 
Zachary Johnson 
Stephen Kutcher 
Michael Lentz 
Robert McCart 
Brian Nowak 
jonathon Perez 
Matthew Radowicz 
Dylan Register 
Terry Sail 
Brent Sims 
Hunter Straus 
Ken Tanaka 
Stephen Wadsworth 

Hodwy 195 

Lauren Block, Adam Rich and Alex Allen talk akout tke race. 

Varsity vZJirls ixoster 

Varsity Doys ixoster 

LlizaDetn Dleuer 

/ Alexander / Mien 

1 ftl L 
Lauren ulocn 

trie Chase 

4-1 L ft ■ • 
Hannah Draunstein 

Ixevort? v-hertavian 

^ L n 1 
jaran Uale 

Uaniel Hisenson 

KA • n } 
/Vvanssa Uevlm 

KA u.L P 
/Vvatthew Hisenson 

KA £ 
/Vvorgan ray 

Uaniel untrup 

Heatker Gibson 

jcott vJantz 

jtephanie Gibson 

H -14-1 
Uaniel Tiarper 

C 1 • H J 
jophie Ooooman 

CIm~1~. 4—1:11 
Christopher Mill 

IX (~ I 1 

Natya Oould 

A ll/ - l . 

/Viatoly NazaRin 

LeeAnne Gould 

Damn Liau 

Jordan Holmes 

Devon AAacf kerson 

Eliza Kano-Bower 

Jacok Perten 

Aison Nowak 

Adam Rick 

Sarak Sckimmel 

AAattkew Schwartz 

Zara Seikel 

Jeffrey Wrigkt 

Nicolle Villari 

AAax Yurkofsky 

Caroline Yamartino 

liana Zieff 

Katya Gould 

Daniel Eisenson 

198 Wresting 





















Nathaniel Howell 













i- tot f "»J • 1' 1 ^ ' v 

Chris Lyons, Joe Manley and Nathaniel Howell 

Captains Chris Lyons 
and Nathaniel Howell 

Opponents shake hands hefore the match begins 





A Wayland wrestler has trie upper hand. 

Wayland is on top once again. 

Wachira S'rttikong tries to battle his way out of a pin. 

Gregory Bergman 
Coach Farseghian and Coach Chase shout out advice. 


Varsity Roster 
Argus Athanas-Oannell 
Gregory Bergman 
Tucker Bridgeo 
Arthur Chin 
Derrick Choi 
AAichael Chou 
Christopher Coffin 
Chinedu Darlington 
Gregory Desources 
Christopher Donalds 
Theodor Dong 
Jarad Doyon 
Zachary Freundlich 
Benjamin Garelick 
Max Guyton 
James Hawley 
Thomas Herstine 
Nathaniel Howell 
Avndrea Jacobs 
Jonathon Kazarian 
John Kim 
AAax Lewin 
Matthew Lomhardo 
Angel Lopez 
Christopher Lyons 
Russell Lyons 
Joseph AAanley 
Christopher Meindl 
Maxim Mitnik 
Thomas Moore 
Aoidrew Ogletree 
Mchael Rriscella 
Anthony Ross 
Avndrew Sakowich 
Benjamin Schultz 
Uri Shapira 
Tyler Sheffels 
Wachira Sittikong 
Rattarapon Siwapomchai 
Mckael Testa 
Gregory Yunker 

Wresting 199 


Captains (Left to Right): Shane Cooper, Robert Keller, Mike Stein, Mike Gordon, and 
Mike Allen 

AAarqus Lorelike sails up and over cleanly. 


Ion Hainan 

Charlie Jahnke 


\l -J_ ft -J. 

Varsity 1\oster 

A A 1 l-l 
Marqus Lorelike 

n • 1 AIL 
Uaniel Alber 

1 1 1 
John Love 

AA- L 1 All 
Michael Allen 

1 • 1 A A 1- 
Jeremiah ;V\alina 

pi. A 1.1 

Robert Athan 

C • AA Ar 
tnc McAfee 

AA- L 1 ft 
Mchael Coyer 

Matthew McLonnell 

H -J ft 

Uavid Dreazzano 

C 1 AA IZ -1 
Jamuel Mcbrail 

i r i 

/-vr-\ V a nan 
JUIl x_al. let. 1 

Wilton hAr(-lrai 

yyiison /v\c\jraii 

1 L C II • 
John ^-appelluca 

C I- AA • 1 
violin /V\eiselman 

feter k^ardonna 

Kl iL -1 AA 
INathaniel Murray 

AA u.L n 
Matthew L-hase 

ft Kl- L 1 
1\yan INicholas 

Daniel Cheung 

Q I ft 
jamuel fegram 

ft • C 1 
Bnan Donley 

C ft 
^ristian rena 

Jhane hooper 

AA D 1 • 
Marc jerkins 

n -\C 
Uaniel v^owen 

AA- L 1 ft ±- 
Mchael ferkins 

Uavid L-nsmond 

ft Li ft -A 

Dennett leterson 

J? L _l C L 
lxobert v_rook 

1 I- ft 

Julian fonsetto 

v j n i 

Kyle Uary 

AA. 1 l D 
Mchael i orreca 

Michael Flint 

1 1 ft 
John Ramsey 

AA- L 1 J 
Michael \3ordon 

V • i 1 ft • LI 
Kristopher rxeichlen 

A J 4-1 
Andrew nagger 

T 1 ft L- 
lyler ixobison 

Jason Hagger 

David Romanow 

Daniel Hogan 

Steven Saltzman 

Charles Jahnke 

Felipe Sanchez 

Christopher Jenny 

Maneesh Singhal 

Adam Kaufman 

Vincent Smith 

Aldis Kaza 

Michael Stein 

Daniel Keblusek 

Juan Stone-Myers 

George Keeler 

Samuel Tichnor 

Robert Keller 

Ryan Tobin 

Andrew Kilbum 

Matthew Troilo 

Steven Knney 

Andrew Tuckerman 

Martin Lentz 

Benjamin Wellington 

Junie Lopez 



Boys Indoor Track 201 


Captains (Left to Right): Lucy Dean, Nicole Irwin, Casey Fenwick, Amanda Nickerson, 
and Annie Donovan 

Kristen P aglia dears trie bar with room to spare. 
Emily Virzi Leah Bellman 

Varsity Roster 

Nadia Leung 

Lisa Bamel 

Sophie Leung 

Leah Bellman 

Megan MacDonald 

Ahigail Breslin 

Meredith Malloy 

Annalice Chang 

Meghna Marjadi 

Lucy Dean 

Chantal McCart 

Annie Donovan 

Stephanie AAiller 

Aeron Dugan 

Amanda Morss 

Elizabeth Engel 

Amanda Nickerson 

Nicole Felipe 

Kristen Faglia 

Suzanne Felipe 

Jennifer Price 

Casey Fenwick 

Joanna Reilly 

Alexandra Fiust 

Jacilyn Rigoli 

Carry Frieling 

Erica Schmidt 

Kara Goodwin 

Olivia Shaw 

Stephanie Henderson 

Eliza Stout 

Brittany Hendricks 

Emily Virzi 

Nicole Irwin 

Ainsley Washek 

Shari Kaplan 

Lauren Welch 

Shay Kretowicz 

Emily Willard 

Zoe Leavitt 

Jacqueline Wogan 


up for the key heat 

Varsity Roster 
Allison Bowkers 
Danielle Bowles 
Carina Clifford 
Jessica Foreman 
Kieran Jokal 
Sunny Lou 
Jennifer Mackay 
Kasey Mackay 
Megan O'B nen 
Emma Santangelo 
leane Dys S usana 
Sara Townsend 

JV Roster 
Lasonta Darlington 
Victoria DiGanni 
Stepnanie Hicinkotkem 
Brittney Kaufman 
Maelee Lingley 
Juliana Mclnnis 

Adria McMillan 
Jennifer Nolin 
Adrienne Rubin 
Idora Sopin-Vilme 
Katfiryn Stack 
Kafyn Sullivan 

Fresfiman Roster 
Aina Amkeim 
Aison Arsenault 
Erin Kaufman 
Audrey Levin 
Elyse Ogletree 
Amanda Ortk 
Hannak Rutin 
Nicole Skagoury 
Kate Spinney 
Julia St. Jean 
Caroline Stack 
Katkryn Vackon 

Tori DiGanni, 
after being 
fouled, takes a 
nasty spill. 

Coach Putnam 

Alex Jenny 















































Hari Ramesh 


206 Bow Basketball 









































Vanity Boys Basketball (Left to Right): Back Row; Hari Ramesh, Alex Jenny, 
PUip Hastings, Daniel Clifford, Andrew Keefer, Justin Barrett, Coach Dean Putnam, the 
team managers. Front Row; Donald Bryant, Bobby Lerman, Joe Dorr, Isaac Aaron, Dan 
Bache, Daniel Zaffeti, Brian Hughes. 

Captains Isaac Aaron 
and Joe Dorr 

Donald Bryant, Dan Zaffetti, Brian Hughes, Bobby 
Ljerman, Isaac Aaron, Joe Dorr and Dan Bache 

JV Boys Basketball (Left to Right): Back Row; Henry Hastings, AAatthew St 
Jean, Chris Whitney, James Gordon, Grant Belive, Sam Blumberg, Coach Brian Newmark. 
Front Row; Joseph Ponsetto, Michael Mitchell, Edward Cohn, Justin Zayas, AAatthew 
Antonell, Wade Critides. 

Donald Bryant 

Alex Jenny 

Varsity Roster 
Isaac Aaron 
Daniel Bache 
Justin Barrett 
Donald Bryant 
Daniel Clifford 
Joseph Dorr 
Philip Hastings 
Brian Hughes 
Alexander Jenny 
Andrew Keefer 
Robert Lerman 
Hari Ramesh 
Daniel Zaffetti 

Junior Varsity Roster 
Matthew Antonell 
Grant Belh/e 
Samuel Blumherg 
Edward Cohn 
Wade Critides 




Henry Hastings 
Michael Mitchell 
Joseph Ponsetto 
Matthew St. Jean 
Christopher Whitney 
Justin Zayas 

Freshman Roster 
Samuel Bekenstein 
Herman Brito 
Joseph Cerrone 
Graham Clark 
Jesse Diamond 
Tyler Fisher 
Mark Foreman 
Christopher GaJasti 
Max G reene 
Connor Meiselman 
Jonathon Mitton 
Brett Mordas 
Joshua Sadagursky 

fioy* BaskrtU 207 

Christine Moschella 

208 Wmtw QwttleaJing 









— o 









- o 








— o 


Qaire Crook 
Kiana Davis 
Amanda Solomon 
Ryan Sullivan 
Emily Bache 
Arielle Blum 
Christine Gentilucci 
Kathryn Jordan 
Alexa Lemmo 
Jessica Maccini 
Christine Moschella 
Erica AAahlowitz 
Monique Ryan 
Katherine Curtis 
Caroline Glovsky 
AAelanie Hughes 
Lindsey f eckham 
Melissa Snow 

Monique Bemotas 

Claire Crook 










































Emily Bache, Alexa Lemmo, Caroline Glovsky, AAelanie Hughes, Erica AAahlowitz and 
Coach f am AAiHen AAiddle Row: Christine Gentilucci. SOMEONE, Arielle Blum. 
Kathryn Jordan, Christine Moschella, Jessica AAaccini; front Row. Claire Crook, Amanda 
Solomon, Ryan Sullivan and Kiana Davis 

Seniors Amanda Solomon, Ryan Sullivan, 
Qaire Crook and Kiana Davis 

Captains Amanda Solomon, Qaire Qoc 
and Ryan Sullivan with Coach Mller 

<$ *§ $ ML 

The team s performance is as strong as they are. 


Varsity Roster: 

Freshman Roster: 

Kasey Mackay 

Audrey Levin 

Amanda fond 

Alison Arsenault 

Amanda Nickerson 

Katherine Devlin 

Siobhan F arone 

Michelle Ansill 

Katie Wang 

Suzanne Felipe 

Annie Donovan 

Heather Gibson 

Lauren Block 

Caroline Glovsky 

Allie Burstein 

Amy Goldman 

Betsy Engel 

Lauren Grimanis 

Jenna Mackay 

Hannah Jahnke 

Emma Santangelo 

Shay Kretowicz 

Olivia Shaw 

Kathryn McCarthy 

Emily Willard 

Jojo Reilly 

Megan MacDonald 

Julia St. Jean 

Meredith Malloy 

Caroline Stack 

Carly Frieling 

Eliza Stout 

Katie Stack 

Chole Rubenstein 

Emily Virzi 

Amanda Morss 

Girls Lacrosse 213 

Varsity Roster: 
Samuel Blumberg 
Thomas Cassell 
J Colantropo 
Joseph Dorr 
Andrew Hagger 
Philip Hastings 
James Hawley 
Daniel Hogan 
Timothy Hogan 
Brian Hughes 
Alexander Jenny 
Joseph Manley 
Keith McG onigle 
Nathan Rocock 
Robert Romanow 
Ricardo Sullivan 

JV Roster: 
Kevin Balben 
Stephen Berkowitz 
Joseph Cerrone 
Robert Crook 
Brian Flynn 
Robert Gaglini 

Christopher Jenny 
Peter Lee 
Julian Ronsetto 
Raul Rufo 
Edward Samp 
Matthew Schwartz 
Dana Sharry 
Matthew St. Jean 

Freshman Roster: 
Daniel Alb er 
Andrew Dresser 
Jason Hagger 
Brian Harvey 
Nicholas Hodge 
Michael King 
Aexander Leichter 
Brandon Lemmo 
Anthony Martino 
Benjamin Mesnick 
Brett Mordas 
Ryan Nicholas 
David Romanow 
Andrew Saltzman 
Stephen Wadsworth 

The team gets advice from their coach. 
Jacki Rigoli, Tanja Laituri and Carina Clifford 

Varsity Roster: 
Alison Bowhers 
Lucy D ean 
Casey Fenwick 
Jessi Foreman 
Stephanie Gibson 
Nicole Irwin 
Sunny Lou 
Sara Townsend 
Mallory Cols on 
jacki Rigoli 
Jojo Aresty 
Lisa Bamel 
Annalice Chang 
Lasonta Darlington 

Nadia Leung 
Meghna Marjadi 

Rohyn Mike-Mayer 
Idora Sopin-Vilme 
Ten Tardiff 
Gwen Hyland 
Lauren Welch 
Carina Clifford 
Alexandra Fiust 
Katya Gould 
Stephanie Henderson 
Tanja Laituri 
Zoe LeCain 
Sophie Leung 
Anna Stem 
Lindsay Rich 
Chantal McCart 
Jackie Wogan 
ElyseOgl etree 

The whole team takes a lap. 

Mallory Cols on 

Girls Spring Trad) 219 

The boys take a breather. 

Drew Rotker 

Robert Keller 


Varsity Roster: 
Isaac Aaron 
Michael Allen 
Glenn Altshuler 
Robert Athan 
Daniel Bache 
Daniel Barnes 
David Breazzano 
Peter Caradonna 
Timothy Cassese 
Tulk/ Cheng 
Daniel Cheung 
Shane Cooper 
Jan Czerminski 
Gregory Dessources 
Brendan Dugan 
Mark Foreman 
Stuart Foti 
Zachary Freundlich 
Max G reene 
Max Gritzuk 
David Hull 
Jeffrey Irwin 
Aldis Kaza 
Daniel Keblusek 
Robert Keller 
Michael Kern 
Yoon-Surh Kim 
Steven Kinney 
Thomas Lam 
Martin Lentz 
Robert Lerman 


David Levens 
David Lewin 
Marqus Lorelike 
Jeremiah Malina 
Arthur Mallett 
Colin Meiselman 
Daniel Moy 
Nathaniel Murray 
Colin O'B nen 
Andrew Ogletree 
Samuel P egram 
Marc Perkins 
Jacob Rerten 
Bennett Peterson 
Michael Rorreca 
Kristopher Reichlen 
Tyler Robison 
Andrew Rotker 
Joshua Sadagursky 
Steven Saltzman 
Maneesh Singhal 
Thomas Soper 
Brett Stein 
Michael Stein 
Juan Stone- Myers 
Andrew Straus 
Raul Straus 
Darren Thomason 
Tony Torres 
Jake Wang 
Benjamin Wellington 
Noah Zallen 

The team goes for a group run. 

Aldis Kaza and Yooni Kim lead the way. 

Boys Spring Track 221 

The Boys Tennis team 

Jean Yi 


Boys Varsity Roster: 
Brad Boggia 
Matt Braley 
P aul Cappellucci 
Matthew Eisenson 
Michael Gordon 
Harris Rosenheim 
Alexander deAAoor 
Christopher Doran 
William Engel 
Samuel Wolfson 
David Goldstein 

Boys JV Roster: 
Jacoh Kravetz 
Robert Barnes 
Daniel Entrup 
Luke Goodermote 
Matthew Henderson 
Darrin Liau 
Samuel Allen 
John Cappellucci 
Neal Dandek ar 
Daniel Eisenson 
Daniel Harper 
Samuel Hoffman 
Samuel Tichnor 

Girls Roster: 
Rachael Boggia 
Masha Carey 
Alexa Denner 
Christine Gentilucci 
Amy Gredinger 
Hannah Greenfeld 
Lindsay Grumhach 
Scadett Hoey 
Jordan Holmes 
Jennifer Huang 
Eliza Kano-Bower 
Belinda L 
Stephanie Miller 
Made Perkins 
Rose Quinn 
Hannah Rutin 
Natali Ruchanshy 
Madeleine Rutledge 
Minori Shimizu 
Michelle Steingesser 
Annie Tang 
Michelle Ting 
P riscila Wright 
Jean Yun 

liana Barker (Director) 
Alex Ivker 
Sheena Wang 
Ryan Sullivan 
Anya Slavin 
Carly Burdick (Director) 
Caroline AAeliones 
Eliza Brennan-Pratt 
Amanda Lustig 
Ad nenne in 
Kathryn Jordan 
Courtney Cramer 
Nicole Flieger 
Eli Orth 

22U Spfing Pffformanr« 

The yearbook 
would like to 
dedicate this 

page to all 
those affected 
by the tragic 

tsunami of 
december 26, 2004 


go out to you. 
We wish you 

a soothing 
recovery and 
the brightest 

of futures. 



Mr. Chandler poses 
like a supermodel, or maybe 

a Supreme GACQ w e 

think he should buy an ad. 

Russell Wolf loots 
like he s really enjoying 
history class... maybe he 
should buy an ad. 

AAr. Christain appe 
to he having fun teach 
in LRT, and thats 
he should buy an 

Wait, I thought we weren t 
allowed to eat in the language building! 
Why is there cake in the office? And 
where did it all go? They should 
have bought an ad instead. 


116 Main St., Cochituate Wayland, MA 

(508) 655-3417 
We Deliver! 

Make It a BLOCKBUSTER Night 

424 Boston Post Rd. 
Rt. 20 • Sudbury 

391 Boston Posl Road, Weston, MA 02493 • 781-647-004 

Weston Orthodontic Associates, Inc. 

Practice limited to orthodontics 
30 Colpitts Road 
Weston, Ma 02493 


Young H. Kim Unae K. Han 

D.D.S., D.M.D., M.S. D.M.D., M.P.H., M.S. 

The American Board of Orthodontics 

Treatments rendered for various malocclusions and 
related temporomandibular joint ailments for 

children and adults. 

228 Ads 

Keep the FREE 
Get rid 

of this! 

I ake a look at most banks' "FREE" services and what do you see? 
That annoying little asterisk that tells you there's some catch buried 
in the fine print Like a minimum balance requirement Hidden fees 
Or, only the first order of checks free 

But at The Village Bank, our FREE Checking package is realty FREE No 
asterisk. No catches. No hidden anything Just a long list of FREE services. 
And, switching your checking account over to The Village Bank is easy. 
We have an Easy-to- Switch Kit to help with direct deposits, automatic 
transfers and Sooal Security payments. Just call and we'll send you the kit, 
or download one from our web site. 

FREE checking 

FREE standard checks 


FREE debit card 

FREE online banking 

FREE online bill payment 

No fine print! 

^^r^ THE 


Aubumdaie 307 Auburn Street 
Newton Highlands 56 Winchester Street 
Ncwtonville 332 Walnut Street 
Nonantum 41 1 Watertown Street 
Waban 89 Wyman Street 
Way! and 62 Boston Post Road 

Wayland High School Class of 2005! 

Savings Bank 

1 50 Commonwealth Road, Wayland 

(508) 655-8274 1 -877-1 N FO CTR 




Class of 2005! 

311 Boston Post Road, Wayland, MA 
(508) 358-5131 

r j.'i.'ji; il 

It's about 1 1 1 < ■ 

UMWMHl ttOtJlu.I 

Congratulations^ s 876 ®^ 

Class of 2005 

from your friends at Russell's. 


Richard W. Ulbrich. dmd 
Stephen J. Nox on. dmd. msd 
■ -" • 35BB5B 

486 Washington Street 
Wellesley. MA 02482 
Tel: (781) 235-7181 

264 Boston Post Road 
Wayland. MA 01778 
Tel: (508) 358-7050 

230 Ad: 

Congratulations Class of 






Wayland High School 

Official Yearbook Photographer 

99 Cambridge St, Burlington, Ma 01803 



I ■ 

Land Rover Metro West 
Congratulates the Class of 2005 

83 Boston Post Road 
Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776 
(508) 650-8822 

Tasty Pizzas and Hot Oven Grinders 
For faster service, call 358-7316 


336 Boston Post Road 
Way land, Mass. 

Prices subject to change 

Congratulations and 
Good Luck, Class of 2005! 

Tom McDermott 

As our son Tom McDermott graduates from Wayland High School, we would like to thank his teachers 
and staff for all their hard work and dedication love the past four years. 
Congratulations Tom on all of your accompishments. We are all so very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Kelly, and Chris 


You/ have/ the/ courage/, brewery conch wisdom/ 
to- be/ your truest yeXJf. That y why you/ have/ the/ 
love/, respect and/ cudrmrattovhoftho-ye/ who- ~know 
you/belt, few achieve/ thiy at yach a/ young- age/, 
yywhe< never. . . 

We/ know you/ wCLh have/ a, woYiderful/ life/, ayfuXL 
and/ grand/ ayyou/ yo- richly deserve/. 
Coyigratulatioyvy ovv one/ of the/ bi^e^t ytepy . . 


23U Ads 

Macie Perkins 

Made (and the entire class of 2005), 
Congratulations on your many successes and the many yet to come! 

Your Team (Mom, Dad. Micahel, 
Ro and Grace) 



Alex Stern 

2 T 

What a guy! We love you 
Mom, Dad, Anna and Isabel 

Jennifer Yuan 

Congratulations Jennifer! 
We are so proud of you! 
You have a bright future ahead of you. 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Elizabeth and Robert. 

Michael Breazzano 

''Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in 
touching them with your hands. But like the 
seafaring man on the desert of waters, you 
choose them as your guides, and following 
them you will reach your destiny." 

Carl Schurz 

Follow the Stars. 


Mom, Jeremy and Matt 

Taisa Priester 

Darling Girl, 

The World is a better place with you in it. 

Follow your dreams with passion and we know you will he happy. 
You are very loved. 

Mama, Papa, and Anya 

P.S. Remember.. .Bitsy is always right. 

J.T. Ramsey 

From tiny tots to terrific teens! 
Love from all your Moms and Dads 

236 AJi 

Daniel Benjamin 

Save the best for last! 

We love you Danny 

Congratulations Adam 

May you always have fair winds and following seas. 
We are so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Eric 

Laura Yamartino 

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed 
in the things that you didn't do than in the ones that you 
did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the 
safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in our sails. Explore. 
Dream. Discover. 
-Mark Twain 

With Love: Mum, Dad, Caroline, Stuart 



Gillian Faith Rafuse 

"When you cried I'd wipe away all 
of your tears, when you'd scream 
I'd fight away all of your fears, 
I held your hand through all of 
these years but you still have all 
of me." 

"One day I'll fly away, leave all 
this to yesterday. Why live life 
from dream to dream, and dread 
the day when dreaming ends?" 
Moulin Rouge 

Fly away Gilly Bean, and when you 
need your home and your family, 
just "follow your feet!" 


Mom, Dad and Kath 

Sarah Redman 


You've done it! 
Excellent Job! 
We Love You! 

Dad, Mom, Andrew 

Bill Kaplan 

May your college years be 

filled with learning, 
friendship, and fun. Your 
kindness, spirit, and sense 
of humor brighten our lives. 
We love you very much. 

Love, Mom, Dad and Shari 

Jennifer Boyer 

Jen. you make the world a better ~ ; 

place! * 
Live your dreams. 

Love you 
Mom. Dad. Steph and Mike 

2J8 AJi 

Colleen Bowman 

A possibility was born the day you were born, 
and it will live as long as you live. Burak 

Congratulations, LEENIE 

We are so proud! 
Love, Mom, Laura, and Elizabeth 

Go For It Meg! 

"You're going to miss me!" 
You're a bright light in our lives. 
We're watching your back! 

Always-Dad, Mom, Jackie, Manuel, Brennan, Ben, Grandma 
and Grandpa and all your Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. 

Lee Mi rbach 

Congratulations Lee! 
We're so very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad and Chris 

Nikki V. 


















May you always welcome your world 
with open arms 















Kieran Johal 

KieraH, way all your dreams 
come true! We are very proud of 
you and will always be your 
biggest fans. 

Mow, Pad, and Amid 


J0J0 Corey Graduates! 

We're all proud of the curly-haired 
blonde kid who has 
accomplished so much! 

Love, Mom, Anna and the 
entire Corey/Harrod Family! 

2U0 A 

Michael Gordan 


You always manage to amaze us. 

Aim high. We are proud of you and we love you. 

Mom and Dad 

Rachel Markson 


Always believe in yourself. You are a shining star! 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad and Jared 

c 6 m/ijjnUnn 

< t&aue/ c YYlxmv, 
^bad/and ^asosv 

^ue^aAAi&ldLp&hwhuishLn/ <^qs cxmficLenlltf/ in the/ direction a(s 

hew aw*/ sout, and palnta hew your dweams, and live/ the, life/ you/ 

(Must/ natuwe/ ItUxp hew pictuwes/. have/ imaained. 


Congratulates Shane Cooper 

on his graduation from Wayland High School and 
wishes him the best of luck in all his future endeavors 

Ashley and Siobhan!! 
Congratulations girls! 
We are so proud of you!! 
Sio-all of your hard work has prepared 
you for the next chapter in your life. 
Your solid work ethic and easy smile 
will serve you well as you continue 
your quest towards accomplishing your 
goals and dreams. 

Ashley- you have taken the "road less 
traveled." You have done so well as 
a freshman in college-we knew you 
could do it!! Your sharp mind and car- 
ing heart will take you where you want 

to go in this journey called life. 
We love you both "with all our hearts!" 

Love, Mom and Dad 
aka Kirstin and Tim!! 

Sio and Ash 


Ads 2H3 

Elliot Pennington 

2004 US Figure Skating Team 

2004 US National Novice Dance Silver Medalist 

2004 Estonian Ice Dance Championiship Novice 


Congratulations to the Paso Champ! We admire your 
hard work, spirit and dedication and wish you more of the 

Caroline Meliones 

Deep Roots. Strong Wings. 
Deep Roots to know where 
home is. 

Strong Wings to soar high. 
We will always be there for 

Love, Mom. Dad, Marina 
& Keith 

Andrew Hagger 


Scholar, Athlete, Adventurer, Son, Brother, Friend 

With hard work and determination, you strive for 
excellence in everything you do. Continue to nurture your 
passions and follow your dreams as you begin life's next 
great adventure. Congratulations on all of your 
accomplishments! We are so very proud of you! 

Love Always, 
Mom, Dad, Jason, and "Nina" 

2UU Ai 

Sh/ca J~Lzhmanl&n 

We. a\e a£H 4s b\&a(S. y&u and tf&ue. y&u uzhy mucfi... 
jba& Mom. fytkkic & Mt* 

You've amazed us for 18 years... 
Now amaze the world. 

Annie Donovan 

Congratulations to our kind, gentle, generous, and 
loving Annie. We are proud of your hard work, your 
accomplishments and the unique person that you 
are. We will always love you. 
Mom, Dad and Nora 

Mike Stein 

All of our love, 
Mom, Dad and Brett. 

Set yourself a goal 
and don't stop until 
you reach it. 



Jamie Silverman 

We are so proud of who you are - may all your wishes and 
dreams come true. We love you! 

Love Always, Mom, Dad, Julie, and Richie 

Lily Wilson 

Congratulations, Lilz! 

We love you and 
are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Lizzy, 
Rusty and Shakes 

Joe Corey 


Best friends and cousins 
then, now, and always!! 
Let the good times roll in 

Love, Emily 

What ever happened 
to our shy little girl? 
You have grown into 
such a confident young 

We are very proud of 
you and all you have 


Mom, Dad and Dan 

Scott Gantz 

Congratulations Scott!! 

We are so proud of all that you have accomplished, 
but we are most proud of the kind and caring per- 
son that you have become. 

Be yourself, follow your passions, and remember 
that your family will always be there for you. 


Mom, Dad and "Rollie" 

Margaret Cromwell 

Oh Muff, 

That curly mop, that fashion sense, the questions never- 
ending, the outfit person, your love of sheepie...You were 
special, we knew! Then came that drive and passion for all 
that you pursue-your runnning and your flute, your quest 
to answer that question why.. .you have blessed us and made us so very 
proud of you! 

Congratulations and best wishes to you and to the Class of '05! 
Love Always, 

Mom, Dad, Caroline, Katie and Sheepie, too 

Elizabeth Chertavian 

218 AJi 

Jonah Bamel 


You ARE our shining star, ALWAYS! You have shown us what 
what you are capable of and we are looking toward to what is to 

Go for it, kid!!! 

Love, Mom, Dad and Lisa 

One sunny mornin' we'll rise, we know 
And we'll meet you further on up the road 

Further On ~ Bruce Springsteen 

Jessi Foreman 

You have always and continue to 
amaze, delight and inspire us . 
Follow your dreams, 
they're only a step away. 

We LOVE you! 
Mom, Dad, Mark, Carly, 


You came through like the Sox! We 
will miss you and you must know how 
much we have treasured your time here 
with us. As you move to the wider world 
from Wayland may the wind be at your 
back, but remember that our door will 
always be open. 

Much love, 

Mom, Dad and Sarah 


Enjoy the journey!!! 

Mom, Dad, Jack & Cassle 

"Would you tell me, please, which 
way I ought to go from here?" 
"That depends a good deal on where 
you want to get to," said the Cat. 
"I don't care where—" said Alice. 
"Then it doesn't matter which way 
you go," said the Cat. 
"-so long as I get somewhere," 
Alice added as an explanation. 
"Oh, you're sure to do that," said 
the cat. "if only you walk long 

v IN YOU! * 

Con gra tula tions! 

You are a 
champion in 
our hearts. 


Mom, Dad, Russ & Bry 

250 A<js 

Alex Rubinfeld 

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far 
more than our abilities." 

—Professor Dumbledor 

From Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 

Dear Alex, Congratulations. We are very proud of you 
and wish you all the best, now and always. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Melinda & Zach 

Michael Breazzano 

"The secret of success is to know 
something nobody else knows" 
--Aristotle Onassis 

Congratulations and well done! 
We all are very proud of you! 

Love, Dad, Roxanne, Jeremy, 
Matthew, Trouble and Bailey 

Matthew Eisenson 

"Friendship is the only cement that 

will ever hold the world together." Woodrow Wilson 

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on 
which it is impossible to be silent." Victor Hugo 

All that you are and are becoming is a wonder to us! 
We love you very much and will miss you next year! 
Love, Mom, Dad, David, Daniel and Valerie 

Alex Rubin 

Congratulations Alex! 

You're a wonderful son, brother and friend. 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad. and your family 

Congratulations David and the Class of 


zJ&arna, "Daddy, and T\gte 

Johnny Burke 

Follow your dreams. ..keep on laughing. 
And, know that we love you so much! 

MOM, DAD. Julie d Erin 

Katherine Paul 

Your bright spirit has brought us joy for 18 

Enjoy your adventures. 

Mom, Dad, Tyler, Carter, & Winnie 

Matthew Eisenson 

All your crazy cousins, your grandparents 
And your siblings send their love and congrats 
I And say, "Have fun!" 

25U M 

Alex Schultz 

From Allie to Alex, 
You've always made us very proud. 


Mom, Dad, Ben & Carter 


Way to go Maddy 

With Love, 
Mom & Dad 
Jonathan & Juan 


We are so very 

You bring great 
joy to our lives. Let 
your courage, your 
heart, and your 
humor continue to 
guide you. 

Bry Bock-Shields 

The child that brought so much love and joy into 
our lives has grown into a beautiful and capable 
young woman who honors us by the way she leads 

her life. 


Mom & Dad 

We are so proud of 

Dear David and Sam, 
Laughing and Loving 

* 1 

256 AJs 

Ctass of 300511 

You are the bestest son and brother a family could have. 

We love you forever and ever. 
- Mom, Dad, and Stephanie 

Colle Ege! 

Leah Shackleton 

"To laugh often 
and love 
much, to 
beauty, to find 

the best in 
others, to give 
of one's self... 
this is to 
have truly 
-Ralph Waldo 

We are all so proud of you! 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Emily and Sarah 

Bobby Lerman 

Congratulations Bobby! 
We love you so much! 
We wish you all the best that life 
has to offer. 

Long live the Buick! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Lori and Jerry 

Amanda Nickerson 


Though your school days are past 

Your memories will always last 
With all your friends you had a blast 
The whole twelve years went by so fast 

Now College life awaits 
Where many new memories you'll create 
But, before you go 
Your dad and I want you to know 
How much we love you so 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Flatter me, and I may not believe you. 
Criticize me, and I may not like you. 
Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. 
Encourage me, and I will not forget you. 

Harris Rosenheim 


Your hard work and creativity have been your past 
strengths and will serve you well in the future. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad and Louis 

Wm Arthur Ward 

Congratulations to the wonderful Class of 2005, and thank you to the teachers, staff 
coaches and guidance department for your invaluable support and encouragement. 
You are the best! 


The Rich Family 

Ads 259 

Adam Rich 

Dear Adam, 

Your ever-present diplomacy, empathy, 
helping hand and sense of humor(!) has 
made our family a more loving and 
cohesive unit. Thank you for that incredible 
gift. Congratulations. All that you want to 
be, you already are. 

With great love and respect, 

Mom, Dad, Chris, Lindsay (& Riley) 

260 AJs 


Tim Hogan 

We're all so very proud of you! 

It has been a great joy watching you grow from a little boy into 
a fine young man. You are a wonderful son, great brother and a 
caring friend to everyone. Congratulations Timmy! We all love you 

Mom, Dad, John, Dan, Tyler & Dylan 



Ai 261 

Class of '05! 

Best wishes from the 

Class of 

Miriam Therese Michalczyk 


You have always been our delight! 
On the journey ahead, we know you will follow 
your heart as you continue to lead others to 

May your path be filled with blessings, 
adventure, and love! 

Our congratulations and our love, 

Mom, Dad, Rachel and John 

'When wisdom comes into your heart 
knowledge is a delight to you; 
Then you will understand that all paths 
lead to happiness. " 

"Go confidently in the 
direction of your dreams. Live 
the life you imagined." 

H.D. Thoreau 

We are so proud of you Brad, and 
admire the person you are. With 
all our love and 
happiness, forever! 
Mom, Dad, Rachel, Sarah 

May your hands always be busy, 

May your feet always be still, 
May you have a strong foundation 
When the winds of changes shift. 
May your heart always be joyful, 
May your song always be sung, 
May you stay forever young. 

Bob Dylan 

We Love You Always, Mom, Dad & Eric 

Ads 263 

David Lewin 


Wherever you go, whatever you 
do, we will always be proud 
of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Max and Adam 

Rachel Gilbreath 


We are always so proud of you. 
Shoot for the stars, your stars. Along your 
journey, be reminded, it's how you pursue 
your dreams that matters so much. 
- shhh- you go girl! 

Love forever & ever & two weeks more, 
Mom, Dad and Jeremy 

Paul Cappellucci 

The best parts of you never 

You work hard, you play hard, 
You keep us smiling. 

We love and admire you, 
Mom, Dad, Leah, and John 

Congratulations Isaac !!! 

"Some people want it to happen, 
Some wish it would happen, 

Others make it happen." 

Michael Jordan 


We are all proud of the man you have become. 
Always continute to "make it happen" in 
whatever you do ... 
We love you very much. 
Mom, Dad & Ethan 






The Red Sox did it 
and so did you! 

We believe in you. 
You will always be 
our Champion! 

Mom, Dad & Greg 

Joe Pitt 

aim ox wake it, 

Q&fe to fww we make it 

QCom talm a [tail, 

&houwt yom hue head, 

£/ain lake'') action, 

^ waled it& own faction. 

( ls)iulh can If hold, 

What you nem thought ijou told. 

Congratulations & 
Best Wishes for your 
Future adventures, 

Mom & Dad 

Congratulations, Matthew Radowicz! 

Mr. Wicz, 

The day you were born the doctor 
pronounced you "a keeper." What a 
huge understatement! You've been 
a bright and shining star in our lives 
from the moment you were born. 

Shine on. 

With love from Mom, Chris and the 
whole Schofield clan. 

PS: Look out for the ka-bluoys 

Your future's so bright, 
you'll have to wear shades! 

Jonathan Nowak 

Dream big, persist, enjoy life to the fullest, trust 
yourself, succeed. 

We love you and are so proud of you. 

Love Always, 
Mom, Dad, Alison & Brian 



Established 1898 
Auto * Home * Business * Life 

10 Main Street ~ 508-653-3131 - Natick Center ~ 

David Wiesman 


We are very proud of you 

266 AJs 

Michael Sail 

Following your dreams will lead to 
joy and success. We're so proud 
you're a part of our family. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Terry 

Rony Shapira 

Alex Rikleen 

if vpU G0-V\. foVGCs ^OiAV k'CsO-V't O-nd ne^Vs/Z, &-V\.d ;5iH^lAJ 

w €>e^v\l^ ^okav -£uv^k \on^ a-f-te^v ^tl^e^s^ c^one^. 
And 30 l^o\d on \tJ^e^n^t^e^v^le> no'tl^in^ in ^ola 
'S-foe^y't -tl^e^V^iW [fjl^iol^ 50-^3 -to -tl+scs/w. "Hold on'" 

if oa-n fill -tl^e^^nfov^lslln^ /Ktnu-te. 
l/Or^A- e>l~f^ e>e^oonde>' vJov-il^ of di^-to-nocriAn - 
s 1olay~3 13 -tl^es vtl^ a-nd e^sle^y^l^ln^. ■kk-o t --^,3 in vt. 
And - [tjfao^ i£> iw-ovcs- sfodli k><^ <s»- A^a-n /v-^ 3on\ 

To a young man of extraordinary courage, great wit, and 
enormous heart, who cheerfully faces and overcomes obstacles 
daily. These qualities will take you far. 

We love you so. 
Mom, Dad, llyse, your loving extended family, and all of the 
Goldens who have watched over you. 

Your Grandfathers would be so proud. 

268 AJs 


You made it! 

Lots of love and best of luck 

to Jennings 

and the entire Class of 2005! 

from all the Culvers 

270 U« 

Aaron, Isaac ■ 17. 21. 50. 93. 152. 

182183. 206-207. 265 
Acevedo, Raymond ■ 137. 178180 
Adler, Susan • 118. 188-180 
Alber, Daniel - 129. 190. 200-201 
Allen, Alexander - 118. 159. 161. 


Allen, Gavin - 50. IU6. 166, 
170. 171 

Allen, Michael - 81. 93, 155. 

178-180. 200-201 
Allen, Samuel - 137. 182-183 
Alpert, Justine - 115 
Altshuler, Glenn - 109. 165 
Altshuler, Lily - 129 
Amabile. Luren - 129. 184-185 
Ansill, Michelle - 129. 191 
Antonell, David - 48. 50. 150. 

178-180, 256 
Antonell, Matthew - 118. 182-183. 


Aresty, Joanne - 44. 109, 192-193 
Amheim, Alina - 129. 204-205 
Arsenault, Alison - 129, 184-185. 

Athan, Robert - 109. 164. 182-183. 

Athanas-Crannell, Argus - 118. 

Aurelio, Lyndsey - 16, 118, 168 
Awerman, Jason - 129 
Awerman, Jessica - 22. 23. 50, 97. 

WO. 149. 152, 158. 173, 184-185 
Bache, Daniel - 21, 22. 81. 206-207 
Bache, Emily - 109. 175. 

180-181. 208 
Bacon, Samuel - 129, 165, 166 
Baez, Joelyn - 118 
Bai, Bill - 115. 164. 170 
Balben, Kevin - 115. 194-195 
Baiter, Jordan • 50, 96. 141. 151 
Bamel. Jonah - 45. 50. 97, 141, 160, 

161. 249 

Bamel, Lisa - 109. 188-189. 202-203 
Banhazl, Brett - 129. 159. 182-183. 

Banning, Jay - 109 
Barker, liana - 21. 22. 51. 161. 167. 

168. 169 

Barnacle, Sarah • 109. 168. 169 
Barnes, Daniel - 129. 132. 152. 165. 

Barnes, Robert - 118 
Barnett, Caleb - 18. 109, 155. 178-180 
Darnett, William - 109 
Barr, Elaine - 115, 143. 170 
Barrett, Justin • 115. 190, 206-207 
Barrett, Nicole • 129, 152, 153 
Beal, Brittany - 188-189 
Beals, Eliot - 25. 81 
Becker. Christopher • 51. 97. 138. 

152. 174. 192-193 
Beckett, Nathaniel - 118. 161 
Bekenstein, Emily - 109 
Bekenstein, Samuel - 129. 182-183. 

Belive, Grant - 15. 118. 178-180. 

Bell. Michaela - 16, 118 
Bellman, Leah • 118. 153. 188-189. 

Bennett. Olivia - 129 
Berardi, Emily - 21, 51. 161. 168. 169 
Bergman, Gregory - 109. 198199 
Berkowitz, Danielle - 109 

Berkowitz, Stephen - 118, 152. 153 

154. 178-180. 
Berman, Dana - 118. 161. 168 
Bernard, Lindsay - 12. 118, 122. 168. 


Bernard, Ryan - 12. 51. 96. 141. 144. 

Bernon, Chaz - 168 
Bernotas, Monika - 129, 159. 

161. 165 
Bhagat, Dhruti - 129 
Bickford, Kayla - 51 
Bierman, Emily - 129. 161 
Bird, Matthew - 109. 143, 164. 170 
Birkner, Paul - 118 
Blake. Leslie - 118. 123 
Dlau, Chelsea - 118. 154. 165 
Bleuer, Elizabeth - 118. 124. 184-185. 


Block Lauren - 109. 148. 152. 155, 

186-187. 196-197 
Blum, Adrienne - 109 
Blum, Arielle - 109. 208 
Blumberg, Samuel - 115, 206-207 
Bock-Shields, Bryna - 21, 51, 99, 

150, 161, 256 
Boggia, Bradford - 52, 93, 148, 

164, 263 

Boggia, Rachael - 118, 165. 188-189 
Boncoddo, John - 129. 178-180 
Bonner, Robert - 118, 159, 178-180 
Dootman, Shelicia - 115. 168 
Bowhers, Allison - 52. 186-187. 

204-205, 247 
Bowles, Danielle - 9. 118. 204-205 
Bowman, Colleen - 52, 147, 170, 

171. 192-193. 239 
Bowman, Laura - 109. 168 
Boyer, Jennifer - 49, 52, 238 
Boyer, Michael - 129. 200-201 
Brainard, Allison - 13. 118. 154, 159, 

161. 170 

Brainard, Jessica - 13. 109. 151 
Braley, Luren - 118. 191. 192-193 
Braley, Matthew - 52 
Braunstein, Hannah - 16. 118. 170. 

191. 196-197 
Breazzano, David - 118. 178-180. 


Breazzano, Michael • 52. 236. 251 
Breit, Raphael - 109 
Brennan, Alexander - 129. 178-180. 

Brennan-f ratt. Eliza - 119. 161. 167. 

Brescia, Danielle - 22. 53 
Breslin, Abigail - 15. 23. 109. 

184-185. 202-203 
Brewington, Giovanni - 125. 178-180 
Bridgeo, Tucker - 18, 119, 178-180. 


Brito, Herman - 12. 129. 130. 

178-180. 206-207 
Brocado, Anthony - 129 
Brownstein, David - 22. 53. 156. 

166. 170, 171 
Bryant, Donald - 81, 206-207 
Bryant, Katherine • 119. 176. 180-181 
Burdick, Carlyn - 21, 53. 93. 167. 

168. 169. 242 
Burgess, Daniel - 115. 178-180 
Burke, Edward - 53 
Burke, John - 49. 53. 95. 253 
Burstein, Allison - 23. 109. 186-187 
Calderon, Flory - 18. 53 

Calnan, Jon - 129. 178180, 200-201 
Calnan, Robert - 17, 119. 178-180 
Cappellucci, John • 13. 105. Q9. 

182183. 200-201 
Cappellucci, Paul - 13. 54. 93. 

150, 182-183, 264 
Caraballo, Sandy - 115 
Caradonna, Peter - 119, 165. 

186-187. 200-201. 
Carey, Masha - 109 
Carroll, Joseph • 54, 96. 174. 

Cassell, Brenna - 129 
Cassell, Thomas - 54 
Cassese, Timothy • 109 
Castro, Alfredo - 125. 168 
Celestino, Carlos - 137 
Cerrone, Joseph - 129. 178-180. 

Chafe, Caleb - 109. 170 
Chang, Annalice - 109. 143. 

Chase. Ellie - 119. 184-185 
Chase, Eric - 16. 129. 165. 

178-180, 196-197 
Chase, Justin - 130, 178-180 
Chase, Matthew - 54, 96. 99. 

178-180, 200-201, 263 
Cheng, Tully - 130, 170, 171 
Chern, Yehmin - 119. 170, 171 
Chertavian, Elizabeth - 12. 54, 

147. 248 

Chertavian, Kevork - 12. 130, 165. 

186-187. 196-197 
Cheung, Daniel - 130. 200-201 
Chin, Arthur - 125. 170. 198-199 
Choi, Alan - 54 
Choi, Derrick - 119. 198-199 
Choi, Timothy - 130. 165 
Chou, Michael - 119. 170. 171. 

Chow, Edmond - 137 
Chu, Debbie - 130. 168 
Chu, Melissa - 115, 149. 
Ciarleglio, Thomas - 109. 143. 

160, 161. 167. 168. 169 
Cibotti, Benjamin - 119. 190. 

Cissna, Nicholas - 115 
Clark, Graham - 137. 182-183. 


Clifford, Carina - 119. 191. 204-205 
Clifford. Daniel - 110, 206-207 
Coffin, Christopher - 130. 198-199 
Cohen. Melissa - 137 
Cohn, Edward - 125. 206-207 
Colantropo, Eric - 130 
Colantropo, J - 3. 110. 178-180 
Colson, Mallo7 - 55. 234 
Colwell, Stephanie - 130. 161. 
170. 171 

Conley, Brian - 130, 182-183. 

Conley, Michael - 110. 182-183 
Connaughton, Alexander - 110. 

164. 182-183. 192-193 
Connelly, Jenna - 130. 184-185 
Conway, Mariana - 110. 165. 191 
Coons. Kaylee - 110. 150. 158. 

161. 168 

Cooper, Shane - 55, 200-201. 242 
Corey, Joseph - 44. 55. 247 
Cowen, Daniel - 130. 182-183, 

Coy, Stephanie • 130, 168 

Cramer, Courtney • 2. 110. 160. 

161. 168. 169 
Cnsmond, David - 110, 182-183. 


Critides, Wade - 119. 178-180. 

Cromwell, Margaret - 17. 20. 22. 

55. 93. 152. 164. 170. 186-187. 247 
Crook, Claire - 12, 49. 55. 

180-181. 208 
Crook, Robert - Q, 130, 186-187, 


Crowell, Christopher - 46. 110, 

Cruz, Chrystalina - 110 
Culver, Jennings - 55, 269 
Cunningham, Joshua - 110, 178-180 
Curtis, Katherine - 130. 180-181. 


Cutler, Bradford - 130 
Czerminski, Jan - 137 
Czulak, Victor - 56 
D Ambrosio, Alex • 44. 110. 

182-183. 192-193 
D Ambrosio, La - 130. 184-185. 


Dadarria, Katherine - 56 
Dale, Sarah - 119, 170, 188-189. 

Daly, Kyle - 130. 134. 178-180. 

Damon, Ethan - 15. 81 
Dandekar, Neal - 130. 170. 192-193 
Darl ington, Chinedu - 119. 198-199 
Darlington, Lasonta - 44. 110. 153. 

Davis. Brittany • 18. 119 
Davis, India - 110 
Davis, Jilvonya - 18, 56. 96 
Dean, Jack - 12. 130. 178180, 


Dean, Lucy - 12, 56. 98. 99. 

184185. 202-203. 250 
deMoor, Alexander - 115, 153, 164. 

166. 170 

Dessources, Gregory - 125. 178-180. 

Devlin, Katherine - 13, 130. (75. 

188-189. 192-193 
Devlin, Marissa - 13. 110. 188-189. 


Diamond, Jesse - 130. 182-183. 

DiCianni, Victoria - 15. 118. 119. 

184-185. 204-205 
DiMarzo, Ellen - 119 
Dolan, Heather - 130. 188-189 
Dolan, Hillary - 46. 119 
Donalds, Christopher - 119. 198-199 
Dong, Theodor - 119. 168. 178-180. 

Donlan, Kyle - 130 
Donovan, Anne - 56. 96. 188-189. 

202-203. 245 
Donovan, Molly - 110. 148. 153. 

167, 168. 169. 188-189 

Dopfel, Kyle - 119. 152. 170. 192-193 
Doran, Christopher - 110. 182-183 
Dorr. Joseph - 110. 206-207 
Doyon, Jarad - 119. 178-180, 

Dresser, Andrew - 130. 194-195 
Ducharme, Benjamin - 121. 125 
Dugan, Aeron - 130. 153. 168. 

184-185. 202-203 
Dugan, Brendan - 119. 182-183. 

Eberlein, Sonya - 119 
Eisenson, Daniel - 12. 131. 132. 164. 

166, 182-183. 196-197 
Eisenson. Matthew - 12. 57. 95. 

152. 156. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 

171. 196-197. 252. 254. 
Engel, Elizabeth - II, 110, 140. 148. 

151. 152. 153. 188-189. 202-203 
Engel, William - II, 110. 182-183 
Entrup, Daniel - 119. 154. 167. 168, 

169. 170. 186-187. 196-197 
Erines, Dana - 119. 188189. 192-193 
Farrington, James - 120 

Fay, Morgan - 137, 188-189, 

Feinberg, Meredith - 115 
Felici, Giorgio - 57 
Felipe. Nicole - 110. 202-203 
Felipe, Suzanne • 131. 202-203 
Fenwick, Casey ■ 57. 186-187. 

Fenwick. Cody - 125. 161 
Fernandes, Danielle • 18. 57. 180-181 
Fisher, Ashley • 115 
Fisher, Tyler - 131, 178-180. 206-207 
FitzGerald, Duncan - 120 
Fitzgerald, Eliza - 120, 163 
Fiust. Alexandra • 120. 186-187. 


Flieger, Hillary - 10. 120. 168. 191 
Flieger, Nicole - 10. 57. 145. 148. 

168. 175. 191 
Flint. Michael - Q5. 152. 153. 154. 

167. 168. 169. 182-183. 200-201 
Flint, Rebecca - 131 

Flynn, Brian - 131. 134, 178-180. 

Foreman, Jessica • 13. 57. 97. 140. 

146, r75. 184-185. 204-205. 249 
Foreman, Mark - 13. 131, 182183, 

Foster. Asa - 131. 152. 153 
Foti, Benjamin - 18. 110, 148 
Foti, Stuart - 131, 170 
Fragale, Ava - 22. 24. 58. 92. 148 
Fragale, Olivia - 131, 148 
Freedberg, Zoe - 9. 110. 188-189 
Freundlich, Zacha7 - 29. 46. 58. 

148. 198-199 
Friedman, Heather - 110, 192-193 
Friedman, Hope • 104. 110. 180-181. 


Frieling, Carly - II. 17. 120. 152. 153. 

184-185. 202-203 
Fuchs, Daniel - 58, 94. 164. 

166. 170. 265 
Fulton, Colin - 17. 131. 159. 167, 

168, 169 
Gabrielson, Mara - 115 
Gaglini, Danielle - 120. 140. 159. 191 
Gaglini, Robert ■ 46. 120. 145. 159 
Galasti, Christopher - 131. 178180 


Galasti, Matthew - 18. 110. 182-183 
Galenko, Boris - 137 
Ganesan, Anita - 131. 188-189 
Gantz, Scott - 58. 151. 165. 

196-197. 247 
Garcia, Wilfredo - 21. 47, 115 
Gardel, Lindsay - III. 192-193 
Gardel, Melissa • III. 192-193 
Garelick, Benjamin - 131. 186-187, 

Gately, James - 81 
Gaucher, Samantha - 115 
Gayshan, Svetlana - III 
Gennaro, Dominic - 131. 148. 


Gentilucci, Christine - 111. 188-189. 

Gibson. Heather - 10. 131. 153. 

184-185, 196-197 
Gibson, Stephanie - 10. 58. 99. 152, 

184-185. 196-197 
Gilani, Syed - 137 
Gilbreath. Jeremy - 120. 174. 178-180 
Gilbreath, Rachel - 22. 58. 264 
Gimlich, Andrew - 125 
Gitlin, Michael - 115 
Glovsky. Caroline - 14. 129. 131. 152. 

153, 164. 166. 208 
Glovsky. Michael - 59 
Goldman, Amy • 131, 148, 163 
Goldman, Daniel - 15, 59. 150 
Goldsmith, Andrew - 125 
Goldsmith, Jamie - 125. 154, 161. 

167, 168. 169 
Goldstein, David - 131 
Goodman, Sophie - 131. 196-197 
Goodmonson, Julia - 115 
Goodwin, Kara - 14. 120. 188-189. 


Goodwin, Michael • III, 173. 190. 

Gordon, lames - 120. 182-183, 

Gordon, Michael - 59. 98, 145, 

186-187, 200-201, 241 
Gould, Ekaterina - 120, 168, 191 


Gould, Elena - 120, 168. 191, 

Grady, Jessica - 20, 25. 59. 93, 

Gredinger, Amy - 120 

Greene, Max - 131. 178-180. 206-207 

Greenfeld, Alexander - 17, III. 143, 

149. 166, 170. 171 
Greenfeld, Hannah - 131. 188-189 
Greenfeld, Lindsey - 137 
Greenfield, Anna - 120, 184-185 
Orenier, Kelly - 120 
Grimanis, Julia - 59 
Grimanis, Lauren • 131, 153. 188-189 
Gritzuk, Max - 18. 120, 182-183. 


Grumbach, Lindsay - 131. 188-189 

Gugarty, Margaret - 120 

Gupta, Samantha - 131, 153, 161, 170 

Guyton, Max - 120. 182-183. 198-199 

Gvili, Helena - 120 

Hagger, Andrew - 59. 200-201, 244 

Hagger, Jason - 131, 200-201 

Hai, Samuel - 111, 170, 171 

Hammitt, Robert - 120, 143, 159. 161. 

165. 168, 169 
Hanlon, Connor - 3. 108, III, 178-180 
Hanlon, Ryan - 131 
Harper, Daniel - 132. 182-183, 196-197 
Harrington, Amanda - III, 192-193 
Harrington, Thomas - 132. 192-193 
Hart, Sean - 132 
Harvey, Brian - 132, 153, 178-180 
Harvey, Kenne th - III, 182-183 
Hastings, Henry - 120, 178-180. 


Hastings, Philip - 18. Ill, 178-180, 

Hawley, James - 120. 178-180. 198-199 

Heath, Morgan - 125 

Hehir, Thomas - 8, 22. 60, 94, 146, 

164, 166, 170 
Heilman, Alexandra - 132 
Helman, James - 60, 99. 

194-195. 249 
Henderson, Matthew - 120, 178-180 
Henderson, Stephanie - 120, 139, 

165. 202-203 
Henderson, Timothy - 132 
Hendricks, Brittany - 132, 153. 

Hermanson, Erica - 22. 81. 94. 
148, 245 

Hermsdorf-Krasin, Lee - 120, 159. 

165. 166. 190 
Herry, Kadeem - 132 

Herschler, Mariel - III. 160, 161, 167, 
168, 169 

Herstine, Thomas - 132, 182-183. 

Hicinbothem, Stephanie - 121, 168, 

Hill, Christopher - 121, 154, 165. 

Hill, Victoria - 121, 165 
Hodge, Nicholas - 132. 165, 

166. 190 

Hoey, Scarlett - 132, 152, 159. 188-189 
Hoffman, Samuel - 137. 165. 166 
Hoffman, Seth - 121 
Hogan, Daniel - 111. 178-180. 200-201 
Hogan, Timothy - 60. 178-180, 26l 
Holmes, Jordan - 125. 154. 184-185, 

Howe, Christine - III. 192-193 
Howell, Nathaniel - 60. 92. 198-199 
Hoy, Christopher - 2, 15. 108. 115. 

142, 146, 151, 158, 192-193 
Huang, Jennifer - 60. 97. 164 
Hueber, Robert - II. 125. 153. 174, 

190, 194-195 

Hughes, Brian - 60. 206-207 
Hughes, Melanie - 132, 165, 

180-181. 208 
Hull, David - 61, 93, 182-183, 


Hull, Thomas - 61, 144. 182-183 

Hyatt, Talia - 137 

Hyland, Gwendolyn - 17, 46, 111, 

158, 167, 168, 169, 174, 188-189 
lartchouk, Genia - 20, 22, 48, 

61, 93 
Idels, Jared - III 
Irwin, Jeffrey - 12, 132, 192-193 
Irwin, Nicole - 12, 6l, 164, 166, 170, 

186-187, 202-203 
Ivanov, Vadim - 121 
Ivker, Alexandra - III, 161. 167. 

168. 169 
Izzi, Dianna - 121 
Jacobs, Andrea - 121. 167, 168, 191, 


Jacques, Thomas - 115, 186-187 
Jahnke, Charles - 115. 182-183. 

Jahnke, Johanna - 132. 184-185, 

Javorsky, Emilia - 161 
Jenkins, Gregory - 61 
Jenny, Alexander - 105, Hi, 177, 

178-180, 206-207 
Jenny, Christopher - 14, 132, 182-183. 


Johal, Kieran - 29. 48. 61. 148. 

204-205. 240 
Johnson, Alexandra - 10. 132, 

159, 161 

Johnson, Kathleen - 10. 132, 168, 

Johnson, Matthew - 10, 15, 17. Ill, 

146, 155. 164. 166 
Johnson, Zachary - 10. Ill, 147, 152, 

153, 194-195 
Jones, Caroline - 121. 188-189 
Joniec, Maris - 8. 62. 99. 178-180 
Jordan, David - III. 155, 178-180 
Jordan, Kathryn - 17, 44, III, 155, 

167. 168, 180-181, 208 
Judy, Ryan - 19. 62 
Kahn, Joshua - 108, III, 143. 151 
Kaminsky, Samantha - III. 152, 153 
Kano-Bower, Eliza - 121, 174, 

184-185, 196-197 
Kaplan, Shari - 13, 121. 165. 188-189. 


Kaplan, William - 13. 47. 62. 238 
Kaps, Yanet - 62, 141 
Kashalikar, Neha - 121, 170, 192-193 
Kaufman, Adam - 62, 98, 175. 

182-183. 200-201. 237 
Kaufman, Brittney - 12, 15, 109. Ml, 

184-185, 204-205 
Kaufman, Erin - 12, 132, 184-185, 

Kaufman, Karli - 132, 180-181 
Kaye, Emily - 137, 165 
Kaye, Michael - 115. 147. 149 
Kaye, Ross - 132 
Kaza, Aldis - III, 164, 166, 

182-183, 200-201 
Kazakin, Anatoly - 62, 148, 


Kazarian, Jonathan - 132, 178-180, 

Keane, Kathryn - 121, 168 
Keblusek, Daniel - 112, 182-183, 


Keefer, Andrew - 16, 121, 178-180, 

Keegan, Trevor - 81 
Keeler, George - 20, 24, 49. 63, 

99, 200-201, 251 
Keller, Andrew - 23, 63 
Keller, Robert - 63, 186-187, 200-201 
Kelly, Griffin - 121. 153, 159 
Kenney, Margaux - 132, 184-185 
Kern, Michael - 29. 46. 63, 

Kerti, Joshua - 137 
Klburn, Andrew - 112, 178-180, 


Kim, John - 121, 143, 170, 198-199 
Kim, Yoon-Surh - 17, 110, 112, 150, 

153, 155, 158, 164, 167, 168, 169. 


King Jr, Michael - 132, 168, 182-183 
Kinney, Steven - 115, 175, 200-201 
Knight, Melanie - 63, 94. 98, 99, 

160, 161. 164, 167, 168, 169, 242 
Konowski, Peter - 16. 132. 159. 


Krakauer, Caryn - 121, 149 
Kramp, Brian - 112 
Kravchuk, Lilia - 112, 168 
Kravetz, Jacob - 112 
Kretowicz, Shay - 132, 184-185, 

Krowne, Jeffrey - 63 
Kutcher, Stephen - 125, 194-195 
Laituri, Tanja - 121, 184-185 
Lam, Thomas - 16. 114, 115. 170, 175, 

186-187, 192-193 
Lamont, Evan - 125, 164, 166, 167, 

168, 170. 190 
Landry, Renee - 112. 168 
Lane, Annabel - 115. 164. 170 
Lanzillotta, Sarah - 125 
Larsen, Adam - 112. 114. 151. 170, 171 
Lash, Christopher - 121, 154. 159. 

164, 166, 178-180 
Lau, Melissa - 125. 154. 164, 170 
Leavitt, Zoe - 132, 168, 188-189. 

LeBlanc, Christopher - 125 
Leblang, Erica - 121 
LeCain, Zoe - 121, 188-189 
Lee, Peter - 133 
Lee, Victoria - 112, 170, 171 
LeEevre-Levy, Anna - 17, 19. 64, 

96, 143, 147 
Leichter, Alexander - 133. 165. 

166. 182-183 
Lemaire, Kyle - 125 
Lemmo, Alexa - 104. 112, 151, 155. 

180-181. 208 
Lemmo, Brandon - 133, 178-180 
Lentz, Martin - 120. 121, 182-183, 


Lentz, Michael - 112, 194-195 
Lerman, Robert - 15, 25, 49, 64, 99. 

178-180, 206-207, 258 
Lerner, Jarrett - 22, 25, 64, 92, 166 
Leung, Nadia - 12, 112, 186-187. 


Leung, Sophie - 12. 121, 170, 202-203 

Leven, Alison - II, 112. 161 

Leven, Pamela - II, 23, 25, 64, 149. 

168, 169. 192-193. 265 
Levens, David - 112, 143 
Levin, Audrey - 133. 192-193, 


Levine, Andrew - 121. 152, 159. 161. 

164. 166. 167. 168. 169, 170 
Lewin, David - 12. 64, 97, 148, 152, 

178-180, 264 
Lewin, Max - 12, 133, 178-180, 

L, Belinda - 121, 170 
Li, Connie - 64, 170 
Liau, Darrin - 121, 165, 186-187. 

Licht, Erica - 112. 158. 165 
Lindquist, Michael - 112 
Lingley, Maelee - 109. 112, 204-205 
Locke, Alexandra - 115. 150. 155. 168 
Lombardo, Matthew - 130. 133, 

178-180, 198-199 
Lopez, Angel - 112, 178-180, 198-199 
Lopez, Junie - 137, 178-180, 200-201 
Lordi, Raymond - 17, 18, 115, 158, 160. 

161. 163. 167. 168, 169 

Lorelike, Marqus - 18, 105. 108. 112, 

155, 178-180, 200-201 
Lou, Sunny - 65. 94, 174, 186-187, 

Love, Christina - 168 
Love, John • 121, 159. 168, 200-201 
Lovesky, Ezra - 125 
Lu, Christopher - 115. 149 
Lucas-Davis, Kiana - 9. 18. 56, 

155. 208 

Lucka, Christopher - 122 
Lucka, Nicholas - 125 
Lustig, Amanda - 122. 159, 

160. 161 

Lutz, Kevin - 125 
Lyons, Christopher - 65, 178-180. 

Lyons, Russell • 122. 178-180 
Maccini, Jessica - 23, 112, 151, 155. 

180-181. 208 
MacDonald, Megan - 122, 

184-185. 202-203 
Macintosh, fi rendan - 65. 161 
Mackay, Alan - 13. 133 
Mackay, Jennifer - 13. 112, 

184-185, 204-205 
Mackay, Kasey - 13. 65, 140, 

146. 174. 184-185. 204-205 
MacLeod. Michelle - 133 
MacPh erson, Devon - 112. 141, 

147, 170, 196-197 
Mahlowitz, Erica - 119. 122, 

164, 208 
Main, Christy - 122 
Ma in, Jessica - 65 
Malcolm, Shantal - 81. 168 
Mai ieswski, Kimberly - 133, 


Malina, Jeremiah - 133, 200-201 
Mallett, Arthur - 16, 18, 112, 166, 

167, 168, 169, 186-187 
Malloy. Meredith - 122. 184-185, 


Manley, Joseph - 112, 167, 168. 

178-180, 198-199 
Manning, Caitlin - 24, 65, 99 
Marjadi, Meghna - 112. 191, 


Markson, Rachel - 22, 66, 241 
Markwarth, Ashley - 133, 168 
Marsman, Talia - 122 
Martin, Tara - 133 
Martino, Anthony - 133 
Marton, Anna - 125 
Matthews, Elizabeth - 112, 143, 

161. 165 

McAfee, Eric - 122. 178-180. 

McCart, Chantal - 133. 184-185. 

McCart, Robert - 15, 113, 

178-180. 194-195 
McCarthy, Amanda - II, 104, 

129. 133, 180-181, 192-193 
McCarthy, Claire - 122, 161. 

165, 168 
McCarthy, Devon - 125 
McCarthy, Domenic - II, 18, 

113, 178-180 
McCarthy, Kathryn - 133, 

McConnell, Matthew - 133, 

182-183, 200-201 
McDermott, Kelly - 125 
McDermott, Thomas - 66, 

164, 166, 170, 234 
McDonald, Brian - 125 
McGonigle, Brenna - 129, 133, 

184-185. 192-193 
McGonigle, Keith - 113, 192-193 
McGrail, Samuel - 14, 17, 122. 

182-183. 200-201 
McGrail, Wilson - 133, 136, 

178-180. 200-201 
Mclnnis, Juliana - 122. 165. 191. 

McLaughlin, Geoffrey - 133. 

McMillan, Adria - 120. 122, 

191. 204-205 
Meade, Denyse - 9. 113 
Meindl, Christopher - 133. 


Meiselman, Colin - 115. 182-183. 

Me iselman, Connor - 133. 

182-183. 206-207 
Mel iones, Caroline - II, 15, 19, 

20. 23, 66, 95, 152, 180-181, 

192-193, 244 

Meliones, Keith - II, 133, 153, 

178180. 192-193 
Meliones, Marina - II. 113. 148. 

151, 153, 188-189. 192-193 
Melnick, Leah - 2, 113, 161. 168. 

169. 170 
AAersereau, Nina - 133 
Mesnick, Benjamin - 133, 153 
Metcalf, David - 66, 93, 145, 

147, 152, 253 

Meyer. James - 45. 113. 178-180 
Michalczyk, Miriam - 24. 
66. 263 

Mike-Mayer, Robyn - 45, 113. 

155, 184-185 
Mikels, Robert - 81 
Miller, Stephanie - 14. 122, 153, 

188-189, 202-203 
Minty, Daniel - 133 
Mirbach, Lee - 20, 66, 93, 98, 

148, 239 

Mitchell, Michael - 137, 178-180. 

Mitnik, Alec - 134 
Mitnik, Maxim - 113, 182-183, 198-199 
Mitton, Jonathan - 2, 134, 178-180, 

Moore, Thomas - 122. 198-199 
Moorman, Whitney - 122, 188-189 
Mordas, Brett - 131, 134, 178-180, 


Morgan-Delossa, James - 134, 165, 166 

Morrell, Ashley - 19. 67 

AAorrison, Edward - 122 

Morsch, Mary Ann - 67 

Morss, Amanda - 134, 180-181, 202-203 

Moschella, Christine - 104, 113, 

180-181, 208 
Moschella, Jillian - 67 
Moschella, Noel - 115 
Moschella, Stephen - 134 
Moy, Daniel - 113 
Mudambi, Shivaji - 137 
Mullally, Stephen - 104, 125, 178-180 
Murray, Nathaniel - 122, 182-183, 

Nacher, Alejandro - 137 
Nacher, Meghann - 113 
Nadeau, Daniel - 134, 156, 164, 166 
Nazarian, Michael - 49. 67, 98. 146 
Nazarian, Sean - 18, 122 
Newhall-Thayer, Madeline - 134, 165, 

Ng, Eddie - 113 

Ng, Kensing - 111, 113, 146, 153, 170, 171 
Ng, Sherry - 134. 159. 188-189 
Nicholas, Ryan - 14, 105, 134. 182-183. 

Nicholas, Scott - 113. 146. 161 
Nickerson, Amanda - 24. 67. 98, 

99. 140, 188-189. 202-203. 258 
Nissenbaum. Randi - 67, 92 
Nolin, Jennifer - 122, 204-205 
Nowak, Alison - 13, 113. 165, 184-185. 


Nowak, Brian - 13. 134. 152. 165, 

182-183. 194-195 
Nowak, Jonathan - 13. 68. 99. 

182-183, 266 
O Brien, Colin - 113, 146. 158, 170 
O Brien, Megan - 113. 174, 186-187. 


Oeztuerk, Ozann - 3. 68. 145 
Oql etree, Andrew - 113. 178-180. 198199 
Oql etree, Elyse - 134, 184-185, 204-205 
Olivero-Bello, Lianna - 134, 180-181 
Olmstead, Kyle - 68. 95, 156, 164. 

166. 170, 171 
Onoyan, Ashley - 68 
Orth, Amanda - 134, 163. 184-185. 

Orth. Elizabeth - 113. 158 
Padilla, Alexander - 134 


Paglia. Kristen • 113. IU8. 153. 

188189. 202-203 
Palevsky, Piero • 137. 182-183 
Pantelis, Maria - 02. 192193 
Paolella, Bryce - 105. 134 
Paresky, David - 02. 170 
Parfenov. Vlad imir • 68 
Parone, Siobkan ■ 3. 22. 68. 92. 243 
Paul, Katkerine - 69. 25U 
Paul, Tyler - 122. 182-183 
eckkam, Lndsey - 134. 
180181. 208 
Pcgram, Samuel - 113, 182-183, 

Pena, Cristian - 122. 178-180. 

Pena, Kristian - 134. 165 
Penney, Alison - 122. 168 
ennington, Elliot - 69. UH, 244 
ennington, Gillian - 134. 165 
Peper, Saman tka - 122, 153, 184-185 
Perez, joknatkan - 113, 194-195 
erkins. Macie - II. 69. 95. 152. 
188-189. 235 
Perkins, Marc • 19. 69. 200-201 
Perkins, Mickael - II. 134. 182-183. 

Perten, Jacok - 134. 182-183. 196-197 
erten, Kori - 134, 159 
esaturo, Jeffrey - 17. 20. 25. 69. 
92. 178-180 
Pesaturo, Mattkew - 123. 178-180 
Peterson, Bennett • 113, 186-187, 

Petri, Camille - 69. 149. 152. 158. 

167. 168. 169. 184-185 
Petty, Alexander - 134. 165, 166, 


Petty, Sarak - 113, 164, 170, 191 

itt, Josepk - 70, 265 
Pivor, Jennifer - 113, 168 
Platika, Ckristopker - 134 
Pocock, Natkan - 70, 190 
oisson, Jonatkan - 137, 
ond, Amanda - 6, 10, 20. 25. 70, 
144. 155, 188-189. 192-193 

Sarak - 10. 14. 15. 123. 142. 
153, 188-189, 192-193 
onsetto, Josepk - 114, 178-180. 

onsetto, Julian - 131, 134, 178-180. 
Pontkriand, Amanda - 123 
Porreca, Mickael - 123, 182-183, 

rice, Jennifer - 16. 123, 142. 152. 153. 

189. 202-203 
riester, Taisa - 70. 98. 152. 236 
riscella, Mickael - 134. 166. 

ruitt, Liese - 114, 147. 165. 191 
umngton, Katkerine - 123. 170 
Quinn, Rose - 70, 147, 164, TO 
Racine, Kevin - 114 
Radowicz, Mattkew - 15, 18. 25. 

70. 94. 98. 99. 194-195. 266 
Rafuse. Gillian - 71. 160, 161. 238 
Rajinikantk, Moniska - 135. 168 
Rakick, Natkaniel - 115 
Ralen, Emily - 135 
Ramesk, Hari - 123, 153, 154, 167. 

168. 169. 206-207 
Ramsey, Jokn - 71. 182-183. 200-201. 


Ray, Kama - 115. 166. 170. 171 
Redmond. Sarak - 15. 71. 99. 149. 

Register, Dylan - 135, 178180. 

eicklen, Kristopker - 123, 186-187. 

Rick, Adam • 20. 47, 71. 92. 98. 

155. 190. 196-197. 260 
Rick. Lindsay - 123. 188-189. 192-193 
Rigoli, Jacilyn - 21, 71. 140. 142. 146. 

Rijk, Jokan - 22. 71. 98 
Rikleen, Alexander - 12. 72. 

152. 268 

Rikleen. Ilyse ■ 12, 135, 153. 192-193 
Ripley, Kmkerly • 14. 135 
Rokerts, Daniel - 72. 146. 237 
Rokison, Tyler - 125, 186-187, 200-201 
Roklin, Samantka - 114, 152, 180-181 
Rodd, Elizabetk - 114. 164. 166 
Rogan, Mattkew - 46. 72. 94 
Rogers, Emily • 137, 188189 
Rogers, Patrick - 135. 182-183. 192-193 
Rogers, Setk - 142 
Romania, Zackary - 115 
Romanow, David - 14, 135, 165. 

166, 200 201 
Romanow, Robert - 114, 164, 178-180 
Rosario, Tariq - 81 
Rosenkerg, Dekra - 12, 72. 165. 166 
Rosenberg, Gabrielle - 12. 18. 123. 

165. 166 
Rosenfield, Leslie - 123. 188-189. 


Rosenkaus, Jessica - 114, 158, 188-189 
Rosenkeim, Ham's - 72. 152, 167. 

168. 169. 259 
Rosentkal, Aaron - 135. 165 
Ross, Antkony - 123, 165, 178-180, 

Rotk, Ckristopker - 18, 115 
Rotker, Andrew - 20, 23, 44. 72 
Rubenstein, Ckloe - 135, 184-185 
Rubenstein, Sam - 114. 182-183 
Rubin, Adrienne - 114, 184-185. 


Rubin, Alexander - 9. 49. 73. 95. 

144, 161. 253 
Rubin, Hannak - 135. 184-185, 

Rukinfeld, Alexander - 14, 73, 

182-183, 251 
Ruckansky, Natali - 135 
Rufo, Paul - 46, 123. 178-180 
Ruiz, Crystal - 73 
Russo. Peter - 18. 121. 123 
Rutledge, Madeleine - 14. 135. 


Ryan, Juliana - 135. 168. 192-193 
Ryan, Monique - 105, 125. 154. 176. 

180-181. 208 
Saba, Stepkanie - 115 
Sadagursky, Joskua - 135. 186-187. 

Saffari, Skawkeen - 135, 165 
Sager, Hilary - 135. 168 
Sailor, Carl - 135. 165. 186-187 
Sakowick, Andrew - 123, 198-199 
Sail, Mickael - 6. 10. 21, 22, 73. 95. 

98. 152. 267 
Sail, Terry - 10, 123, 164, 166, 194-195 
Salsberg, Adam - 114. 166 
Saltmarsk, Joskua - 125. 164. 166 
Salt zman, Andrew - 105, 135, 182-183 
Sat zman, Steven • 114, 182-183, 

Samiotes, Anna - 114 
Samp. Edward - 12, 137, 165. 166 
Samp, Jennifer-Marie - 12. 114. 

149. 171 

Sanckez, Felipe - 114, 186-187. 

Santangelo, Emma - 112. 114. 

Santillo, Nella - 135. 188-189 
Savidge, Mark - 73 
Saxton-Fox, Tkeresa - 135. 159. 

165. 166 

Sckimmel, Sarak - 123. 165. 166. 191. 

Sckmidt, Erica - 135. 184-185. 202-203 
Sckmidt, Victoria - 115 
Sen neier. Marl ey - 123. 188189 
Sckultz. Alexander - 23. 73. 98. 147 
178-180. 255. 

Sckultz, Benjamin - 119. 123. 145. 

154. 186-187. 198199 
Sckwartz, Mattkew • 05. 165. 


Scult, Mattkew - 114, 146, 155 
Sebell, Emily - 16. 03. 154. 192193 
Seibel, Zara - 123. 191. 196-197 
Seiden, Stanley - 2. 17. 21, 114, 161. 

164. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 257 
Senne, Peter - 125 

Serrano, Ariana - 9, 123 
Skackleton, Leak - 74, 95, 160, 

161, 168, 169. 192-193. 258 
Skagoury, Nicole - 135. 184-185. 

Skapira, Rony - 21. 74, 150. 

163, 267 
Skapira, Uri - 05, 198-199 
Skapiro, Claudia - 114. 158 
Skapiro, Sam - 74. 145, 149 
Skarry, Bridget - 114, 168 
Skarry, Dana - 03, 178-180 
Skarry, Molly - 135, 184-185 
Skaw, Calvin • 135, 165, 182-183 
Skaw, Olivia - 45, 108, 114, 148, 

167, 168. 169. 186-187, 202-203 
Skaw, Samuel - 137 
Skeffels, Tyler - 137, 198-199 
Skelton, Gregory - 45, 74. 99 
Skelton, Lara - 114, 143, 147 
Skerry, Benjamin - II, 03, 178-180 
Skerry, Megkan - II, 24. 25. 74, 

92, 176, 180-181, 239 
Skimizu, Minori - 123, 159 
Skively, Lauren - 03, 184-185 
Sknayderman, Alia - 114, 191 
Skubin, Erica - 20, 47. 74. 97. 98. 

149. 160. 161 
Sicotte, Ckristy - 0. 04. 188-189 
Sicotte, Katie - 12. 75. 140. 146 
Sideropoulos, Jokn - 81 
Sieber, Benjamin - 04 
Silverman, Jamie - 7, 15. 22. 75. 96, 

99. 144, 188-189. 246 
Silverman, Julie - 135, 148, 184-185 
Sims, Brent - 05. 145. 154. 194-195 
Singkal, Maneesk - 2. 17. 114, 155, 

170. 171, 182-183, 200-201 
Sittikong, Wackira - 124. 178-180, 


Siwapornckai, Pattarapon - 125. 

Skekan, Daniel - 136, 192-193 
Sklar, Stepkanie - 124, 159. 191 
Slavin, Anya - 17, 20. 22. 24. 75. 

96. 149. ISO, 152. 226 
Slote, Sarak - 20, 45, 75, 98, 99 
Smitk, Ckristopker - 125. 182-183 
Smitk, Elizabeth - II. 114. 143. 161 
Smitk, Mickael • II. 04. 163. 165 
Smitk, Vincent - 115. 178-180. 

Snow, Melissa - 14, 136, 

180-181, 208 
Solomon, Amanda - 17, 20, 23. 47, 

75, 98, 152, 180-181, 208 
Soper, Tkomas - 114, 182-183 
Sopin-Vilme, Idora - 114, 165. 

Soutkard, Margaret - 115. 153. 


Soutkard, Mickael • 136, 153, 

165. 166 

Spence, Amelia - 124, 154, 192193 
Spinale, Tatiana ■ 04. 168 
Spinney, Jennifer - 115 
Spinney, Kate - 136, 165, 191. 

St. Jean, Julia - 136, 191. 204-205 
St. Jean, Mattkew - 124. 178-180. 

St. Jokn, Marcus - 05 
Stack, Caroline - 136, 184-185. 


Stack, Katkryn - 124, 170. 184-185. 

Staples, Janson - 115 
Stark, Stepkanie - 04 
Stavropulos, Ana - 04, 165 

Stavropulos, Nickolas - 18. 75. 
248. 255 

Stein, Brett - 13. 105. 136. 186-187 
Stein, Mickael - 13, 76. 97. 

186-187, 200-201. 246 
Steinberg. Rackel - 04. 153. 167. 

168. 184-185 
Steingisser, Mickelle • 76. 94. 

98. 241 

Jtern, r. exander - 10. 20. 44. 96. 

98. 150. 155. 182-183. 235 
Stem, Anna - 10. 76. 04. 142. 


Stone-Myers, Juan - 0. 136. 

178-180. 200-201 
Jtone- Myers, Madel aine - 0, 76. 

142. 143. 147. 255 
Stout, Alison - 115 
Stout, Eliza - 136. 184-185. 202-203 
Straker. Raesia - 03. 04 
Straus, Andrew - 136 
Straus, Hunter - 76, 145. 194-195 
Straus, Paul - 76 
Suarez. Aurora - 04. 188-189 
Sullivan, Askley - 22. 77 
Sullivan, Kalyn - 124, 188-189, 

Sullivan, Ricardo - 125 
Sullivan, Ryan - 77, 174. 180-181. 

208. 248 
Sung, Jennifer - 136. 170. 192-193 
Surjaputra, Mickelle - 122, 04. 


Susana, Jeanellys - 0. 77. 180-181, 

Szeto, Cindy - 136 
Tanaka, Ken - 136. 142. 194-195 
Tanaka, Lsa • 115, 170 
Tang, Annie - 04 
Tanimoto, Ariana - 136 
Tardiff, Stepkanie - 0, 136. 165. 


Tardiff, Tkeresa - 0, 115, 168, 184-185 
Tersoff, David - 04. 170 
Tersoff, Emily - 77. 99. 149. TO. 171 
Testa, Mickael - 136, 182-183, 

Tkomason, Darren - 04, 170, 192-193 
Tiberii, Maria - 115. 158. 161. 164 
Ticknor, Samuel - 105. 136, 152. 

186-187. 200-201 
Ting, Mickelle - 124, 149. 165 
Tkackenko, Simon - 05. 154. 182-183 
Tobin, Ryan - 136, 200-201 
Todd, Samantka - 48, 77, 256 
Tolmack, Anna - 21, 77. 97. 147. 163 
Torres, Tony - 05. 178-180 
Townsend, Sara - 23. 78. 146, 


Troilo. Mattkew - 125. 190. 200-201 
Tuckerman, Andrew - 04, 200-201 
Tuckerman, Evan - 78. 151 
Tutlys, Eric - 115 
Vackon, Katkryn - 136. 204-205 
Villari, Nicolle - 24, 45, 78, 94. 98. 

196-197. 240 
Virzi, Emily - 04. 142. 165. 184-185. 


Virzi, Mattkew - 78. 99. 146. 174. 

Vitiello, Sofia - 17. 19. 115. 152. 153. 

155. 164, TO. 188-189 
Vora, Viraj - 04 
Wadswortk, Jeffrey - 115. 161 
Wadswortk, Stepken - 131. 137. 

178-180. 194-195 
Walsk, Allison - 124 
Walsk, Carolyn - 115 
Walsk, Catrina - 04. 154 
Walsk, Jennifer - 125. 154. 159. 161. 

167, 168. 169 
Walsk, Laura - 05 
Wang, Jake - 136 

Wang, Katkleen - 18. 78. 95. 152. 
TO. 171 

Wang, Peggy - 136. 163. TO. (71 
Wang, Skeena - 115. 152. 153. 155. 

168. 169. 174. 191 

Warren, Lindsay - 136. 188-189 

Waskek. Ansley ■ 136, 188- 

Weeks. Danielle - 136 
Welck. Lauren - 15. 115. 184-18 


W ellington, Benjamin - 78. 201 
Westbom. Julia - 05. 164. 166 
W estcott, Samantka - 81 
Wkite, Nickolas - 115. 178-180 
Wkitney. Ckristopker - 05. 1. 

165. 178-180. 206-207 
Wkittaker, J ason - 7, 22. 79. 

147. TO, 171. 175. 190 
Wkittemore. Brian - 115. 182-16 
Wiegand, Adam - 05 
Vviesman, Benjamin • 05. (78- 
w iesman, David - 22. 79. 

98. 266 

Willard, Elizaketk - II, 15. OS. 

Willard, Emily - 9. II. 108. 10. 

140. 188-189. 202-203 
Williams, Skagara • 05 
Wilson, Lily - 25. 79. 246 
Winder, Jonatkan - 137 
Winer, Jenna - 05. 163. 184-18 


Winner, Ckristopker - 79, 9; 
Winokur, Laine • 136. 153. I8< 
Wise, Joskua - 05. 159. 165. If 
Wisner, Samuel - 15. 113. 115. 17 

Wiss, Aexander - 136. 192-19 
Wogan, Jacqueline - 137. 184-1 

Wolf, Jennifer - 0. 15. 18. 24. 

47. 79. 95. 144. 148. 152. 

186-187. 250 
Wolf, Russell - 0. 05. 149. 227 
Wolfson, Samuel - 115. 146 
Wons, Jonatkan - 79. 141. 168 

169. (75. 192-193 
Wrigkt, Jeffrey - 115. 186-187, 


Wrigkt, Priscilla - 137. 184-185. 

Wu, Ckristopker - 80 
Wu, Kyle - 05 
Yakkkind, Stacy - 81 
Yamartino, Caroline - 10, 04. 

TO. 184-185. 196-197 
Yamartino, Laura - 10, 80, 98 

99. 144. 152. 152. 158. 237 
Yang, Ckristopker - 80 
Yik, Kmbedy - 115. 143. 152. 15 
Yu. Oliver - 47. 05. 170. 171. 


Yuan, Elizabetk - 05. 153. I6«< 

170, 188-189 
Yuan, Jeffrey - 05 
Yuan, Jennifer - 6, 80, 98, 152 

164, 235 
Yuan, Jerry - 80 
Yun, Jean - 80, TO 
Yunker, Gregory - 125, 198-W 
Yurkofsky, Max - 125. 152. 153 

154. 159. 167. 168. 169. TO. 

186-187, 196-197 
Zaffetti, Daniel - 81. 206-207 
Zallen. Noak - 115. 146. 164, 


Zamorano, Alejandro - 05, 18 
Zayas, Justin - 137, 178-180, 

Zetter, Olivia - 115, 155, 180-18 
Zkang, Jenny - 115, 167, 168 
Zkeng.Yunxin - 115 
Zku. William - 05 
Zieff, liana - 115, 196-197 

The End. 


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